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Monday, Dec 13, 2004

Sudeki PC Bound?

The Catalyst version 4.12 release notes from the story below contain a reference to a previously unannounced PC version of Sudeki, Climax' Xbox RPG (thanks MxxCon). In the 'known issues' section, the following note can be found:
Sudeki: The game fails to respond when ending the conversation with the duck and exiting the shop by running up to the door and pressing enter. Further information on this issue can be found at:

New ATI Drivers

The ATI Drivers & Software Page now features new version WinXP and Win2K 4.12 CATALYST reference drivers for ATI graphics cards. Games impacted by fixes in the new drivers are Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike, DOOM 3, EverQuest, Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, Tron 2.0, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Thanks Thomas.

Evil Genius Sequel & More

This Elixir Press Release (thanks HomeLAN Fed) announces additional funding for the U.K.-based developer, while also revealing plans for a new original game and an Evil Genius sequel:
Following the successful release of Evil Genius with Vivendi Universal Games in October, Elixir Studios is currently in full production of its next major title, under contract with a market-leading US publisher. Conceived and signed 18 months ago, the as yet unannounced original game is scheduled for release in 2006. Elixir's other teams are currently working on plans for an Evil Genius sequel as well as a prototype for a next generation console IP.

EA & NFL Exclusive

EA Enters into Exclusive Agreements with NFL and PLAYERS INC to Expand and Integrate Customer Entertainment Experience announces a new deal between EA and the NFL & PLAYERS Inc (thanks Nathan). Here's a bit, which seems to indicate that other games will be unable to use the names of actual players, stadiums, or even teams for five years:
REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 13, 2004--Electronic Arts today announced exclusive licensing relationships with the National Football League and PLAYERS INC to develop, publish and distribute interactive football games. These five-year agreements -- which EA negotiated separately -- give EA the exclusive rights to the NFL teams, stadiums and players for use in its football videogames. Both agreements also include exclusive rights for console online features. Financial terms of the agreements were not disclosed.

NWN Patches

The Neverwinter Nights Patches and Updates Page (thanks Frans) now offers a new version 1.65 patch for Neverwinter Nights and each of the two expansions for BioWare's RPG. The non-beta version of the new patch is only currently available for the Win32 edition of the game, as well as the Win32 dedicated server. Details on what's new and different can be found on this page.

Painkiller Fix

This DreamCatcher Support Page offers a CPL Timer Fix for version 1.35 of Painkiller (thanks Frans). Word is: "The CPL Timer Bug Fix should not be installed if you have Painkiller - Battle Out of Hell as it has already been incorporated."

Evening Q&As

  • Taxi3 eXtreme Rush
    HomeLAN Fed's Taxi3 eXtreme Rush Q&A discusses this upcoming arcade racing game with Ronnie Nelis of Dutch developer Team6: "Yes, and we are very proud on this part: Taxi3: eXtreme Rush will completely be cooperation-based. This means that if you and your friend both have an internet connection, you can combine your skills and play the entire story-mode together as a team. Beat the cops together, win races together and help each other to make it to the next level. According to some interviews i've recently read, big names like IDsoftware (quake) and Maxis (Sims) have lost their faith in the future of multiplay games a bit. Team6 thinks that 'cooperation' is a part of multiplay gaming that has always been fun but has been underestimated and forgotten the last couple of years. Just imagine the amount of fun you can have when it would have been possible to play the singleplay missions of a game like Call of Duty in cooperation mode for example."
  • Year in Gaming
    Games In 2004-2005 Q&A with Michael Capps on HomeLAN Fed continues this year-end series by talking with the president of Epic Games.

Top Spin Patch

Atari's French Website now serves up a new patch for Top Spin, updating the tennis game, though a new version number is not provided. The download is mirrored on 3D Gamers, where some English details are supplied, and the patch is also now mirrored on Worthplaying.

Evening Screenshots

Game & Mod Development - Pandora Tomorrow Editor

The level editor for Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is now available, offering the chance for those who enjoy walking in designer shoes to create levels for the stealthy action game. Included in the release are the original maps from the game in editor format. The 20 MB download is available on 3D Gamers, Gameguru Mania, Gamer's Hell, and Worthplaying.

BiA Transcript

There's a transcript on PC Gamer recapping yesterday's chat session with the folks from Gearbox Software discussing Brothers in Arms, their upcoming World War II shooter. The article recaps the IRC session and has details on the promised revelation, which turns out to be a promotion where they will throw you out of a perfectly good airplane.

City of Heroes Q&A

Cryptic’s Jack Emmert takes a few moments from polishing Issue 3 of City of Heroes to talk about what lies ahead for gamers on GameZone (thanks Frans) is a conversation with the Cryptic Studios designer about the upcoming update to their superhero MMORPG. They discuss the content in the update, and why this doesn't qualify as a paid expansion: "We really wanted to give something free for the subscription... and it worked well for Lineage, so we wanted to."

Monday Op Ed

Monday Game Guidance

The Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Walkthrough on GameBanshee with details on all the game's quests and each of its possible endings.

Monday Game Reviews

Monday Hardware Reviews

Out of the Blue

Turns out Mrs Blue's computer was brought down by some manner of spyware yesterday... now you know why she doesn't use my machines.

I just want to say how proud I am of the Giants for making the bold move of leading the way by being the first team in the NFL to voluntarily field a completely steroid-free team. At least that's going to be my excuse for the team's play until they get things turned around.

Play Time: Ford Fiesta Game. Thanks Bernard.
Link of the Day: Classic Computers Calendar. Sexy geek pin-ups.
Humanga Tongue Dog Toy. Thanks WarPig.
Stories of the Day: Marine Chooses Wedding Ring Over Finger.
Science!: Frogs open door to icy mystery. Thanks Vincero.
Media of the Day: Batman begins Trailer.
Thanks Mike Martinez and Ant.
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