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Tuesday, Dec 14, 2004

Game Movies

A pair of new Will of Steel movies are now available, showing off more of Gameyus Interactive's upcoming real-time strategy game. The movies are available from 3D Gamers. There's a new Bloodline movie showing off gameplay in Zima Software's upcoming horror/adventure game, accompanied by Czech commentary from the developers. The clip can be found on Tiscali Games. Finally, there's a new The Settlers: Heritage of Kings movie on Ubisoft's FTP (thanks Frans), that includes a box shot that confirms the title as The Settlers: Heritage of Kings, not the reverse, so it is Ubi that is confused about that, rather than us (story).

Dear Diaries

The Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell Wrap Report on RPG Vault is an extensive postmortem on the expansion for People Can Fly's shooter. Also, there's a Vendetta Online Progress Update on the game's official website (thanks Frans), offering sort of a reverse diary, predicting what will be worked on next week, and beyond.

New Linux America's Army

A new Linux America's Army: Special Forces full installer and patch are now available, brining the penguin-powered edition of the U.S. Army's shooter up to version 2.2.1. The update adds the same fixes and new content as last month's Windows release (story). A list of mirrors is available on this Downloads Page.

Evening Q&As

  • Codename Panzers
    There's an in-house Q&A on the Codename Panzers Website (thanks Frans) discussing the upcoming Phase Two sequel to Stormregion's World War II RTS game: "The greatest part of the axis campaign takes place in Africa. And the missions are with the Allies residing in Italy. Whoever finishes both campaigns gets to enjoy a bonus campaign in Yugoslavia. The story is more important to us in comparison to its predecessor. That's why we commissioned a world-famous author. Unfortunately, I can't say any more, except that along with the heroes from Phase One the Italian brothers Dario und Sergio turn up again."
  • Lineage II
    The Lineage II Q&A on Computer and Video Games talks with the folks at NCsoft about their MMORPG sequel: "The ultimate high-end goal in Lineage II is to take control of large regions of Aden. To attain this degree of control, there obviously needed to be methods of having players compete against each other, hence the PvP combat systems. This is not intended to be a game where politics are decided by delicate negotiation!"

ASE, GameSpot & Yahoo!

GameSpot and Yahoo! team up has some details on a new partnership between Yahoo! and GameSpot that will supply GameSpot content to the Yahoo! games channel. The announcement also has news about the All Seeing Eye that adds the familiar touch of a game browser to the network:
Yahoo! Games also announced the hiring of Patrick Ford and Thom Kozik, both from All-Seeing Eye. Inc. Ford will serve as director of video games products and Kozik will head business development. The deal will also integrate the eponymous game browser from All-Seeing Eye. All-Seeing Eye allows gamers to save buddy lists and to connect with each other when playing online multiplayer games.

Evening Previews

Evening Screenshots

Gal Civ Bonus Campaign

Stardock Releases 'Prelude to War' Campaign for Galactic Civilizations: Altarian Prophecy Players is the press release announcing the release of a free bonus campaign for Galactic Civilizations. The add-on, which sets the back story for next year's Galactic Civilizations II, can be found on the Galactic Civilizations Website.

Chaos League Expands

The Chaos League Website has news of plans for an expansion for Cyanide's fantasy-themed sports game (thanks Frans). The blurb offers a piece of concept art from the add-on, with the following explanation:
The Chaos League Expansion Pack will be going under the name of "Sudden Death" and will provide Chaos League with not only a whole host of improvements but also the possibility of three new races to play as. Chaos League: Sudden Death is penciled in for a Summer 2004 [sic] launch in the UK.

Steam Updates

Steam News has details on the latest update to the Steam client (thanks Frans). The update includes several Steam fixes, changes to the Source SDK, and a welcome Half-Life 2 update: "Optimization to the Steam filesystem to reduce game launch and level transition time."

Ships Ahoy - Sentinel: Descendants in Time

The Adventure Company announces the release of Sentinel: Descendants in Time:
Toronto, December 14, 2004. The Adventure Company, the world’s leading PC adventure game publisher, today announced that Sentinel: Descendants in Time, a thrilling real-time 3D Sci-Fi “Mind Game” Adventure, is available now for Windows® at retailers across North America.

The Tastan people surrendered to extinction many years ago; their only legacy being the legendary Tastan Tombs. Much speculation surrounds the tombs; some say they hold invaluable treasure, while others believe great wealth may be attained through the technology left behind by this advanced race.

As Beni, players enter the Caverns on a dangerous quest for riches. Along his strange journey, he encounters a sentinel charged with guarding the tombs. This sentinel, a holograph programmed with advanced A.I., awakens only when the tombs are disturbed. She appears to Beni throughout his quest, sometimes with a benign purpose, but other times with calculated intentions. Beni will soon realize that the sentinel is much more than she appears to be and her dark purpose threatens his very existence.

Players will explore eight brilliantly inspired and diverse 3D worlds drenched in rich color. The game offers a non-linear style of gameplay and more than 20 challenging puzzles of varied difficulty.

Sentinel: Descendants in Time is developed by Detalion and is rated ‘T’ for Teen in North America. The game retails for $19.99 USD.

