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Thursday, Dec 09, 2004 Quake II Released (1997)

Elite Warriors: Vietnam

This Press Release from Destineer/Bold Games announces a new Vietnam War-themed shooter slated for release next month:
MINNEAPOLIS, MN, December 10, 2004 -- MINNEAPOLIS, MN, Month XX, 2004 – Destineer’s Bold Games unit today announces Elite Warriors: Vietnam for PC. This intensely realistic first-person shooter is scheduled for release in January 2005 with a MSRP of $29.99.

Each mission in Elite Warriors: Vietnam was developed with the direct assistance of former Studies and Observations Group (SOG) member and best-selling author, Maj. John L. Plaster. Serving three full combat tours as a recon team leader during the Vietnam War, Maj. Plaster led small 6-8 man recon teams on covert missions along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos. Maj. Plaster’s SOG recon company was the highest decorated unit of the Vietnam War with five Congressional Medal of Honor recipients- men who became legends in the Special Ops community. The same dangers and obstacles SOG had to overcome to earn a Presidential Unit Citation in 2001 are waiting for you in Elite Warriors: Vietnam.

In Elite Warriors: Vietnam, you will fight along side Green Beret commandoes as you conduct classified missions deep in Southeast Asia. By using patrol techniques still being used today in Iraq and Afghanistan you will rescue downed pilots, ambush convoys, seize enemy prisoners, and discover targets for air attacks.

Miscellaneous Patches

Dear Diaries

Part 2 of RPG Vault's Immortal Cities Children of the Nile Wrap Report is now online, concluding Chris Beatrice and Jeff Fiske of Tilted Mill's postmortem for their historical city construction and management game. Also, the Mourning Peek #50 on RPG Vault is online, half-way to the century mark for this diary series about the upcoming MMORPG: "Armor is the focus as the Lead Designer on the Quad and Newrosoft title continues his look at combat subsystems."

Site Seeing

A new X² - The Return Section is part of the re-launched EGOSOFT Website, dedicated to the upcoming space combat sequel. The site offers info, screenshots, and the X² Games Convention trailer. Thanks Frans.

Evening Previews

Evening Screenshots

Game & Mod Development - MoH: Pacific Assault MDK

The Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault Website (thanks Frans) now offers version 1.0 of the Mod Developer's Kit (MDK) for the World War II shooter sequel. The toolkit requires version 1.1 of the Microsoft .NET framework. Word is: "Please read the 'Getting Started' document to see how to use the MDK. To make sure the tools work properly with each other, it is best to follow the recommended steps for creating a mod as described in the Getting Started document."

Mac GameSpy Follow-up

Programmer Ryan Gordon's IcculusFinger (thanks Frans), the original source for recent stories about GameSpy Mac support (story and story), has more on the problems caused by increased license fees for the Mac edition of GameSpy ("This is literally the only showstopper in ArmyOps 2.2.1 for the Mac. If I had a GameSpy license, I could recompile the game and ship it. As it stands, there isn't a clear or simple solution to this problem in the 2.2.1 timeframe."). The Mac programmer outlines why you can't just "rip GameSpy out," and the problems that would be caused even if you could. After a lengthy discussion of obstacles facing Mac GameSpy support going forward, he also outlines his thoughts on addressing the situation:
The longer term solutions involve an act of subversion. Namely, someone needs to step up: develop and market a product that replaces GameSpy. It's not a secret that GameSpy's SDK doesn't have any real competition at the moment. It's also not a secret that most PC developers would shed no tears for GameSpy if a better alternative came along. I will be daring and say a small, modestly-funded team could pull this off, and if they hit the right PC developers, could gain critical mass with a quickness. The obvious choices for this, if we're being Mac-centric, are either Aspyr or Destineer. I would suggest this might be best done by an independent company that has no sort of Apple affliation as their primary interest... you don't have to like the fact that PC developers have an irrational fear of Mac-oriented companies...and I don't want to have this fight about Linux clients five years from now. Getting a good Triple-A title on the PC to ship with this, Mac port or not, makes this much more intriguing to everyone else, though. After all, there're plenty of reasons to ditch GameSpy on the PC, too; this Mac episode just illustrates it...they could always inflate their prices universally. Smart developers will take notice now when it's still someone else's problem...because tomorrow, it could be their's, too.

Morning Q&As

  • Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Q&A on GameBanshee talks with Gavin Carter, producer on the upcoming RPG sequel: "No longer is simply clicking over and over and hoping that a random die falls in your favor a viable strategy. Now your enemy’s sword is something to be avoided, so you move. You dart in and out, getting in your swings while dodging out of his reach. You block with your shield or parry with your sword, then dash in as he recoils. Hit him with a strong enough blow, and watch as he staggers back, leaving himself open to your assault."
  • Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
    The Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Q&A on offers one of their Three Question Thursdays, asking five (huh?) questions of Cindy Bowens about Sigil's upcoming MMORPG.
  • Pirates of the Burning sea
    Experience Gaming's Pirates of the Burning Sea Q&A talks with Russell Williams of Flying Lab Software about their upcoming MMORPG: "In Pirates of the Burning Sea you are the captain of a sailing ship in the Caribbean of 1720. You can be a navy officer, a merchant, a privateer, or a pirate, engaging in real-time tactical ship combat. We have massive battles, heavy warfare, beautiful graphics, and amazing sound effects by a Hollywood sound designer. It’s an epic experience of conflict and adventure!"
  • Mythic
    The Mythic Q&A on Multiplayer Online Games Directory (thanks Mike Martinez) has a conversation with Mark Jacobs and Matt Firor of Mythic Entertainment.
  • PSVratings
    The PSVratings Q&A on Nintendo Insanity is a discussion of the PSVratings alternative to the ESRB software ratings system: "Early on, however, there were many requests that we address video games. Beyond the fact that parents don't have half a chance in playing a video game to understand what is included in those games, parents are faced with myriad symbols to learn for all of the industry based ratings systems."
  • Year in Review
    HomeLAN Fed's Games In 2004-2005 Q&A with Jussi Laakkonen talks about the year that was in gaming with Bugbear's Jussi Laakkonen.

Morning Previews

Morning Screenshots

Thanks Frans. 1C Games runs amok:

Homebrew Vampire Patch

PlanetVampire offers downloads of a homebrew patch for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, addressing some bugs while waiting for the release of an official patch. As should be obvious from that description, this is an unofficial, unsupported patch, which is used at your own risk. That said, they say feedback on these unofficial patches has been positive.

Thursday Game Guidance

Gamespot's World of Warcraft Hardware Performance Guide offers hardware tweaking tips for Blizzard's new MMORPG.

Game & Mod Development - Half-Life 2 Tutorials now offers five tutorials outlining simple techniques for creating Half-Life 2 maps from scratch as well as level design in general.

Thursday Help Wanted

A Map-Center Forum Post has word that Gray Matter is seeking a level designer and a scripter, saying: "We're searching for someone with experience in Quake and/or CoD engine based level design using Q3Radiant or any derivatives thereof. Knowledge of Quake3 shaders, CoD scripting, etc., not required, but would be a plus. Relocation to Santa Moncia, California would be required."

Thursday Game Reviews

Thursday Hardware Reviews


Out of the Blue

Hamm, overslept today in spite of falling off early last night. Not sure what's up with that, it's not like I feel sick or overtired or anything. Oh well, it could have been worse; I could have been awakened by the G-Man, but I wasn't. At least I don't think I was.

"Wake up and smell the.... ashes..."

R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell Abbott. Thanks ASLayerAODsk.

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