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Thursday, Sep 08, 2005

Gold - Myst V: End of Ages

Ubisoft announces that Myst V is gold, and that the final chapter in the adventure series should ship by September 20. Here's word on the game, along with preorder details:
The final chapter of the Myst story draws near

SAN FRANCISCO – September 8, 2005 – Ubisoft, one of the world’s largest video game publishers, today proudly announces that Myst® V: End of Ages, the grand finale of the greatest adventure game of all time, has gone gold and will be releasing to U.S. stores on September 20, 2005.

Rand Miller, co-creator of Myst and founder of Cyan Worlds, and his Spokane-based development team have brought the development of the final episode and storyline to a close in its most dramatic and immersive experience to date, with photorealistic 3D scenes, innovative new slate and in-game help systems, and intricate puzzles with depth like no adventure game before. The release of the game also coincides with the 12th anniversary of the franchise’s debut.

Myst V: End of Ages has an ESRB rating of “E” (Everyone) and a suggested retail price of $49.99 for the PC-CD edition and $59.99 for the Limited Edition.

For more information and the latest news on Myst V: End of Ages, please visit

About the pre-order: To celebrate this momentous occasion, in addition to a PC CD-ROM edition, Ubisoft is releasing a limited DVD edition of Myst V: End of Ages for the PC and Mac® available for the game’s September launch. Preorder your copy at for $59.99, and receive free two-day shipping*. Preorders are also being taken for the PC CD-ROM version, also with free two-day shipping.

The limited edition includes:
• Myst V: End of Ages PC and Mac game on DVD-ROM.
• Exclusive bonus DVD with a retrospective of the development of the entire Myst series by GameTap.
• Original game soundtrack CD.
• Individually numbered collector’s lithograph.
• Official Myst V: End of Ages strategy guide from Prima Publishing.
*Free shipping discount ends September 20, 2005.

Preorders are also available through EB Games and GameStop.

Dawn of War Patch

The promised version 1.4 patch for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War is now available, adding support for the Winter Assault expansion while implementing bug fixes, tweaks, and performance improvements. The 181 MB(!) download is available on 3D Gamers, FileFront, FilePlanet (registration required), Gameguru Mania, Gamer's Hell, GameSpot DLX (registration required), and Worthplaying.

Gold - Tiger Woods Golf

EA announces Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06 has gone gold is the press release announcing the golf sim is complete, and will tee off at retail for the PC, Xbox, PS2, and GameCube on September 22 and PlayStation Portable on September 26.

Gold - NHL 06

The Season Begins With NHL 06 is the press release announcing that the latest installment in the hockey series is gold. This was listed as a console story yesterday due to some confusion here, but the PC edition has indeed shipped as well.

Civilization IV in October, Preorders Now

2K Games sends word that Civilization IV is now expected this October, following up on yesterday's news that Firaxis' strategy sequel's release date had moved from fiscal 2006 to 2005 (story). In addition, they announce a special pre-order edition of the game:
New York, NY – September 8, 2005 – 2K Games, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), and FIRAXIS Games, world renowned video game developer, today announced the Sid Meier’s Civilization IV pre-order program. Customers who pre-order Sid Meier’s Civilization IV at participating retailers in North America will receive the Pre-Order Edition of the game at no additional cost.

Shipping on the same day as the regular version of the game, the Sid Meier’s Civilization IV Pre-Order Edition will feature: collector’s packaging, a CD soundtrack of the game, a keyboard template, a tech tree map and a spiral bound version of the manual. The Pre-Order Edition will be offered through participating retailers while supplies last.

The fourth game in the PC strategy series that has sold more than five million units, Sid Meier's Civilization IV is a bold step forward for the franchise featuring spectacular new 3D graphics and all-new single and multiplayer content.

Sid Meier’s Civilization IV will be released this October for PC. For more information please visit

UFO: Aftershock Speed Bump

A minor delay to the release of UFO: Aftershock has been revealed on the official product page for the upcoming counter-UFO sequel. More of a speed bump than a delay, the game's projected release date has been pushed back two weeks to 21st October 2005. Thanks Frans.

IGN Gets Foxy

News Corporation to Acquire IGN Entertainment, Inc. (thanks Frans) is the press release confirming rumors that Rupert Murdock's media conglomerate is acquiring IGN Entertainment, saying the transaction will involve $650 million in cash. Here's a bit on the move:
With the addition of IGN, Intermix and Scout Media to the existing Fox-branded sites, News Corporation's U.S. web traffic will increase to nearly 70 million unique monthly users and more than 12 billion page impressions per month, putting the Company in the top echelon of most trafficked sites on the Internet today. The combined sites will also provide a powerful cross-promotional opportunity for Fox's television and film content and enable the company to more efficiently introduce new products and services using its enhanced web presence.

Guild Wars: Sorrow's Furnace Released

The Guild Wars Game Update Notes (thanks Frans) announce the release of the Sorrow's Furnace update for Guild Wars, and a corresponding new Sorrow's Furnace Product Section is now online (thanks Frans). Meanwhile, IGN's Guild Wars: Sorrow's Furnace Q&A discusses the release with Jess Lebow of ArenaNet. The update adds two new areas to the MMORPG along with new quests, cinematics, monsters, and items.

