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Saturday, Jan 29, 2005 Duke Nukem 3D Released (1996)

Darwinia Demo Plans

The Darwinia News Page has word on plans for an updated demo for Introversion Software's upcoming evolutionary action/strategy game. Expressing some mystification at the mystification the first demo (story) has inspired, they admit "we've obviously misjudged the amount of help that games players need," going on to announce: "We are working on a new demo that will include a detailed tutorial that explains the concepts of Darwinia." In the meantime, thy have posted a new tutorial section that can help with the first demo. Thanks Frans.

Game Movies

A new Battlefield 2 gameplay trailer is now available in the latest BF2 newsletter (thanks Total Battlefield 2), along with a video interview with Battlefield 2 executive producer Scott Evans. The clips are mirrored on 3D Gamers, Filerush (torrent), and Worthplaying. Also, the Worms 4: Mayhem Website now features a new gameplay movie with the first footage from Worms 4: Mayhem, the next installment in Team17's invertebrate strategy series. The 8 MB download is mirrored on 3D Gamers and Worthplaying. Also, a new MotoGP 3 trailer shows off more bike racing from Climax' upcoming motorcycle simulation. This movie can be found on GameSpot ((registration required) to download, steaming is free) and mirrored on Worthplaying. Meanwhile, a pair of new Universal Combat: A World Apart movies are now available, showing off more of 3000AD's next U.C. game, the pair of clips add up to close to 350 MB worth of downloads, the movies can be found on Gamer's Hell. Finally, the Splinter Cell Website has a goofy live-action mega64 movie with folks acting out Splinter Cell scenes in real life.

Sam & Max Still Dead

Sam & Max back from the dead? on GameSpot reports on rumors that startup German developer bad brain entertainment might be announcing that they have taken up the abandoned development of Sam & Max Freelance Police. Unfortunately, according to a statement on the bad brain website by the company's CEO: "I didn't tell Gamespot anything like what they wrote. They called me at night and asked me about the news posted on Aventuraycia. I told them that there will be an offical [sic] statement on monday [sic]. Well after that call I decided to post the statement earlier (saturday) [sic]." This is to explain the confusion between that report and the actual news they have posted:
Negotiations with Lucas Arts failed. We won't get Sam & Max 2 (not the code, the artwork or anything else)

Saturday Q&As

  • Pariah
    The Anvil's Digital Extremes Q&A (thanks HomeLAN Fed) offers a new Q&A with the team behind Pariah, DE's upcoming first-person shooter: "We're putting the Xbox demo together this week and over the next 2-3 weeks we'll be putting the PC demo together. The Xbox demo will be the featured demo in the Official Xbox Magazine. We hope to release the demos before the release date of the full version but it's up to Groove Games."
  • Empire Earth II
    Empire Earth Heaven has an Empire Earth II interview movie talking with Dr. Ian Davis of Mad Doc Software about the upcoming strategy sequel.
  • Perimeter Expansion
    Experience Gaming's Perimeter: Emperor's Testament Q&A talks with Mikhail Piskounov, scenario and dialog writer for the upcoming Perimeter expansion and K-D Lab PR manager Elena Khudenko: "It was an extremely difficult decision. Our scenario and dialog writers have generated tons of possible names like “Perimeter: the Temptation of Mechanical Messiah” or “Perimeter: the Rise of Mechanical Messiah”. So we had plenty of material to choose from. But in the end we’ve decided that the name “Perimeter: Emperor’s Testament” would be both attractive and understandable for the players and also easy to remember, which is also important."

Misc. Patches

A new version 1.1 patch for Hunting Unlimited 3 is now available on the ValuSoft Technical Support Web Site (thanks The Patches Scrolls). Also, This JoWooD Productions Webpage now features a new "VDFS" patch to update the German edition of Gothic II Gold. Thanks Frans. Finally, Captain Zedo's Hardwar Community now offers a new unofficial UIM 0.5 patch for Hardwar, continuing the community support for The Software Refinery's abandoned Elite-inspired space game. Thanks Frans and A Talent for War.

Saturday Previews

  • Cold Fear on Gamebiz.
  • Psychotoxic on IGN. The Weapons of Psychotoxic.
  • Restricted Area on Worthplaying.
  • Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory on IGN. Sam Fisher: Bad Ass Mofo #5.
  • Star Wars: Empire at War on GameSpy.
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords on IGN.

Saturday Screenshots

New Vavoom

A new version 1.16.1 is now available for Vavoom, the DOOM source port that also encompasses Heretic, HEXEN, and Strife. The new release offers a handful of bug-fixes. Thanks Frans.

Saturday Game Reviews

Saturday Hardware Reviews

Out of the Blue

We had an odd wildlife encounter yesterday, as at some point during the morning MrsBlue noticed we had a bird in our basement; apparently he managed to fly in during the brief window (or door in this case) of opportunity while the garbage was being taken out. After failing to coax him out ourselves (there's a decrepit hung ceiling down there from a previous resident's half-assed renovation that provided a great refuge for him), we tried a few of the animal control places in the local phone book, only to get no return calls. We finally called our exterminator (long story - hired by the previous owners to prevent termites that we don't have in our brick house), something we were hesitant to do because we were just seeking an eviction, rather than an execution. We got an actual response from them, since we are customers, and a couple of hours later our guy was down there on a bird hunt, promising to do his best to take the little flapper alive. After seeking permission to do a little demolition on some horrible warped paneling (the perfect complement to the hung ceiling), he busted a hole in the wall where the little fellow was trapped, got a hold of him, and set him free.

Thanks to the speculation in the forums yesterday, I sought out, and discovered, a second fuse box under the hood of the BlueTruck... unfortunately, I found no burnt fuses there either, so I have a service appointment this afternoon. After getting off light on the bird thing (just a standard $65 house call, since we are customers), I can only hope that what seems like a simple fix for the dead dash lights won't end up costing me an arm and a leg.

R.I.P.: Traffic drummer Jim Capaldi dead at 60. Thanks Mike Martinez.

Play Time: Courage.
Link of the Day: Science Toys. Thanks David.
Stories of the Day: Massive cow manure mound burns for third month. Thanks Stormbringer.
American Nazi Party adopts Salem road. Thanks Stormbringer.
The Master of His Domain.... Thanks ASLayerAODsk.
That's the Ticket!: Man peed way out of avalanche. Thanks Darren.
Science!: Mad Cow Disease Found in French Goat, EU Says. Moohaha.
'Aliens of the Deep' Extending a Hand, Hoping a Tentacle Might Shake It (registration required).
Arctic ozone may drop to new low.
Images of the Day: Sub-standard Navigation. Thanks Jim.
Cold Hands, Warm Heart.
Media of the Day: MC Kelly gets his groove on.
Auction of the Day: IBM Think Pad Laptop or Reboot. Thanks maven.
Thanks Mike Martinez and Ant.
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