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Friday, Oct 15, 2004

DOOM 3 SDK & BF Vietnam Debug

As noted in Robert Duffy's .plan file, the DOOM 3 SDK is now available from id.sdk, allowing mod authors to get under the hood of id's latest shooter to create their own projects. The SDK is a 9.6 MB download. Also, the Battlefield Vietnam Website (thanks Frans) now offers an updated version of the debug executable for the military first-person shooter that allows mod makers to better refine their projects. The update is accompanied by a good deal of additional information and other resources for mod authors, including word to expect updated versions of MDT and Battlecraft soon and links to updated and new modding tutorials.

Site Seeing

The official Prince of Persia Warrior Within Website is online, offering all manner of resources related to the upcoming return of his highness. Also, the official Commandos Strike Force Website is online (thanks Frans), though there is not much there yet related to Pyro's just-announced first-person shooter. Finally, rounding out a spate of site openings, the official Pathologic Website is now also online (thanks GenGamers).

Riddick Director's Cut Details

This epic-length press release (perhaps it's the director's cut PR) has details on the PC release of the "director's cut" of The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay for this winter's holiday season. The release goes into detail about the game's movie tie-in, its roots as a console project, and the hope to expand the franchise in the future, though there's not much on what differentiates the director's cut (also referred to as the developer's cut) from the other versions other than that they have "further refined the experience adding more action, enemies and locations for the player to explore."

Ships Ahoy - Atlantis: Evolution

You say you want an evolution? Well, The Adventure company announces that Atlantis Evolution has shipped:
Toronto, October 15, 2004. The Adventure Company, the world’s leading publisher of PC adventure games, today announced that Atlantis Evolution has shipped to North American retailers.

An epic adventure game, Atlantis Evolution is the first installment of a new Atlantis series that features a range of engaging and challenging puzzles to solve across five fascinating destinations. This story driven adventure offers a fresh approach to the genre, introducing a cast of highly imaginative and uniquely stylized characters in addition to a profound exploration of Atlantis.


Caught in a vortex that leads to the heart of New Atlantis, Curtis Hewitt, a young photo-journalist, finds himself a stranger in a land of advanced technology and archaic faith - his main mission is not only to return home, but to liberate the people of New Atlantis who live under the domination of ruthless gods.

Evening Q&As

  • rFactor
    The rFactor Q&A on Blackhole Motorsports tracks down John "Bee" Bayley of ISI about rFactor, their upcoming racing game: "We have continued to refine the physics engine, and have focused on exploiting its full capabilities. The physics, a.k.a. pMotor2, is a complex system and we needed new functionality such as the ability to easily add physical modifications to cars. We are also doing work on an advanced damage system although it appears that it will not be ready for the first version."
  • SuperPower 2
    The SuperPower 2 Q&A on FileFront talks with Jean-René Couture of GolemLabs about their global domination sequel: "Risk on steroids is actually pretty accurate! We could also call it “President 101.” But here at GolemLabs, we call it a real-world simulator because it’s all based on real data from the C.I.A., the United Nations and the United States Military. We give you a pretty accurate representation of our world and let you mess with it or try to fix it, whichever you prefer."
  • Shadow Ops: Red Mercury
    The Shadow Ops: Red Mercury Q&A on talks with Zombie president John E. Williamson about Shadow Ops: Red Mercury, their new first-person shooter, lending an ear to his answers about the game's audio: "A lot of effort went into creating and implementing sound effects and music for Shadow Ops: Red Mercury. This game was designed to be a sensory onslaught, with non-stop action. Hence the sound design is over-the-top. The weapon sounds were created by Peter Zinda - he came up with massive guns sounds, yet somehow managed to preserve exquisite detail which gave us the hyper-realistic sound we were looking for."

Evening Previews

Evening Screenshots

Maximus XV Abraham Strong - Space Mercenary Demo

The space game formerly known as Space Hack has undergone a name change to Maximus XV Abraham Strong - Space Mercenary. As if that wasn't enough to sell the game already, the move is celebrated by the release of a new demo to show off the redubbed project, which is available (along with a new gameplay movie in some cases) on 3D Gamers, Gamer's Hell, and Worthplaying.

Football Manager 2005 Gold Demo

Football Manager 2005 Gold Demo Now Available (thanks Quboid) is a forum post announcing availability of the demo version of Football Manager 2005, which allows six months (game-time) of play in a feature complete version of the football/soccer management sim. The thread lists mirrors for downloads of two versions of the demo, as a smaller English-only edition is available that removes a lot of content like sounds and players faces in addition to the larger complete international version.

Half-Life 2 Submitted for Certification

Computer And Video Games has a story up based on one of their sometimes accurate anonymous sources saying that Half-Life 2 has been submitted to the Pan European Games Information age rating system and subsequently the British Board of Film Classification for certification, this rumor lending further support to other rumors (story) that the shooter sequel's gold announcement is imminent. According to their "industry insider" Vivendi considers the game done, and that a November release is "extremely likely."

PoP: Warrior Within Demo

An international demo is now available for Prince of Persia, Warrior Within, the new combat-themed installment in the ongoing adventures of the active middle-eastern potentate. The 473 MB demo is available from publisher Wanadoo (thanks HardGame), and mirrored on 3D Downloads, 3D Gamers,, ActionTrip, Boomtown (registration required), Fileaholic.Com, FileFront, Filerush (torrent), FileShack (registration required), Gameguru Mania, Gamer's Hell, JustGamers, and Worthplaying.

