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Monday, Jan 05, 2004

Game Movies

A new BloodRayne 2 trailer is now available, showing off Terminal Reality's upcoming supernatural third-person shooter. The movie is available as a smaller MPEG clip, or a medium or larger QuickTime clip on the BloodRayne 2 Website (registration required), with the small and large clips also available on 3D Gamers and Worthplaying and a mirror that includes shrunken DivX versions on Tiscali Games. Also, there's also a Psychotoxic movie on GBase, providing a 16 MB sample of Nuclear Visions' upcoming first-person shooter. This movie is mirrored on 3D Gamers and Worthplaying.

Evening Q&As

  • Feargus Urquhart
    The Feargus Urquhart Q&A, Part One on GameSpot chats with the cofounder of Obsidian Entertainment about his new company, and more about recent death knells that have been sounded about his old company, Black Isle Studios.
  • Legends of Aranna
    Warcry News Network's Mad Doc Software Q&A chats with Ron Rosenberg, producer for the Legends of Aranna add-on for Dungeon Siege, learning about what's new or changed in the add-on.
  • Asheron's Call
    Four Years and Counting Part 3 on Warcry's Crossroads of Dereth caps off this series looking back at the first 48 months of Asheron's Call, Turbine's MMORPG.
  • Windows Gaming
    There's a Windows Gaming Q&A on Beyond3D talking with Microsoft evangelist Chris Donahue about his work espousing the benefits of the Windows OS to third-party developers.

Warlords IV Postmortem

RPG Vault's Warlords IV: Heroes of Etheria Wrap Report is written by Steve Fawkner, lead designer on Infinite Interactive's turn-based strategy sequel, who discusses the project, the team that worked on it, their goals, the development timeline, changes to their design along the way, challenges that had to be overcome, things that went right, areas that could have been improved, lessons learned along the way, and his own personal reflections on the journey.

Evening Previews

Castle Strike Strikes in Germany

The official Castle Strike Website has word (in German) that this real-time strategy game is now available in Germany. Thanks Frans.

Evening Screenshots

New Q3A Challenge ProMode Arena

PROMODE.ORG now offers downloads of a new version 1.2 of the Challenge ProMode Arena modification for Quake III Arena. The update includes several changes and new features, perhaps most notably "the introduction of the first new 1v1 gametype in *any* FPS in several years." There is a 22 MB update for version 1.1 or an 82 MB installer for new users.

Painkiller Leak & Demo Plans

DreamCatcher Interactive sends along an official statement about leaked press builds of Painkiller that also outlines plans for a full demo release next month:
DreamCatcher Games is today requesting that Painkiller fans steer clear of the latest multi-player builds that have appeared on various fan and download sites, as the releases are NOT official demo releases and are intended for press evaluation purposes only.

The company is encouraging fans of the game to wait until early February for the official single-player demo release.

This leaked build contains just a glimpse of the multi-player maps planned and lacks the depth, weapons, levels and A.I. sophistication that will be present in the official demo.

Rainbow Six 3 on the XXXbox

Publisher goof lets porn ad slip into video game on CNN Money has word on an embarrassing gaffe in the Xbox version of Rainbow Six 3:
About two-thirds of the way through the game, there's a level set in a garage with posters adorning the wall. The URL at the bottom of each of those posters links to a Web site featuring graphic images, hundreds of links to XXX pictures and the welcome message "Welcome to Interracialporno!"


Texan Tony Ashcraft was one of the early buyers of the game and noted the URL as he played. Thinking the link might feature ancillary information on the game, he told me he typed it into his browser, only to find no one owned the domain. On Nov. 22, he bought it and immediately filled it with porn links.

Morning Q&As

  • Splinter Cell
    Computer games learn new tricks (thanks HomeLAN Fed) is an article-format Q&A with Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot about the "ambient AI" being created for Pandora Tomorrow, their upcoming Splinter Cell game.
  • Wish
    The Marc Laukien Q&A Part 2 on wishnews continues their conversation with the president of Mutable Realms about Wish, their upcoming MMORPG. The conclusion of the two-part Q&A goes into further detail about what players can expect from this game.
  • Tektonic
    Warcry News Network's Tektonic Studios Q&A Part 2 resumes their chat with Chris L'Etoile and John Watson (coincidentally there's a local New York news correspondent named Marian Etoile Watson) about Ninth Domain, their upcoming MMORPG.
  • Knights Over Europe
    The Knights Over Europe Q&A on Checksix is the English edition of a Q&A also available in French (thanks Frans and SimHQ) talking with the folks from Aspect Simulations about their upcoming World War I flying combat simulator.

Morning Previews


The official Console Mafia Website is online, dedicated to the imminent PS2 and Xbox versions of Illusion Softworks' life of crime game.

The Mod Squads

BeyondUnreal's Make Something Unreal Phase 1 Winners Round-Up is a series of collective Q&As with the winners of the big Unreal modding competition.

Game Guidance

LAN Addict's LAN Party Guides : Power Primer is online, covering safety as well as planning for providing adequate power for all attendees.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


Out of the Blue

That nutty holiday season is wrapping up, and last night appropriately offered a gift, as the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm is underway. As luck will have it, this is now opposite Arrested Development, my favorite new show of the season, but thankfully (at least in this case) HBO shows all their programs a bazillion times a week, so the conflict is not such a problem. This will also be handy for when the Sopranos returns, and will run opposite of both A.D. and Malcolm in the Middle. Go figure, 99% of the time, there's nothing on TV, so of course if you like just a few shows, they'll all be programmed for the same time.

Play Time: Chomp! Chomp! Safari.
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Science!: In defence of bad luck.
The Atomic Club If the Bomb Is So Easy to Make, Why Don’t More Nations Have It (registration required)?
Auctions of the Day: One Vote in the 2004 Prez Election. Thanks Bunko.
Thanks Mike Martinez.
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