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Sunday, Jul 03, 2005

New UT2004 Strike Force

The Strike Force 2004 Website now offers a new version 3.01 of the Strike Force modification for Unreal Tournament 2004. Word is: "Vision Studios and the team behind Strike Force have been working hard on various commercial projects over the last 16 months. Behind the scenes coding and work on Strike Force has been underway the entire time. We are proud to release Strike Force V3.01 to the public. This new version of Strike Force has a massive change log and brings fast paced run and gun action to the public."

DOOM 3 Full Metal Jacket

Attention Private Pyle! The Doom3 world Forum now offers a beta release of the 5.56mm Full Metal Jacket modification for DOOM 3, including a workaround to cover whether the user is running DOOM 3 version 1.3 or not.

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The Mod Squads

Planet Battlefield is reporting that the BattleGroup42 is switching to the Battlefield 2 engine. Thanks Ant. Also, Threewave Software announces they are seeking help, experience with the Half-Life 2 engine is preferred.


Sunday Game Reviews

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Out of the Blue

We had a fine old time visiting the Devicers and their neighbors yesterday for an Independence Day soiree... There was a cookout with some fine grub, and a fireworks extravaganza, as Devicer had slipped over the border to the lawlessness that is Pennsylvania and picked up a fairly professional assortment of explosives. After dark I helped him fire all that stuff up, and a good time was had by all, including Hudson the wonder dog, since she and Gunnar stayed home, as last year's fireworks ended up traumatizing her.

And I think the ringing in my ears will go away soon too.

RIP: Former Senator Who Founded Earth Day Dies.

Hot Dog Links! Thanks Mike Martinez, Ant, and EvilToast.
Links: My New Religion: The First Church of Galactus.
Stories: The Mall That Would Save America (registration required).
Estonians snatch world wife-carrying title again.
The Artists in the Hazmat Suits (registration required).
Science! Regular showers may be health risk.
Senate Votes to Shut Down Laser Meant for Fusion Study (registration required).
Japan says underwater volcano causing vapor column.
Follow-ups: Despite Fears of Mad Cow, Grillers Get Set for Holiday (registration required). Moo-haha.
Best Live 8 Viewing to Be Found Online.
Over 26 million text messages sent backing Live 8.
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