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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Cloven Crania Meadow Revealed, Demo

The Unicejo Entertainment Website revels Cloven Crania Meadow, a budget fantasy-themed RTS game in the works at Unicejo. The site includes concept art, screenshots, and a playable demo for the game, which is a 284 MB download that is mirrored on 3D Gamers. Here's the announcement:
Dutch publisher of PC cd-rom software Xing Interactive announces a new RTS sensation by the name of Cloven Crania Meadow with the release date set at the 5th of June. The suggested retail price of this game is 9.99 Pound Sterling/14.95 Euro. Language versions available on launch are English and Spanish.

Cloven Crania Meadow is a fantasy RTS where you are put in control of a human Kingdom. Surrounding this Kingdom are many hostile Kingdoms populated by Monsters and other evil Creatures. It's your job to manage your cities, raise armies, feed your people and crush enemy attempts at invading your territory. Of course you have to build up your strength to take the fight to the other Kingdoms and rule the world eventually. At the center of all this is a unique battle system where you lead your regiments into battle for control of strategic positions on the battlefield. More terrain means higher morale for your troops and therefore higher effectivity in combat.

PC Made Man Gets Made

Silverback Studios announces plans for a PC edition of Interview with a Made Man, their upcoming life-of-crime game previously only announced as a console title. Some PC screenshots are now available, they can be seen on Gameplay Monthly, and here's the announcement:
Silverback Studios, the new development force comprising Jon Oldham and fifteen ex-members of Acclaim's highly-respected Manchester studio, has confirmed it is to showcase its forthcoming Interview With a Made Man at this year's E3 Expo in Los Angeles.

Held at the Los Angeles Convention Centre between May 18th-20th, E3 is one of the largest congregations of publishing and development talent. Silverback Studios will be showing the new game in the F4G booth at the Scottish Pavilion (West Hall, Stand 2400). It will mark the first public display of Interview With a Made Man, which has now been confirmed across the popular PC, PlayStation 2 and Xbox formats.

Interview With a Made Man is a complex and engrossing crime-based title, based on a storyline by best-selling author, David Fisher. The game revolves around the rise of a determined and ambitious Mafioso and takes the player from the jungles of Vietnam to the mean streets of the Big Apple. The game uses a third-person perspective and, through its multi-layered gameplay offers a dramatic insight to the world of organised crime, and those that inhabit it. To ensure the realism of the setting, content and characters, Bill Bonnano ,one-time head of the legendary Bonnano crime family, will be acting as advisor on the title.

E3 will offer Silverback Studios a chance to demonstrate the game to publishers, and members of the development and management teams will be on hand to discuss the game in depth. The creation of Silverback Studios is a real 'phoenix from the flames' affair. Interview With a Made Man was originally due to be released by Acclaim before their untimely demise. Negotiations were made to extricate the rights back to the team working on it and, thanks to backing from Fund4Games, the game is firmly back on track.

"E3 will give us a chance to finally show the potential of this brilliant game to publishers," commented Jon Oldham, managing Director for Silverback Studios. "Everyone on the team has absolute belief in its viability as a stunning title and that so many people have worked so hard to get the project going again is indicative of the quality of the game. We now look forward to a very busy E3 and meeting with publishers keen to bolster their portfolios with one of the most dynamic new titles in development."

D&D Online Movie

The D&D Online E3 movie is now available, part of the flood of flicks leading up to the show, the 65 MB download can be found on 3D Gamers, FilePlanet (registration required), Gameguru Mania, and Worthplaying.

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