Dear Diaries

The Bard's Tale Developer Diary Vol. 12 on GameSpy is written by software engineer Mike Winfield of inXile Entertainment who discusses the particle system in the retelling of The Bard's Tale. Also, the Ultima Online: Samurai Empire Designer Diary #2 on IGN is penned by Walter Ianneo, art director Ultima Online: Samurai Empire, the new MMORPG expansion, who "talks dungeons, dragons, monsters, and mayhem, and how art will bring them together in the game." Finally, a new Atriarch diary on the game's official website (thanks Frans) describes the unique item ID system World Fusion is creating to try to prevent item duping in their upcoming MMORPG.

Game Movies

A new Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault movie is online, showing off more of the upcoming World War II shooter sequel. The new clip shows a segment from the Battle of Tarawa, the 24 MB download can be found on 3D Gamers and Worthplaying. Also, a new Hidden & Dangerous 2: Sabre Squadron trailer shows off more of the upcoming World War II expansion from Illusion Softworks, the clip can be found on 3D Gamers and Worthplaying. Finally, a new trailer for the SpellForce: The Shadow of the Phoenix, the imminent second add-on for SpellForce, Phenomic's fantasy RPG. The three minute trailer is a 50 MB download, available on 3D Gamers, Gamer's Hell, Just Gamers, and Worthplaying.

The Moment of Silence German Demo

A German language demo is now available for The Moment of Silence, House of Tales' upcoming sci-fi adventure game that is already available in Germany. The demo is a 144 MB download, available on The Moment of Silence Website (thanks YiYas) and mirrored on 3D Gamers,, FileFront, and JustGamers.

Sonic Heroes Demo

A demo for Sonic Heroes is now available, allowing the chance to sample the upcoming return of the hyperactive hedgehog and company in the works at Sega. Word is "In this demo the first team stage 'Seaside Hill' is open and the save function has been disabled." The 142 MB demo is available on GameSpot (registration required), and mirrored on 3D Gamers, FileFront, JustGamers, and Worthplaying.

Morning Q&As

  • UO: Samurai Empire
    HomeLAN Fed's Ultima Online: Samurai Empire Q&A discusses the new MMORPG expansion with executive producer Jessica Lewis: "There are 20 new monsters, most based on Japanese mythology. For instance: The Hiryu: A winged Dragon that’s extremely tough, but can be tamed and ridden; The Fan Dancer: Beautiful but deadly, her fans are as sharp as Samurai swords. She is said to guard her master’s treasures and secrets; The Lady of the Snow: An undead spirit, she haunts the frozen tundras of Tokuno. She can turn you into ice with but a touch."
  • Flagship Studios
    The Bill Roper Q&A on is the English version of a Q&A (also available in German) about what Flagship Studios is up to: "We do anticipate being able to make an evaluation based on the amount of progress made in the next 3-6 months in terms of announcing the game, including the name. Actually, that has been one of the hardest things for us since we feel it has to mean something in the context of the game, but also has to be something anyone can easily grasp. We have a few candidates slugging it out, and it will be interesting to see which one comes out on top!"
  • Imperial Glory
    There's an Imperial Glory Q&A on Computer and Video Games (thanks Frans) talking with César Valencia of Pyro Studios about Imperial Glory, their upcoming epic strategy game: "All the tactical and strategic decisions will be taken in the management model, in which the player can interact in a lot of ways with the rest of the empires and neutral territories. At this point it is important to mention that there are many ways to achieve victory, so we may decide to use military power or to choose a more pacific approach."
  • Telladar Chronicles: Decline
    Access Gamer's Telladar Chronicles: Decline Q&A is a chat with Sergey Sinarenko and Andrew Beletsky of MindLink Studios about their upcoming RTS game: "Firstly, the game is story-driven. The absolute majority of the in-game events is predefined by the intriguing and dramatic storyline. As a matter of fact, this game is going to be the first game of the special series of projects in Telladar Gameworld. It has a long history, about twenty thousands years, cosmology, various gods, mythology, magic system and everything else that must be in the good fantasy world. "
  • A Tale in the Desert
    A Tale in the Desert II, the First Month on discusses the launch of the MMORP's "Second Telling with Andrew Tepper: "Great! We peaked at about 2500 subscriptions. We're above 2400 right now. It's the same pattern from Tale 1, you rise approximately a month and then taper off slightly. In Tale 1 our peak was 2100. And here we've peaked at 2500 but I'm not counting our German players due to a delay in subscriptions numbers so we've certainly topped 2500!"

Morning Previews

  • Battlestations Midway on IGN.
  • Creature Conflict: The Clan Wars on Loadedinc.
  • Eon of Tears: The Bible Code on Access Gamer.
  • EverQuest 2 on Jaded Gamer.
  • Guild Wars on IGN.
  • Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile on HomeLAN Fed.
  • Star Wars: Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed on IGN.

Morning Screenshots

Game Guidance

The Heavy Gunner: Vietnam Website now features downloads of the official game guide for the Unreal-engine Vietnam War game. Thanks Frans.


The Unreal Tournament Website now offers a list of the finalists in the Real-Time Non-Interactive Movie category for Phase Four of the Make Something Unreal Contest.

Help Wanted

"Starbreeze is looking for two experienced programmers with extensive knowledge in engine programming. The programmers will join the engine team and develop the Starbreeze engine for the next generation of consoles. The job is available immediately and will be full time on location in Uppsala, 70km north of Stockholm, Sweden. Starbreeze is the company behind Chronicles Of Riddick and Enclave. Please contact or visit for more information."

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews

Out of the Blue

ConsoleGold has a bit on the closure of Gone Gold, with word that former proprietor Rich is spending a lot of time in rehab for his wellbeing (thanks Sith Lord). The site and its contributions to the gaming community will be missed, but more importantly, our thoughts and best wishes are with Rich and his health struggles.

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