For more information, visit and download the playable demo.

Super Power 2 Patch

Golem Labs now offers the release of a new patch for Super Power 2, updating the global strategy game to version 1.3. Word is: "This latest patch fixes the major problems reported by fans and also adds interesting new features like the trade system." Detailed change notes are available here.

Blitzkrieg: Rolling Thunder Patch

The CDV Software Entertainment Website now offers a new patch for the German, English and French editions of Blitzkrieg: Rolling Thunder (thanks Frans). Word is: "The Patch integrates the general multiplayer-ability to Blitzkrieg: Rolling Thunder. Games via LAN and Internet (direct IP) are beeing [sic] supported. The compatibility with the standard Blitzkrieg multiplayer is not beeing [sic] supported."

Lemony Snicket Demo

A playable demo for Lemony Snicket's: A Series of Unfortunate Events is now available, showing off the game tie-in with the new movie based on the children's book. The demo is a 154 MB download, available on FileFront,, Gamer's Hell, and Worthplaying.

The Matrix Online Delayed Again

The Matrix Online Website has words of another delay to The Matrix Online (thanks Frans). In spite of the confidence Jason Hall expressed in the January 18 date announced with the previous delay (story), which was justified as a way of ensuring a simultaneous North American and European release, word is the Matrix MMORPG is now due in Spring 2005:
"We are committed to quality games and making this the best possible experience for players," said Jason Hall, Senior Vice President of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. "Since this is our first MMOG, we are taking measured steps to ensure it will be polished and are investing additional resources into our community oriented initiatives."

WoW Transcript

There's a World of Warcraft chat transcript on The Unofficial World of Warcraft Site offering a recap of the first IRC session with the developers of Blizzard's new MMORPG since it went live. The transcript is edited into a Q&A format.

On the DOOM Movie

There's an Open Letter to DOOM fans on HomeLAN Fed where scriptwriter explains the changes to the DOOM story for the film adaptation, responding to concerns that what story the game originally presented is being changed:
The screenplay I wrote DOES differ in a number of ways from the games. I want to be very honest and forthcoming in saying that, and I know that I won't make any friends amongst the fans of the game in doing so. But it should be mentioned that it was never the goal of anyone involved in this film, from myself and the producers to the studio to the guys at id, to make a direct film adaptation of the game(s). The thought process has always been to create an extension of the Doom universe that will give fans an interesting new take on the themes that they've come to enjoy in the game. Because let's be honest here: as far as a completely immersive and cinematic experience, we were never going to top Doom 3 anyway, and we all knew that. Instead, we have toyed with some elements of the game, and yes, I am pretty much solely responsible for that, since it was my pitch and my screenplay that got made. Let me assure you, though, that the themes and elements that you love about Doom are ALL represented strongly in the film...just with some new twists.

Morning Q&As

  • City of Villains
    GamersInfo's City of Villains Q&A talks with pen-and-paper RPG designer Shane Lacy Hensley about his participation in development of City of Villains: "It's really a little of everything -- participating in core design of the game (what you can do, where you can go), what a zone looks like, what's cool about a zone, what is there to do in a zone. I also create the new villain groups, key characters, missions, and so on. I take part and give my two cents in most of the big picture questions as well, including power balance issues, though those are managed by other sub-departments within my group (design). "
  • Silent Hunter 3
    The Silent Hunter 3 Q&A on HomeLAN Fed talks with producer Florin Boitor about the upcoming naval combat sequel: "The Dynamic Campaign is one of the main features of Silent Hunter III. The campaign is based on a huge simulation of the naval and aerial traffic for the U-boat theaters of operations between 1939 and 1945. It will be the players’ choice to decide where to fight during a patrol. The career will be influenced by their performance, however, they can progress to a certain extend without any objective constraints."
  • Music
    The Music Q&A on Experience Gaming talks with Tom Salta about his musical contribution to projects such as Ghost Recon 2, Need For Speed: Underground 2, and more.
  • Year in Review
    HomeLAN Fed Exclusives Games In 2004-2005 Q&A John Whitmore continues this year in review series by chatting with the director of development at 2015.

Tuesday Game Reviews

Tuesday Hardware Reviews

Out of the Blue

Hmmm... looks like the NFL game price war didn't last very long. :(

Links of the Day: Blue Q Chastity Underwear. Thanks Okratas.
The World, Dubai [Island-Islands]. Thanks Spawnflagger.
Stories of the Day: Study: Christmas deadliest day for Americans. 'tis the season.
Regis to host 'New Year's Rockin' Eve'.
Blockbuster dropping late fees as of Jan. 1.
Science!: Gates' foundation to fund synthetic biology.
Vaccinating Mice Could Reduce Lyme Disease.
In Autism, New Goal Is Finding It Soon Enough to Fight It (registration required).
Image of the Day: Lap Pillow.
Auction of the Day: 1984 NISSAN 720 KING CAB UTE. Thanks dakslf.
Follow-ups: Mars rover finds 'water signature'.
Construction of world's tallest tower to begin. Thanks NEUTONBEAM.
Thanks Mike Martinez and Ant.
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