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Saturday, Apr 17, 2004

America's Army SitRep

The America's Army Community Rally Point has a new SitRep on the state of the next update to the U.S. Army's shooter (thanks Frans), now officially dubbed: "America's Army: Special Forces (Downrange)." The update has details on the new Arctic map, as well as the addition of sun flares to the game engine.

Schizm II: Chameleon Demo

An English Schizm II: Chameleon Demo is now available (apparently released at the same time as the German demo, story, but not noticed at the time), offering a sample of the recently released first-person fantasy/adventure sequel also known as The Mysterious Journey II. The demo includes two levels and a walkthrough, and a mirror of the 152 MB download can be found on 3D Gamers.

On Team Fortress 2

Missing in Action: The Lost Games of the PC, Part 3 on IGN tries to ascertain the true status of several game projects that haven't been heard from in a while, including Loose Cannon (TBD), Pantheon (RIP), Sovereign (RIP), and Imperium Galactica III / Galaxy Andromeda / Nexus: The Jupiter Incident (still breathing). Along the way, they talk with Valve's Doug Lombardi, who fills us in on the status of TeamFortress 2, the planned reworking of the popular modification (to correct a point in the article, the original T.F. was for Quake) that you may have heard discussed by your grandparents:
Here's the word from Valve's Doug Lombardi: "Some time after we announced Team Fortress 2, which was then being created on the HL1 tech, the decision was made to move the project to the Source Engine, the same engine used for HL2. The project is still in development here at Valve and we will be announcing more info after HL2 ships."

Saturday Q&As

  • CoD: United Offensive
    The Call of Duty: United Offensive Q&A on IGN enlists Robb Alvey of Gray Matter Studios to discuss the upcoming Call of Duty add-on: "(F)or example, one of our new weapon features is the ability to deploy light machine-guns. Players will be able to pick up a .30 cal, set it up wherever they want to, and open fire! We've also added the ability to sprint and cook-off grenades, which further increase the realism and intensity of the game."
  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor Q&A on FileFront talking with the founder of Gas Powered Games about his storied past in game development, the Dungeon Siege series, and what the future holds for GPG.
  • Sean K. Reynolds
    The Sean K. Reynolds Q&A on GameBanshee talks with the RPG designer about his work on tabletop games as well as the projects rumored to be Fallout 3 and Baldur's Gate III.
  • Digital Extremes
    GameGirlz Women Spotlight with Digital Extremes talks with Meridith Braun about her work as PR Director for Digital Extremes.
  • Mac Generals
    PlanetCNC's Glenda Adams Q&A talks with Aspyr about their just-released Mac port of Command & Conquer: Generals.

Dear Diary

Action Vault's Gangland Wrap Report offers a postmortem from MediaMobsters cofounder Adam R.L. Gregersen on their cross-genre life of crime game now that its development sleeps with the fishes.


There's a Ground Control II Chat Log on FragZone recapping an IRC session yesterday with Henrik Sebring of Massive Development. Likewise, there's a Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Chat Log on Vanguard OGaming Forums transcribing an IRC session yesterday with Silius from Sigil Online Games to discuss their upcoming MMORPG.

Saturday Previews

Site Seeing

A noisy Ghost Recon 2 Website is up with a teaser from the upcoming Tom Clancy shooter sequel (thanks HomeLAN Fed). Also, the official Aura: Fate of the Ages Website is online, a homebase to The Adventure Company's upcoming first-person puzzle game. Finally, a teaser site is now online for Playboy: The Mansion (thanks Frans) the upcoming RPG/simulation we like to think of as The Sins.

Saturday Screenshots

The Mod Squads

There's a The Trenches Q&A on talking with Evan Murphy about The Trenches, a Half-Life modification set during World War One.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews

Out of the Blue

Now this is what I'm talking about... today is one of those days that makes you really believe spring has finally sprung. The birds are shining, the sun is singing... well, something like that. Anyway, a fine day to get a good frolic on.

Play Time: Yetisports3.
Link of the Day:: Stop FCC. Thanks A/S/LayerAODsk.
Stories of the Day: Companies vie to build a better toilet. Thanks Tony!!! "...and the world will crap a path to your door."
Can Disney Build a Better Mickey Mouse (registration required)?
Hunley sub crew to be buried, 140 years later.
Science!: New rocket, nuclear propulsion get boost.
Will nanotech save the world or is it mostly hype?
Trekkie communicator ready to go. Thanks Tecnic63.
Images of the Day: Games on Something Awful. Thanks Ant.
Follow-up: New optical disc made from paper.
Thanks Mike Martinez
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