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Friday, Aug 08, 2003 International Cat Day

Game Movies

A trailer showing off gameplay from C&C Generals: Zero Hour has been released, showing off the upcoming C&C expansion pack. The trailer can be downloaded from GameSpot, Renegade Generals, and Worthplaying. Also, this Sierra Entertainment Downloads Page now features a trio of TRIBES Vengeance movies, though it looks like these are the same clips that were released at the recent event showing off the game.

Dear Diaries

There's a new Dragon Empires Diary in which Adam Parsons describes the work the art team is pushing towards the Beta0 milestone for Dragon Empires, Codemasters' upcoming MMORPG (thanks Frans). Also, there's a UFO: Aftermath Diary Chapter 11 on in which Martin Klima of ALTAR Interactive looks back at the experience of showing UFO: Aftermath at this years E3. Newly launched Empires: Dawn of the Modern World fansite Empires Element kicks things off with a Tactical Combat Design Diary as well as two developer write-ups describing civilizations in Stainless Steel Studios' upcoming RTS game, covering the United States of America and the Franks. The Greyhawk The Temple of Elemental Evil Journal #5 on RPG Vault features Troika programmer Aaron Brunstetter discussing "various truths and misconceptions" about game development after a year of being on the Temple of Elemental Evil team. Finally, the Restricted Area Developer Diary part 4on RPGDot is the translation of Master Creating's Jan Beuck's latest Restricted Area diary.

Evening Q&As

Shadowbane Trial

This Shadowbane Press Release (thanks Josh) announces a 10-day free trial of Wolfpack Studios' MMORPG. Details on how this all works can be found here. In the small print is word that "Please note that you will be asked for a valid credit card to participate in the trial, however you will not be charged unless you choose to subscribe at the end of your 10 Day Free Trial."

Evening Previews

Operation Iraqi Freedom Patch

A new version 1.01 (Open Beta) patch for F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom is now available on the F-A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom Support Page (thanks Frans).

Evening Screenshots

New Unreal Badlands now offers a new version of the Badlands modification for Unreal Tournament that converts the game's environments to the wild west. In addition to the mod, they have also released a Badlands bonus pack. Thanks Josh.

Graeme Devine Departs id

A story on Gamasutra (registration required) confirms rumors that Graeme Devine has departed id Software to join Ensemble Studios (thanks Frans), saying: "In his new role at Ensemble, Devine will be focusing primarily on game design." Graeme joined on at id in March of 1999 after serving as CEO of Trilobyte (The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour), a company he co-founded. In moving over to Dallas-based Ensemble, he reunites with fellow id alumnus Paul Jaquays (Ensemble now has three ex id developers: Devine, Jaquays, and Sandy Petersen).

Galaxy Andromeda Cancelled

CDV cancels Galaxy Andromeda on GameSpot is the report that the game previously known as Imperium Galactica III has been given the axe. The report says this is in reaction to considerable losses the publisher reported in the most recent quarter, and is "part of a wider restructuring effort." This puts to an end a saga that in addition to the title change, also saw the space strategy sequel suffer delays (story) and a shift in development teams from Philos Entertainment to Mithis Games (story), which was formed by former members of Philos.

America's Army Update Official

As promised, the official release of the version 1.90 update for America's Army Operations is now becoming available, though the full installer was actually released earlier this week (story) as the result of a mix-up (story). Those who have not already downloaded the full version can now opt for the upgrade patch if they already have the game installed. The 322 MB update can be downloaded from 3D Gamers and FileFront. The 605 MB full version can be found on 3D Gamers and FileFront.

Republic Gold

Republic: The Revolution goes gold on GameSpot (thanks Frans) is the report that Elixir Studios' game of political insurrection in the fictional country of Novistrana is complete. The report offers September 5 as the UK in-store date, but no release dates are provided for other territories.

BF1942: Secret Weapons of WWII Demo

As noted on the Battlefield 1942 Website, the promised demo for Secret Weapons of World War II is now available, offering a sample of the upcoming Battlefield 1942 add-on that plays 'what if' with experimental weapons. The demo has been posted on Battlefield 1942 Website. Mirrors of the 165 MB download are available on 3D Gamers,, Boomtown (registration required), FileFront, FilePlanet (registration required), FileShack (registration required), Gamehelper, Gameplex, Gamer's Hell, Games Fusion, Happy Puppy (registration required), IGN, Loadedinc (registration required), and Worthplaying.