Red 5 Studios Formed

The new Red 5 Studios Website is online for this new MMOG developer based in Southern California formed by former members of Blizzard's World of Warcraft team. Here's the announcement:
Welcome to Red 5. We are quietly at work, building the world’s best MMO team here in Southern California. Red 5’s founders share a history of making hit games for companies such as Blizzard Entertainment. After our most recent project, World of Warcraft, we decided that we wanted to take things in a new direction and push the limits of our creativity. We’re working on something a little different from most MMOs out there, and we are excited about where our passion for games will lead us.

Right now we are at a great place: the beginning. We’re building the team and the creative environment that will fuel great games. If you are interested in joining a dynamic new company founded by top talent in MMO games, please drop us a note at We are hiring driven, imaginative and smart talent for all development positions. You know who you are.

Half-Life 2 GotY Early

The Half-Life 2: Game of the Year Edition Listing on EBgames (thanks Frans) has an updated release date, now showing the Bundle of Half-Life 2, the original Half-Life, Half-Life 2 DM, and Counter-Strike: Source with a 09/09/05 release date, so apparently the package is due tomorrow, rather than Fall as planned (story).

Codename Panzers: Phase Two Patch

The newly launched StormRegion Website now offers downloads of the first patch for Codename Panzers: Phase Two, updating the World War II RTS sequel to version 1.05. The update includes new features and new multimaps along with bug fixes, map fixes, balance tweaks, and more.

Morning Q&As

  • Rise of Legends
    Gamecloud's Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Q&A chats with Tim Train of Big Huge Games about their upcoming RTS game: "We were really excited to do a game that was not limited by reality, so we could concentrate on making our graphics be as incredible as our gameplay! Many of our past games have been inspired by history, and so it's refreshing to take the plunge into a bold new world. At the same time, all the races in our game have definite thematic roots in historical or literary archetypes, and so we still get to have a lot of the richness of a universe inspired by the 'real' world."
  • The Chronicles of Spellborn
    MMORPG.COM's The Chronicles of Spellborn Exclusive Interview, Part Two continues their discussion of Spellborn International's upcoming MMORPG with Barry Hoffman: "We will have PvP, with rules to counter griefers and such, outside of Quarterstone. During conquering it can and will evolve into House vs. House battles as resources can easily tip the balance of economic rulership. In the arena we will have more controlled PvP as individuals and guild fight for glory and resources (statues, shops)."
  • RYL: Path of the Emperor
    MMORPG.COM's RYL: Path of the Emperor Trouble Times Q&A talks with Mark Politi of Planetwide Games about problems the recently launched MMORPG is experiencing which include the departure of some staff and the suspension of the game's ambitious $1 million tournament: "We found that the integrity and fairness of the Tournament was compromised to the detriment of fair and honest Tournament game play by other players. We took these breaches of Tournament rules and regulations very seriously and took action to suspend the Tournament pending evaluation of these breaches. We also believe the core draw of the game was and still remains the compelling battle system, customizable weaponry, and challenging game play."

Gold - The Star and The Crescent

Shrapnel Games announces The Star and The Crescent is Gold, and that ProSIM's latest ATF-engine title should start shipping on October 5, 2005. Word is: "The Star and the Crescent, powered by the most realistic land based real time simulation engine of modern combat available today the ATF engine is another historical title from ProSIM, much like their recent The Falklands War: 1982. Set in the Middle East, the title examines the contested lands in and around Israel through an examination of the Arab-Israeli conflicts of the past several decades."

Morning Previews

Suffering Movie Plans

MTV Films announces the acquisition of film rights for The Suffering:
MTV Films, a division of Viacom Inc. (NYSE: VIA, VIAB), today announced that it has acquired an option on the worldwide film rights to the award-winning, action-horror videogame property The Suffering® from Surreal Software, a subsidiary of Midway Games Inc. (NYSE: MWY), a leading interactive entertainment industry publisher and developer.

In The Suffering, which was released in April 2004, the player controls the prisoner Torque, a hardened inmate sentenced to die for a murder he may or may not have actually committed. A sequel, The Suffering: Ties That Bind™ is scheduled to ship in September 2005 and lets players delve into the perverse world of Torque's sanity to discover his past and struggle to control his future. Both games were developed by Midway's internal studio, Surreal Software.

Game Guidance

The rambling Total War: Barbarian Invasion FAQ is even more rambling than ever, offering as few more questions thrown on the top of the un-indexed mess of questions and answers about the upcoming RTS expansion. Thanks Frans.

Thursday Game Reviews

Thursday Hardware Reviews


Thanks Mike Martinez.

Out of the Blue

The kick off of the NFL season is always a welcome event in the BlueTower, but it always seems a bit early nevertheless. I'm sure looking forward to the Pats versus Raiders opener tonight, but the low temperature predicted for Foxboro this evening is over 60, and it's always a little weird to see football players covered in sweat instead of mud or snowflakes.

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Play Time: Pandora. Thanks Warren.
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Three storms in turbulent Atlantic.
Shelters for Pets Fill With Furry Survivors (registration required).
Science: Carbon nanotube TV. CrestonVision.
Ice belt 'encircled Mars equator'.
Space Station Dumps Its Garbage.
Image: NVIDIA 7800 Won't Work. Thanks Flying Penguin.
Media: Woman Dies, Five Injured When Car Crashes Into Bar. Thanks Chris.
Auction: Golden Shower Set. Thanks Munchkin.
Follow-ups: No shuttle flights for a year?
Teh Funny: Dilbert.
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