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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Games on Trial

Jack is back, as Lawyer aims to take over murder case (thanks HomeLAN Fed) is a story reporting that lawyer Jack Thompson, outspoken in previous efforts at correlating violent crimes with the use of violent video games, is back in the news. Here's a bit:
Jack Thompson of the Miami suburb of Coral Gables said he will ask Medina County Common Pleas Court today for permission to defend Dustin Lynch, now 16, in the November slaying of JoLynn Mishne.

Thompson, in communications over the last seven months with the families of Lynch and Mishne and with the courts and lawyers, has continually raised the possibility that Lynch was driven to kill by his excessive playing of aggressive games. Thompson has urged Lynch's current lawyer, V. Lee Winchell of Rittman, and a previous one, John Dolatowski of Medina, to consider video games in Lynch's defense, but neither did so.

New GTA 3 Multiplayer Mod

The GTA3MTA Website has version 0.3b of MTA, the modification that adds multiplayer support to the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 3. The mod is a 5 MB download, and word is: "MTA v0.3b is optimized for GTA3 v1.1, and is not tested well with v1.0. So we recommend you to use GTA v1.1, although we made it possible to change the GTA3 version in MTA v0.3b."

Duke Nukem Whenever

A post on Shacknews titled "Duke4 Not A 2003 Game" quotes a Take 2 Interactive conference call where the publisher basically asserts that there's no "possibility under the sun" that Duke Nukem Forever will be released by this year's holiday season, and that since they have already accounted for the fee paid to Infogrames for the project, "right now we're just hopeful that the team in Dallas will finish it." The story also mentions their hopes of releasing Max Payne 2 in January of next year.

Combat Mission Beyond Overlord: SE Ships

CDV Software sends word that Combat Mission Beyond Overlord: Special Edition for the PC is now available in retail stores. The World War II turn-based/real-time strategy game was previously only available for online purchase, and "the special retail version of this World War II game includes more than 100 additional scenarios, improved in-game environments, and new vehicles, uniforms and enhanced sound."

JA3 and Wizardry 9?

RPGDot's Robert Sirotek and Linda Currie Q&A is a conversation with the pair about the wind-down at Sirtech and what they are currently up to. In addition to saying "Chances are excellent" that we will see Jagged Alliance 3 one day, along the way, Robert has this to say about the prospects that Wizardry 9 will be produced:
Yes, absolutely the chances are very good. I can not tell you much more than this. When some decisions are taken, and I have something to report, I will contact you.

VIETNAM WAR: Ho Chi Minh Trail Demo

A new demo for VIETNAM WAR: Ho Chi Minh Trail is now available (thanks Frans), providing a chance to check out the upcoming Vietnam War shooter in the works at Chinese developer Kungfu Studio. The demo is a 199 MB download, and mirrors can be found on Gamer's Hell and Worthplaying, while a mirror of the demo is also available on 3D Gamers that is "only" a 175 MB download, thanks to the removal of a DirectX installer that was included in the original distribution (presumably in case this is the only game you ever installed). In an age of more and more draconian licenses, the demo contains the most minimal end-user license agreement ever: "IMPORTANT-READ CAREFULLY: This End-User License Agreement (''EULA'') is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single entity) and...;" Yup, that's all of it.

Colin McRae Rally 3 Demo

The promised Colin McRae Rally 3 Demo is now available, offering a sampling of the latest installment that simulates the hi-revving world of rally racing. The demo is a 121 MB download, which has been mirrored on 3D Gamers, Computer Games Online, Fragland, Gameplex, Gamer's Hell, Happy Puppy (registration required), LlanLAN, Pixelrage, and Worthplaying.

Gone Gold - W3: The Frozen Throne

While a frozen throne can be uncomfortable, a gold frozen throne could be downright dangerous. Nevertheless, Warcraft III The Frozen Throne Goes Gold -- Street Date Announced (thanks The Unofficial Warcraft III Site) is the press release announcing that the WarCraft III add-on is complete and being prepared for retail. Word is the game, which they say has over 2.5 million initial orders, will be available worldwide as of July 1. Here's a bit: "Following in the tradition of previous Blizzard expansion sets, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne provides gamers with a vast new chapter in the epic Warcraft saga. In the single-player campaign, players revisit the war-torn world of Azeroth. Several months have passed since Archimonde and the Burning Legion were defeated at the battle of Mount Hyjal, yet a new threat has arisen throughout the land."