Half-Life 2 at ECTS

Valve to show Half-Life 2 at ECTS - Half-Life 2 News for PC at GameSpot has word that the shooter sequel will have its first public showing on the show floor at ECTS on August 27-29: "Valve and Vivendi Universal Games UK have today announced that Half-Life 2 will be shown for the first time in Europe at ECTS. The game will be presented, by Valve, in a purpose-built soundproofed amphitheatre dominating much of the VU Games UK stand."

America's Army Patch Gold

The America's Army Website has the cart and the horse announcement that the version 1.9 patch for the free multiplayer shooter (which has already been widely distributed - story) is gold, and will be distributed today at Noon (no time zone specified, but Frans tells me it's PDT, making it 3:00 p.m. EDT). Thanks Tanya and or Greg.

Secret Weapons of WW2 Movies

With the playable demo due in scant hours, there are a whole bunch of new Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of World War II Movies on PC.IGN.Com. Thanks Frans.

Morning Q&As

Call of Duty Goes Hollywood

Hollywood Heeds the Call to Join Forces With Activision on Call of Duty has word that they have "enlisted Jason Statham and Giovanni Ribisi to provide their trademark voice talent in key roles. Additionally, accomplished writer/producer Michael Schiffer ('Crimson Tide,' 'Colors,' 'Lean of Me,' [sic] 'The Four Feathers' and 'The Peacemaker') has added his screenwriting stamp to the game's action-filled script." Thanks Frans.

On 3DO's Assets

Microsoft, Ubi Soft File to Bid in 3DO Auction (thanks Peter Binazeski) has word that: "Seven video game companies, including Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT - news), Eidos Plc (EID.L) and Ubi Soft Entertainment (UBIP.PA), have qualified to bid in the auction for the assets of bankrupt publisher 3DO Co. (Other OTC:THDOQ - news), according to court papers filed on Thursday." The auction is to be held on August 14.

Morning Screenshots

Dredd vs. Death Website

Rebellion's official Dredd vs Death Website is now online, dedicated to the upcoming shooter based on the Judge Dredd comics.

Morning Tech Bits

Thanks Mike Martinez.


Nintendo slowing GameCube production. Also, Microsoft is launching a new Xbox "Live Web" on August 25 that will provide Xbox Live subscribers with enhanced ability to stay in touch with their friends online, and other such features. They have also announced a new 60-day free Xbox Live trial that will accompany Live-enabled games, beginning with NFL Fever 2004. Also, there's a Metal Arms: Glitch in the System Preview on FiringSquad and an Airborne Liberation Q&A on HomeLAN Fed.


Are video games a sport? A report on the CPL on the Christian Science Monitor, complete with photos and quotes.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


  • Skewed and Reviewed (thanks Rhazor) reports: "seems the writers of SWAT (Ron Mita and Jim MCClain) have been hired to write the script for DOOM .This is according to sources at Sony and verified by the media kit for SWAT in the writers Bio."...
  • Gamers Struggle to Preserve Past (thanks Mike Martinez) on the Classic Gaming Expo, "abandonware," and more...

Out of the Blue

We had a blackout here in the middle of the night, which disturbed both MrsBlue and Hudson the wonder dog, as it caused all manner of audible alarms when the UPSs in my office kicked in. I ran around shutting them down, in case power was still gone this morning, so I could do all the updating that 10 minutes of power would allow. Luckily it didn't come to that, as all seems relatively normal now.

It might not be related but when this happened we could see what looked like a pretty big fire off in the distance. I guess we'll learn more when the local paper comes out... this is sure to knock the bake sale off the front page.

Stories of the Day: Violinist serenades livestock displaced by B.C. fires. Thanks spectre.
Bottled SOS saves man's life. Thanks Sarcasm.
Tobacco firm offers celebs cigarettes for life.
Wild Science: Bush Misuses Science Data, Report Says (registration required).
Eye gel treatment may improve aging eyesight.
Kind people catch yawns.
Weird Science: Secret of walking on water uncovered. So now you know.
Sticky find Oldest spider-web silk discovered.
Image of the Day: Entertainment Photos - AP. Another Arnold throws his (UGO) hat in the ring.
Follow-ups: `Do not call' list puts disabled telemarketers out of work.
'Dr Strangeloves' meet to plan new nuclear era. Thanks Maximus.
Thanks Mike Martinez.
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