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Thursday, Dec 25, 2003 Merry Christmas

TRON 2.0 Patch

This downloads page on the framed TRON 2.0 Website now offers a new version 1.042 update for Monolith's first-person shooter. The patch is available as an iterative update for version 1.030, or as a full patch to update any previous version of the game. Windows XP is required. Word is: "Saved games generated from previous versions will not work after this update has been applied." The patches are mirrored on 3D Gamers and Worthplaying.

Xmas Q&As

Anito Demo

A demo version of Anito: Defend a Land Enraged is now available, offering the chance to check out this adventure/RPG from Philippine independent developer Anino Entertainment. The demo offers one of the game's towns and playable characters and some adaptations of the game's early quests. The 250 MB download is available on Worthplaying.

Xmas Previews

Xmas Screenshots

Competitions CPL Winter 2003 Championship Exclusive Tournament Video is online, "featuring commentary by Shoutcast, interviews with leading players and coverage of the $100,000 Counterstrike Competition." The Ultima X: Odyssey Contest on GameBanshee offers "the opportunity to name the Elf player-race city in the upcoming MMORPG."

Game Development & Mods

XeNTaX now offers downloads of their Star Wars Galaxies TRE Archiver that can handle the resource files from Star Wars Galaxies.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews

  • ABIT KV8-MAX3 Motherboard on MBReview.
  • Flexiglow FX-Gamepad Custom Mousing Surface on SubZeroTech.
  • Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer on bit-tech.

Out of the Blue

Merry Christmas! Funny, we had a visitation last night from some deer, who brazenly walked past our house. Naturally, this incited Hudson the wonder dog, but once again, she missed the reindeer entirely... stealthy beasts those.

Anyway, here's hoping that Santa was good to all of you who are celebrating the occasion, and that everyone has been safe on those nutty roads out there. We're going to brave traffic ourselves in a bit to head off to conclude our family celebrations of the season. Thankfully the weather has calmed down.

So there. Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas, Merry Krimble, Feliz Navidad, and, of course, Happy Thursday.

Links of the Day: National Christmas Lighting Association of America.
National Map Viewer.
Stories of the Day: The Getting Is Over; The Confusion, Just Starting (registration required).
Stoke the Nostalgia, and the Old Rails Keep Humming (registration required).
`Naked Elves' Spreading Holiday Cheer.
Science!: A very merry equation.
Mountains grew a foot in Calif. quake.
Research With Sea Slugs and Yeast May Explain How Long-Term Memories Are Stored (registration required).
Image of the Day: Blitzen Blitz. Thanks Ant.
Media of the Day: Where Father Christmases Come From. Thanks James Sterrett & Corinne Mahaffey.
The 12 STIs Of Christmas. Ewww. Thanks manopie.
Auction of the Day: Have your hands full of boobs all year. Thanks Rico.
Thanks Mike Martinez.
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