More Nations Rise in Rise of Nations Demo

In addition to the English demo (story), the Rise of Nations Downloads Page now also offers new trial versions of Big Huge Games' RTS game localized for various other countries (thanks Frans). The 194 MB demo is now available in French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Morning Q&As

  • Elite Force II
    Ritualistic's Elite Force II Multiplayer Q&A Pt 2 is another conversation with the developers at Ritual, who go into further detail about how multiplayer play will be handled in the upcoming Trekkie shooter sequel. Included are three screenshots of one of the Levelord's maps.
  • Dragon Empires
    DE programmers chat on offers the outcome of a Q&A session with the folks at Codemasters currently at work on Dragon Empires, their upcoming MMORPG.
  • Nina: Agent Chronicles's Nina: Agent Chronicles Q&A talks with Pawel Jagora of CITY interactive about this upcoming first-person shooter in the works at Detalion. They discuss the project, gameplay, and more, including the special abilities of their main character, which include psychic powers, and extreme hotness.
  • Chrome
    Voodoo Extreme's Chrome Q&A chats with Bartek "Comma" Paul of Techland, discussing their upcoming tactical shooter. The conversation covers the basic talking points of the game.
  • IGI 2
    Action Vault's IGI2 Covert Strike Q&A #2 asks the development team the following question: "When playing IGI 2: Covert Strike in multiplayer mode, what is your favorite play style or role, what load out do you prefer, and why?"
  • KnightShift
    Gamers Pulse's KnightShift Q&A chats with Dirk P. Hassinger of ZUXXEZ about KnightShift, their upcoming game that includes RTS and role-playing elements, offering some very detailed answers to their queries.
  • Boomtown
    HomeLAN Fed's Boomtown Q&A talks with LogicalVice president (not to be confused with Logical vice president) Ian Popeson about Boomtown, an upcoming Unreal-engine wild west-themed shooter, learning a lot of detail about the project, including the most perplexing release date we've ever seen: "It is scheduled for release in the first part of the 1/3-quarter of 2004."

Dear Diaries

HomeLAN Fed's FireStarter Development Diary - Part 1 kicks off a series by GSC Game World's Slava Klimov discussing progress on FireStarter. The first installment gives an outline of aspects of their design that he feels are unique. Also, RPG Vault's Anarchy Online Shadowlands Blueprint #1 is online, in which "Jon-Helgi Thorarrinson and Jorgen Tharaldsen tell us about creating life and pocket bosses in Funcom's add-on."

Morning Screenshots

Thanks ToTheGame.


Sony unveils new game machine is an article on the PSX with photos (thanks Tony!!!) and Sony upgrades the PlayStation 2 on CNN Money is an editorial reflecting on the new announcement. Tiger Hill Entertainment brings John Woo’s creations to the gaming world on GameZone is a conversation about plans for upcoming John Woo-inspired games. There's a Counter-Strike for the Xbox Preview on Game Revolution. There's a Hunter: The Redeemer Q&A on

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


  • Shadowbane Server Updates (thanks the_culture) has word on a hacking incident on the MMOG (I'd be surprised if all of them don't quietly have these moments)...

Out of the Blue

How often does the world work like this? Yesterday, the same day I commented on the weird brake light instructions in my car's owner's manual, I ended up driving for about five miles behind someone who was on the brake the entire way, except for one moment when they got off of it, which, naturally, was right before they got onto an exit ramp.

Stories of the Day: Internet advertiser settles deceptive ad suit. Thanks Crispy. Something about the ads they describe seems familiar.
Police: Teen burns friend making own 'Jackass.'
Language police bar 'old,' 'blind.'
Weird Science: Bizarre 'horned' kangaroo fossils unearthed.
Losers to a man.
Wild Science: Pentagon Seeks to Sort, Store Lifetime Experience. Thanks the_culture.
Artificial black holes: on the threshold of new physics.
New research looks inside the brain to catch liars in the act.
Auctions of the Day: Pimp Costume For Your Dog. Thanks Dan Leadbetter. That's one embarrassed looking dog, err dawg.
COMMODORE VIC 20 BOOK. Thanks Brian P. Cleary.
Thanks Mike Martinez.
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