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Wednesday, Nov 19, 2003 Half-Life's Anniversary (1998)

Call of Duty Tools & Linux Server Tomorrow

Activision sends along a heads up that the map and modification tools for Call of duty and the CoD dedicated Linux server should be released sometime tomorrow. The tools will be a bit over 6 MB and the Linux server will be under 1 MB. No exact timeframe for the release could be provided.

DoD Update

Steam News (thanks Frans) has details on tonight's weekly Steam update, which includes minor updates for Half-Life and TeamFortress Classic, and a more significant update for Day of Defeat that addresses a bunch of bugs. A restart is required for Day of Defeat servers to update, while the restart to implement the font fix for Half-Life and TFC servers can take place at any convenient time.

Third Lords of EQ Demo

The Lords of EverQuest Dawn Brotherhood Demo is now available online, the third in the series of three demos for the EverQuest RTS game that was previously only available as a cover-mount CD on Computer Games Magazine. The 402 MB demo can be found on 3D Downloads, 3D Gamers, FilePlanet (registration required), FileShack (registration required), and GameSpot DLX (registration required), Worthplaying. Word is that installing all three demos on the same machine unlocks an otherwise unavailable bonus map.

Zero Hour Map Plans

C&C Generals News (thanks Frans) has word of plans to release a new map for the RTS expansion on Friday. Here's the deal: "This coming Friday, 11/21/03, Electronic Arts and the Generals team will deliver another FREE Zero Hour multiplayer map. There's little information on this map. In fact, it's so top secret that we only know the maps name, Iron Dragon."

Jetfighter V Demo

A new demo for Jetfighter V: Homeland Protector, InterActive Vision's jet combat flight simulator is now available via the streaming download services of Gigex. The demo offers the chance to fly the F-16 through five tutorials, three single-player missions, and a campaign mission. Mirrors of the 128 MB download are available from 3D Gamers, Filerush, Gamer's Hell, Tiscali Games, and Worthplaying.

Ships Ahoy - Magic: The Gathering - Battlegrounds

Atari Ships Magic The Gathering Battlegrounds is the press release announcing that both the PC and Xbox versions of the latest game based on the collectible card game series is now available in North America. Here's a bit:
An important aspect to Magic: The Gathering – Battlegrounds will involve the player’s mastery of the five colors in the development of his/her duelist. Each color has a proficiency at certain types of activities, such as attacking, defending and healing. Players will be able to select up to two colors and utilize creatures, spells and enchantments in any combination from those schools. For example, a red duelist may choose to augment the attacking powers of his Lava Dragon by adding powerful green enchantments to his arsenal or increase his resilience by using white’s restorative powers instead.

Magic: The Gathering – Battlegrounds will feature an engrossing single-player Quest Mode featuring a plot that includes characters from Magic: The Gathering storylines while also introducing a variety of new characters and locales. Single-player Quest Mode will be comprised of six chapters, each featuring up to 15 quests. Most quests will involve battles with resident duelists, sub-bosses or bosses who often control a particular creature or spell that the player has not yet acquired. As the player progresses, the resident duelists get tougher and control more powerful spells.

NWN: HotU Release Date

A post to the BioWare Forums (thanks Maximus) announces that the Hordes of the Underdark expansion for Neverwinter Nights is expected in stores on December 2. Along the way they also reveal a new Prestige Class called pale master as well as a new spell called Death Armor.

Combat Mission: Afrika Korps Demo

A demo for Combat Mission: Afrika Korps is now available, offering the chance to check out Big Time Software's now gold turn-based/real-time strategy game set in the Sicilian and North African campaigns of World War II. The 95 MB demo "contains only a part of those game elements which will be available in the full version, and additional options to gameplay, graphics and other elements are available for the released version. The demo itself has been stripped down to contain only those elements needed for playing the included 2 demo scenarios." The demo is hosted on 3D Gamers and mirrored on Boomtown, FileFront,, Gamer's Hell, GameSpot DLX (registration required), IGN, Strategy Informer, and Worthplaying. The Mac version of the demo is likewise now online, it can be downloaded here. The full version of the game is slated to become available on December 5.

Starships Ahoy: Mac Elite Force 2

Aspyr Announces Star Trek Elite Force II for the Macintosh Is Now Shipping! (thanks Frans) has word that Westlake Interactive's Mac version of Ritual's Trekkie shooter sequel is now available.

