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Saturday, Apr 16, 2005

HL2 Aftermath Screenshot, Counter-Strike: Source Plans

A new Steam Update (thanks Shacknews) has a screenshot with a sneak peak of the upcoming Aftermath episode for Half-Life 2, along with word on plans for the next Counter-Strike Source update:
The next big Counter-Strike release is set to include two maps. The first map will be de_port, previously mentioned here. This map is set in a resupply port for outgoing ships. The gameplay is designed for a balanced layout employing a mix of long sightlines with cover and close quarters fighting environments. The second map will be a completely redone de_inferno, a historical favorite at CS tournaments and competions. We'll be releasing some screenshots or other media from both of these maps in the next week or two.

SAG/AFTRA Gaming Extension

SAG/AFTRA sends along word they have extended their agreement with the group of game publishers, forestalling the threatened labor action (story) for the time being:
Representatives of Screen Actors Guild (SAG), the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) and a group of video game publishers have agreed to extend the current interactive agreements to May 13, 2005. Discussions on successor interactive agreements are continuing.

A press blackout remains in effect.

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Bonus Map

The Warcraft III Bonus Maps Page now offers a new bonus map for The Frozen Throne expansion for Blizzard's RTS game (thanks Frans). Here's word on the map titled Phantom Grove: "An ancient horror lurks in these twisting paths turning away all but the most stalwart of champions. These would-be heroes enter confidently, seeking battle and adventure to immortalize their legacy... but none have returned."

Battle for Middle-earth Patch Plans

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle For Middle-earth Website (thanks Frans) outlines what changed to gameplay players can expect after applying the upcoming version 1.02 patch. These changes include balance tweaks, and the update acknowledges that it will be impossible for these to please everyone.

The Matrix Online Q&A

The Matrix Online Preview on Yahoo! Games Domain talks with comic author Paul Chadwick, who wrote the story for the Matrix MMORPG: "There's the problem of player/reader focus. People read every panel, and generally every word, of a comic. Everybody watches the entire movie. Readers seldom skip paragraphs or pages in a novel. In a massive multiplayer, people receive information at different times, second-hand, during missions, in cinematics, reading the in-game newspaper, through rumor, via word puzzles in the environment, via NPC's - it's a spray of story in six directions. Hopefully, everybody gets wet enough. But the fact that not everybody gets everything is the biggest challenge."


A new version 1.3 of the ETF modification for Enemy Territory is now available. Word is: "Some of the features in this patch are the 3 brand new maps we have included in the release and also a fixed in game server browser that was broken after the release of the ET 2.60 patch."


Saturday Game Reviews

Saturday Hardware Reviews


Thanks Mike Martinez.

Out of the Blue

Surfer fends off shark attack (thanks Mike Martinez): "A surfer fought off a two-meter (7-foot) shark with his board at an Australian beach Saturday -- then continued surfing, a life guard said." Okay, it may not get him into Mensa, but that guy gets lots of cool points for that one.

Link of the Day: Panderers in Japan.
Stories of the Day: Millions Race to Beat Tax-Day Deadline.
Woman beats off burglar with gnome. Headline of the week.
Zoo Wants Chimpanzee to Stop Smoking.
Science! Researchers Find That Chocolate Compound Stops Cancer Cell Cycle in Lab Experiments.
Distant planets could be made of diamond.
NASA Launches Test of Orbital Autopilot.
Teh Funnies: Dilbert.
Image of the Day: A soldier's life can be a drag.
Follow-ups: Wendy's Doubles Chili Finger Reward to $100,000 and Wendy's Trying to Solve Mystery of Finger.
Flying a Science Lab to Mars.
Thanks Mike Martinez and Ant.
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