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Sunday, Dec 12, 2004


PC Gamer is holding an IRC chat with the folks at Gearbox Software today, to discuss Brothers in Arms, their upcoming World War II shooter, in a chat where they are promising "an awesome surprise announcement" at the end. The session will be conducted at 9:00 Eastern time, but moderators will begin accepting questions for the devs a couple of hours before that. Attendees will include Randy Pitchford, Marc Tardif, Col. John Antal (US Army ret.), and Mike Neumann. The hour-long chat will be held in the channel #pcgamer in the Gamesurge IRC network. A web-based interface for the chat can be found here.

Sunday Screenshots

Doom 3[CC]

The first full version of the Doom 3[CC] modification is now available. Here is how this project is described: "Doom3[CC] is a mod that aims to close caption Doom3 so that hard of hearing and deaf gamers can enjoy Doom3 without missing the important plot details, enemy sound clues and intense atmosphere created audibly. This mod is also helpful for those who wish to learn the English language by reading what the spoken dialog says. This first initial release is an early version and while not 100% complete does provide captions for dialog, monsters and environmental ambience. Future versions will support color coding based on who is speaking and additional languages for the captions."

Knights of the Temple GDK

This Starbreeze Studios Webpage offers information about the GDK for those interested in creating custom content for Knights of the Temple. They seem to have forgotten to link the actual download, however, which is available here (direct link). More details are available along with the mirror on 3D Gamers. Version 1.02 of the Starbreeze engine Ogier level editor is required.

Sunday Game Reviews

Sunday Hardware Reviews


Out of the Blue

I awakened this morning to find MrsBlue was unable to connect to the wireless network here in the BlueTower. I actually spent a bunch of time trying to solve this problem before I realized in my still sleepy state that I was using the wrong IP address for the wireless router... turns out the router was fine, and something unexplained was going on with her laptop. I am more than happy to have passed her along to the proper folks technical support, and have hopefully learned the lesson that a good cup of coffee is in order prior to embarking on such chores.

Play Time: South Park Create-A-Character. Thanks David.
Link of the Day: The Game Preference to Career Flowchart. Thanks Snafu.
Stories of the Day: China Awaits Crowning of Miss Plastic Surgery.
New Maldives Island Rises from the Depths.
Science!: Electrical brainstorms busted as source of ghosts. Thanks Jim.
Media of the Day: Hygiene lesson. Thanks David.
Thanks Mike Martinez and Ant.
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