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Sunday, Sep 07, 2003

Half-Life's Steamy Future

A post on Planet Half-Life (thanks Frans) reproduces some quotes from Valve's Erik Johnson posted to a Steam forum thread discussing the role of Steam in the future of Half-Life. Here are the excerpts:
There will no longer be a WonID system, it will be replaced by the SteamID system.

When we convert the userbase to Steam, a single WonID will be valid for all of the products.

If you're purchased a product from us at retail, you're going to have access to all of our products via Steam.

No, you do not have to pay for Steam.

That is correct, you'll have to have Steam installed to play the most current version of Half-Life.

Elite Force II Patch Testing

There are Star Trek Elite Force II 1.10 Public Beta Test sign-ups on Ritualistic where those interesting in registering to do so can "play the updated version of the game before anybody else and give the developers valuable feedback on the changes made." The beta patch is unsupported, and after installation, users will only be able to connect to multiplayer servers that are likewise running the new beta version.

Sunday Previews

Homeplanet Backstory

The Homeplanet Backstory - Part 6 on HomeLAN Fed continues this series on 3Map Games' upcoming space game, though rather that really go into the story, the article discusses the game's spacecraft, the formations they can use, and gives a detailer rundown on the types of tasks individual ships can perform.

Sunday Screenshots

Sunday Tech Bits

Thanks Mike Martinez.

Game Reviews

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Out of the Blue

What an odd experience at the mall looking for the Secret Weapons of WWII expansion for Battlefield 1942. No one actually had it, in fact the only place someone had actually had heard of it was Best Buy, where the guy lead me to where he thought it was, where in a neat row there was BF1942, the Road to Rome expansion, and.... Call of Duty. That's right, the brand new WW2 shooter expansion is missing in action, but if you want to plunk down some cash on a yet-to-be completed WW2 shooter, you are all set. Of course it's possible that when CoD is released its shelf-space will be occupied by pre-order boxes for DOOM 3 or something, but I guess this is the price of progress.

Oh yeah... Go Big Blue!!!!!!

Play Time: Test The Nation.
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Strange Kansas City marker part of world-wide mystery. Thanks Jim Chaney.
Science!: If You Drop It, Should You Eat It? Scientists Weigh In on the 5-Second Rule.
More flavor, less DNA.
Hijacking Your Cute Little Vacuum Bot.
Follow-up: Star Wars fans seek film role for internet kid.
Thanks Mike Martinez.
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