IG3 Resurrected

Dutch publisher HD Interactive sends word that the project formerly once known as Imperium Galactica 3 before being renamed Galaxy Andromeda (story) before being cancelled (story) has been revived under the new title Nexus. Here's the deal:
Just when it looked like the game formerly known as 'Imperium Galactica 3' would be lost in space, it is now back on track as one of the most eagerly awaited hits of 2004 thanks to a worldwide rights deal announced by Benelux's leading independent publisher HD Interactive of Amsterdam. Earliest views of the game have inspired such descriptions as 'visceral, futuristic and captivating' and 'absolutely gorgeous', and now the real-time mission-based tactical space game for PC has not only found a new publishing home with HD Interactive, but also a new focus with the title: 'Nexus'.

Under development in Budapest by Mithis Games, Nexus is heading for a worldwide release in September 2004. "Nexus is a true gamers' game," said Mike Klumper, MD of HD Interactive. "I was amazed by what I saw of the early code of Nexus. I was blown away by it and we are extremely proud to add this beautiful title to our portfolio. Now it has joined our line-up, Nexus will receive the full attention it richly deserves. By working closely with Mithis, a talented and experienced developer, and giving total focus to the product, we will ensure that Nexus realises its maximum potential in each and every territory." Robert Sugar, CEO of Mithis, said, "Everybody at Mithis is extremely excited about this deal. With HD Interactive's focus, Nexus is in very good hands. "

Ships Ahoy - Star Wars KOTOR

The Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Website (thanks Frans) has word that the PC version of the Star Wars RPG has shipped, saying simply that the game "is available now." On a related note, GameSpy's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Q&A talks about this PC version of the Star Wars RPG with BioWare's Casey Hudson, discussing changed and additional content compared with the Xbox version.

BF Vietnam - No TDM or CTF

A post on Boomtown offers a tidbit from a Battlefield Vietnam Q&A that they will be posting soon, revealing that the team deathmatch and capture the flag gameplay modes are being dropped from the BF1942 sequel, quoting A.J Marini as saying: "There is such a small percentage of people who played Capture the Flag and Team Death Match that we decided to drop those game modes all together." They also have some details on the wide variety of options available in the new Custom Combat mode and how the new Evolution mode will work: "In Evolution, the game spans across two historically tied maps. The scores from the first map, player and team, are then carried over to the second."

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Pirates of the Burning Sea Movie

A new movie is now available showing off gameplay from Pirates of the Burning Sea, Flying Labs Software's upcoming MMORPG that allows the player to be master and commander of his own sailing ship. The 37 MB download is available from NVIDIA's nZone (now less obtrusive) and mirrored on 3D Gamers and Gamer's Hell.

FireStarter Diary

HomeLAN Fed's Firestarter Developers Diary Part 8 is another entry from GSC Game World's Slava Klimov, in which he briefly describes the game worlds where the action will take place in their now-gold first-person shooter.

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"The award-winning Medal of Honor™ franchise has invaded the Game Boy® Advance as Medal of Honor Infiltrator™ from Electronic Arts (Nasdaq: ERTS) has begun shipping to retail outlets." Also, Fugitive Hunter: War on Terror First Videogame to Hunt Terrorists Available This Week. And, Rockstar Games Ships Manhunt for PlayStation2 (thanks Frans). Also, "Codemasters, a global interactive entertainment software publisher, announced today that the officially licensed American Idol video game, based on the reality television phenomenon, has shipped for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system." And den... "Leading video games publisher Namco Hometek Inc. announced today that its highly anticipated racing game, R: Racing Evolution, has been approved for manufacturing. Coming to the Nintendo GameCube™, the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and the Xbox® videogame system from Microsoft, R: Racing Evolution is scheduled to race into stores on December 9th." Moving right along: "Get immersed in the pageantry, tradition, and drama of college basketball with NCAA® March Madness™ 2004, the deep and strategic college hoops videogame from Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS), now available in stores under the EA SPORTS™ brand. The top-selling college basketball franchise, NCAA March Madness 2004 features EA SPORTS Nation online play for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, authentic scouting reports from top Division I coaches in EA SPORTS Ask The Coach, and an incredibly deep EA SPORTS Dynasty Mode™."

The Mod Squads

Desert Combat Behind the Lines on IGN is a Q&A with Desert Combat developer Frank DeLise to discuss this very popular Battlefield 1942 modification. They discuss the history of the project, the reasons some things have turned out as they have, and what the future holds.

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Out of the Blue

So I get a free car detailing from my dealer in exchange for getting my scheduled maintenance there. Considering the borderline gouging this involved, this is a relative form of free, so I'd like to have gotten my money's worth. I'd tell you how many days in a row it rained following the detailing, except there hasn't been a day since then when it hasn't rained. As my pithy buddy devicer would put it, Alanis Morrisette is rolling over in her hot tub.

R.I.P.: Top Hollywood Composer Michael Kamen Dies at Age 55. Thanks Zachary Quarles.

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