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Monday, Nov 15, 2004

Children of the Nile Demo Plans

The Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile Official Website describes plans to release a demo version of Tilted Mill's city construction game (thanks Frans). The demo is slated for release on November 19, will be under 200 MB, and carries this general description: "The demo reveals a glimpse into the life of your citizens. Take on the rewarding challenge of being Pharaoh as you lead independent people to create a society and then a civilization of your design."

Myst IV Patch Plans

Myst Worlds (thanks Frans) has news of plans to release a second patch for Myst IV: Revelation in the next few days. Word is: "Fixes will be same as in the first patch, but with improvements in performance (i.e. bug fixes will not create new issues)."

Evening Q&As

  • City of Heroes
    The City of Heroes Q&A on Computer And Video Games (thanks Frans) talks with Jack Emmert about the MMORPG in a conversation that took place before the Marvel lawsuit (story) was announced, so the legal action is not mentioned. There is a statement about that on the Cryptic Website (thanks HomeLAN Fed), saying: "The complaint is meritless. Cryptic Studios is confident that the District Court will reject all of Marvel's claims and fully vindicate Cryptic Studios in all respects."
  • Joint Ops: Escalation
    The Joint Operations: Final Thoughts on GameSpot is a Q&A with Brent Houston and Joel Taubel about NovaLogic's Joint Operations: Escalation expansion: "The intention with Escalation was to really ratchet up the action without losing the focus of the original game. We wanted to add fun vehicles while not reducing the individual's role on the ground to that of a speed bump. Part of this was accomplished though adding weapons such as the Javelin antitank missile, which allows a soldier to disable an enemy tank with one hit. We also changed the way we designed the maps to allow for more action to occur in areas with cover for ground troops."
    SPECNAZ: Project Wolf Gives Players a Different Perspective on War is a Q&A with Martin Equino-x Hornak about Byte Software's tactical first-person shooter: "The technology isn't such an important thing in our project as it seems at first sight. As you can see the game is made easy to understand for the players, and the engine is very close to reality. Momentarily we are using [the] minimal [amount] of the features that graphic accelerators offer. At the time we haven't [received] support from the graphic cards companies as ATI or NVIDIA. But we are working on it and I hope we will soon able to use whole potential that graphic cards offer."
  • SWG: Jump to Lightspeed
    RPG Vault's Star Wars Galaxies Jump to Lightspeed Team Q&A #1 asks the following group question of the developers of the MMO expansion: "Among the selection of spacecraft that shipped with Jump to Lightspeed, what are a couple that have surprised you or exceeded your expectations, and what are a couple of your personal favorites?"
  • The Matrix Online
    If you could ask only one question about The Matrix Online, it would be "What is the Matrix?" By the 11th question, you might be up to "When do we get to meet Morpheus?," just like The Matrix Online Vault's Question of the Week.

Evening Screenshots

Unreal Tournament 2004 Patch

The fifth patch for Unreal Tournament 2004 is now available, updating Epic's science fiction shooter sequel to version 3339. The full version 3339 patch is identical to the beta patch, and is multiplayer compatible with the previous versions of the game. In addition, Epic has also released a new version 3339 compatible version of the Editor's Choice Edition bonus pack to replace the current version. Word is: "It is fully compatible with 3339. Users who install this patch after having already installed the old version of the bonuspack will not need to download this new bonuspack, which is intended only for fresh bonus pack installs." The 84 MB updated bonus pack is available on 3D Gamers,, Boomtown (registration required), FileFront, Gameguru Mania, and Worthplaying. The 13 MB patch can be downloaded from 3D Gamers,, ActionTrip, Boomtown (registration required), FileFront, Gameguru Mania, Gamer's Hell, GameSpot DLX (registration required), and Worthplaying.

Blitzkrieg: Burning Horizon Mission

This CDV Software Downloads Page (thanks Frans) features downloads of a free new bonus mission for Blitzkrieg: Burning Horizon (or as they put it, Blitzrkrieg: Burning Horizion). The bonus map is titled Carthage 1943.

Matrix Games To Publish Supremacy: Four Paths To Power

This Matrix Games Press Release follows up on news of the break between Black Hole Games and Strategy First (story) by announcing that Matrix Games has picked up the publishing rights to Supremacy: Four Paths To Power. Here's a bit on the game, which is set for release next month:
Supremacy: Four Paths To Power is designed to allow you to have total control over your campaign. The composition of your fleets and ground forces and the improvement of your worlds is up to you. Guard your supply lines, scout enemy territory and attack before you are attacked. Plan carefully or you will face defeat. A variety of galactic maps and customizable play options also offer tactical variety and replayability.

EA Tries to Get DICEier

EA Issues Tender Offer for Outstanding Shares in Swedish Developer, Digital Illusions (thanks Frans) reports that the board of directors at Digital Illusions is recommending their shareholders accept a tender offer to acquire the outstanding shares of the Swedish developer. EA already owns 19% of the creator of the Battlefield series.

Pacific Assault Patch Plans

The Modding Theater Forums (thanks Tiscali Games) feature details on what to expect in the upcoming version 1.1 patch for Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. The update will address mouse lag, dedicated server CPU utilization, the 999 ping bug, and more.

Morning Screenshots

New Action UT

The Action Unreal Tournament Website now offers R1 of Action Unreal Tournament (thanks HomeLAN Fed) for UT2004. Word is: "This release truly represents the original Action Unreal Tournament concept, it is an ideal base from which we will continue to expand and develop the action gaming experience. The version sees the introduction of the 'stunt' key which lets to dive in 8 possible directions and is accompanied by fantastic animation blending ability which produces fluent and masterful dives like you have never seen before."

H-L2 Sven Co-Op Release Party

The Sven Co-op Website has news of a midnight madness release party tonight for the launch of Half-Life 2 that will include discussions of the H-L2 Sven Co-op modification for Valve's shooter sequel, and possibly appearances and interviews by Valve software.

DOOM 3 Voodoo 2 Patch

This barebones webpage offers a patch to get DOOM 3 running on a Voodoo 2 video card (thanks Tiscali Games). There are screenshots showing off the results on

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Out of the Blue

Way too long after noticing how cold the weather was getting around here, I noticed that I still hadn't switched the screens for the storm windows all throughout the Blue Tower (and at 175 stories, that's a lot of windows). Anyway, if you are in my area, apologies for the further couple of degrees drop in temperature caused by my ceasing to heat the great outdoors for everyone.

Congrats to our buddy Ant on his new full-time job!

Play Time: Bubble Trouble. Thanks Sharon.
Stories of the Day: How to smash a home computer.
Titanic Finder Laments Damage by Visitors. Wrecking a wreck.
Science!: Discovery of BBQ gene makes meat more tender.
Cleaner Los Angeles? Air Don't Hold Your Breath (registration required).
Pilotless Jet Will Attempt Speed Record (registration required).
Thanks Mike Martinez and Ant.
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