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Saturday, Dec 04, 2004

WoW Hax0r Crackdown

The World of Warcraft Community Site (thanks HomeLAN Fed) announces the banning of several World of Warcraft accounts due to the use of a speed hack cheat. They describe a "zero tolerance policy" in regards to situations like this, and warn that future cheaters will be banned outright in a similar manner.

DAoC to Shrouded Isles Upgrade

Mythic Games has released a Shrouded Isles upgrade for Dark Age of Camelot subscribers, as the add-on no longer requires separate purchase to access its additional content. The patch to upgrade the game can be found on 3D Gamers, FilePlanet (registration required), and NVIDIA's FTP server (direct link).

Saturday Q&A

  • City of Heroes
    The City of Heroes Europe Q&A on Boomtown discusses the imminent European launch of City of Heroes, Cryptic's MMORPG, with Stephen Reid, the game's European Community & Content Manager: "...essentially we're working on a way to ensure that current European players on the US servers will be able to start playing on the European servers without having to buy the European retail release. This has come about directly from the feedback we received about this on the US boards."

Site Seeing - Act of War

The official Act of War: Direct Action Website is now online (thanks Gamer's Hell), a Flash-only affair that offers some new screenshots, a trailer, and a designer diary from this upcoming RTS game from Eugen Systems.

Saturday Previews

  • The Punisher on IGN.
  • Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory on 1UP.

Saturday Screenshots

Saturday Tech Bits

Thanks Mike Martinez.

The Mod Squads - Sven Coop 2 Details

The Sven Co-op Website has the promised details about plans for their upcoming cooperative multiplayer modification for Half-Life 2. They describe how the initial releases will concentrate on the basics of getting multiplayer running on Half-Life 2, with new monsters, weapons, and maps to wait for subsequent releases. They also go into a bit of detail about how player counts will be limited for the single-player maps, an optional mapper-defined class system, and a new flexible lives system that will add more of a challenge than the original Sven Co-op.


HALO CE Maps is now running a Halo Custom Edition Machinima competition: "Just make a 90 second video on the theme "Play Halo CE" and you could win real stuff! Really, it's true... Real stuff!"

Help Wanted

Sigil Games has a new job opening listed for an associate designer with "a demonstrable understanding of MMO gameplay and its related issues" (thanks Okratas). Sigil Games is based in San Diego, California. More details on this position can be found in this forum post.

Saturday Game Reviews

Saturday Hardware Reviews

Out of the Blue

As the frost sets in around these parts, I am beginning to make more use of my space heater again, and for whatever reason, Hudson the wonder dog's affection for this device only grows stronger over time. This is all in spite of her general disdain for warmth, she comes as soon she hears it fire up and stands about 2½ feet closer to the heat source than the three feet recommended on the warning label. So, once again I put out the advance warning... if you are in the Westchester area and you see a flaming Airedale Terrier running towards you, I'll be perpetually grateful if you could throw a bucket of water or a blanket over her.

Play Time: Online Ping-Pong. Thanks FiringSquad.
Links of the Day: Ballooning into the Sky. Thanks Aaron.
Gizmodo | Toyoto i-foot and i-unit. Thanks the bowerbird.
Stories of the Day: Police Follow Doughnut Trail, Solve Crime.
Utah Man Pays $82 Fine in Pennies.
Bones Suggest Women Went to War in Ancient Iran.
Science!: 'We will be able to live to 1,000'. Thanks Warren.
Scientists Reverse Paralysis in Dogs.
Article: Teenagers fail to see the consequences. Stop the presses.
Auction of the Day: TITANIC OCEAN LINER DECORATIVE PLATE SHIP MEMORABILIA. As described here and here. Thanks Kar.
Thanks Mike Martinez and Ant.
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