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Monday, Dec 01, 2003 World AIDS Day

Star Wars Battlefront Unveiled

Star Wars Battlefront confirmed on GameSpot (thanks Frans) has confirmation of plans for Battlefield 1942-style first-person shooter set in the Star Wars universe called Star Wars Battlefront. They have no details on the game, which they say will be officially announced early next year, though they refute rumors that this would be a PS2-only offering, saying the game will be released for the PC, the PS2, and the Xbox.

DX: Invisible War Wednesday

Eidos sends along confirmation that the highly anticipated Deus Ex sequel is getting set to ship: "Eidos is proud to announce that Deus Ex: Invisible War will be shipping to retailers in North America tomorrow December 2nd and will be in stores December 3rd."

New UT Infiltration

A new version 2.9 of the Infiltration tactical combat modification for Unreal Tournament is now available. The full installer is 448 MB and there is an additional Desert Storm Map Pack as well as a version of the mod as separate downloads of game files and maps. Thanks Anders.

BF1942 to Bust Punks

The Battlefield 1942 Website (thanks Frans) has word that punks beware, Even Balance's anti-cheat software is going back in time to World War II. Here's the word:
In response to the #1 request from the community, DICE & EA are proud to announce the inclusion of anti-cheat measures in the next patch for Battlefield 1942. The Battlefield team is committed to providing an exploit-free gaming environment for members of our community. Our goal is to have measures in place which address both current and future cheats. As such, after researching existing anti-cheat programs, we've determined that Punkbuster™ suits our purposes perfectly. We'll keep everyone updated as to our progress. For now, we have successfully integrated Punkbuster into the upcoming 1.6 patch and we're in the process of testing it.

Spaceships Ahoy - X²: The Threat

The X Homepage (thanks Frans) confirms reports sent along by a couple of readers by announcing that X²: The Threat has shipped to stores, and that Egosoft's space sim sequel is now available in stores in North America and Australia. The game's European release is scheduled for February 6, 2004. The official press release offers more details:
PARKVILLE, Md. (December 1, 2003) – Enlight, a leading entertainment software developer and publisher, announced today the highly anticipated space simulation game X²: The Threat has shipped to retail stores across North America for the holidays.

Under development for two years, X²: The Threat has received numerous praise for its stunning in game graphics and open-ended gameplay. GameSpy said in their preview, "Overall, though, X2 could turn out to be one of the truly great space sims, ready to take its place among the Wing Commanders, Freelancers, and Independence Wars of the genre. The visuals alone may well carry this game to greatness."

In addition to the featuring graphics and in depth gameplay, X²: The Threat exhibits an amazingly open-ended X-universe that is twice the size featured in its predecessor, X: Beyond the Frontier. "The sheer size of the universe and the astounding number of ships to fly, solar systems to visit and commodities to buy blew me away. X2 makes you feel like you're a part of a living, breathing cosmos," said Avault's Dustin Arient in his first look at the epic space simulation.

"Fans of Elite and Privateer have long been awaiting a follow-up title and we are excited to bring them X2: The Threat," said Paul Lombardi, CEO of Enlight Interactive. "With its striking graphics, open-ended gameplay and state-of-the-art engine, X2: The Threat will appeal to both space simulation fans and mass market consumers this holiday season."

Published by Enlight Interactive in North America and Canada, X²: The Threat is available on the Windows PC and is priced at $39.99 (U.S.). For additional information visit

Morning Q&As

  • Max Payne 2
    The Max Payne 2 Q&A on Nextgame.It chats with Petri Järvilehto of Remedy Entertainment about Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, learning some general things about the game and how it differs from the original Max Payne. The Q&A is also available in their native Italian.
  • Hollow
    There's a Hollow Q&A on Tactland.Ocio Digital talking with Bostjan Troha of Slovenian developer ZootFly, discussing Hollow, their upcoming cross platform alternate-history first-person shooter. They discuss the "Psychometrics Engine" the game's Xubl engine, innovation, and more.
  • Eternal Lands
    The Eternal Lands Q&A on Warcry News Network chats with Radu Privantu, programmer and project leader on Eternal Lands, the OpenGL MMORPG that's currently playable for free, discussing the present and future, including plans to open up the paying side of the game.

Robin Hood Defender of the Crown Patch

A patch to update Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown is now available, updating Cinemaware's Robin Hood to version 1.02, addressing a bug with the initial archery sequence. The patch is available on The Adrenaline Vault and mirrored on 3D Gamers.

Morning Preview


A post to the XIII PC Tech Forum offers some work around tips for users having troubles running XIII on systems that have CD copying software installed. Thanks Tim.

ChaosUT2 PR2

The Chaotic Dreams Website now offers downloads of Chaos UT2 PR2, a new version of the ChaosUT modification that emphasizes third-person melee combat in the new Chaos Duel mode. Here's a bit: "Chaos Duel is a all about 1-on-1 fighting, and supports different weapon modes for a variety of playing styles. Players can go head to head using the standard UT2003 weapons, the Chaos weapons, our new melee weapons, or a mix pre-selected by the maps author, using our new 'Mappers Choice' feature."

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Out of the Blue

December already? Where does the time go?... Yesterday I got to watch the Giants play on TV and then later watched Lawrence Taylor cry on 60 Minutes. The events were unrelated, but it's still hard to shake the connection in my mind.

Link of the Day: Today is World AIDS day.
Stories of the Day: The nintendonitis generation feels PC pain.
Historians expose quotes wrongly attributed to Lincoln.
Roy Disney resigns, urges Eisner to follow suit.
Science!: Total recall for the absent-minded and forgetful.
Marine Biologist Says Carbon Dioxide Injection In Deep Sea Would Alter Ocean Chemistry, Affect Numerous Creatures.
Puffer Fish Poison Painkiller.
Media of the Day: The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. Thanks Dan Leadbetter.
Image of the Day: Michael Jackson Aging.
Thanks Mike Martinez.
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