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Saturday, Apr 05, 2003

Red Faction II Patch

This Red Faction II Downloads Page has a version 1.01 patch for Volition's Shooter sequel. The 2 MB patch allows the English version to run on French/German operating systems, updates uninstall directions in the read me, reduces CPU usage when minimized, and now only allows odd number of rounds in Team Arena "Best Of" mode. The main Downloads Page also now features links for French and German patch pages, but these do not offer any patches yet. A mirror of the English patch can be found on 3D Gamers.

Raven Shield 1.2 Info

Raven Shield Platoon has quoted a Ubi Soft source (on the condition of anonymity) on what will be in the patch for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield that will follow the imminent patch that will address CD-key problems (story). They report that a 1.2 patch will address game exploits and add a Linux dedicated server and All-Seeing Eye support.

Postal 2 Gold

HomeLan Fed reports receiving a press release announcing that Postal 2 is gold, which coincides with the recent news that Running with Scissors' Unreal-engine sequel is expected in European stores on April 14 (story), and the appearance of the game's first reviews.

AO Shadowlands Preview

The Anarchy Online Shadowlands Preview on PC.IGN.Com offers impressions of the upcoming AO expansion, saying: "In fact, after seeing all the expansion has to offer, it almost seems like a whole new game." They go on to describe the story and gameplay, giving indications that this will indeed be quite a change: "One of the bigger changes in the Shadowlands is that technology doesn't quite work as expected. The armor and weapons you've tried so hard to acquire will be of questionable use in Shadowlands. They're simply too close to the Notum to function properly. Even things like implants will be removed and replaced by a new system of symbiotes. But that's the price you pay for venturing in to the strange new world Funcom is offering."

OMF: Battlegrounds Preview

HomeLan Fed's One Must Fall: Battlegrounds Updated Preview is online with further thoughts on the upcoming sequel that puts players in the drivers seat of the inevitable weapon of the future: fighting giant robots. The article concentrates on what's new and different about the most recent build they are playing with, compared with their previous look at the game.

Saturday Q&As

New Desert Combat

PlanetBattlefield (thanks Ant) is offering downloads of the new version 0.3N alpha of the Desert Combat modification for Battlefield 1942. There is a 147 MB full version and a 36 MB patch for those who downloaded the subscriber-only version from FilePlanet (though the links they provide still require FP registration). Other mirrors of the mod can be found on AusGamers and Nuclear Days.

Tech Bits

Thanks Mike Martinez.

The Mod Squads

HomeLan Fed's GODZ Q&A catches Richard 'vajuras' Osborne to discuss the GODZ modification for Unreal Tournament about progress on an updated UT2003 version of the project. They talk about the original mod and plans to make the follow-up an improvement in every way.

Game Development & Mods

A new version 0.50 of UnrealWiki UnCodeX is now available, representing a "milestone" build of this UT2003 source code documentation utility. Word is: "UnCodeX can create a class tree from the UScript source and generate HTML documentation from it. But it can do much more than that."

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


Out of the Blue

If it weren't hard enough taking a movie directed by Rob Zombie too seriously to start with, I keep hearing radio ads from his new flick that keep stressing the name of the character "Doctor Satan" over and over. All I can think of when I hear this is the scene in one of my favorite movies, Ed Wood, where Ed is pitching the studio head with movie ideas, all of which are completely contained in the titles. Cut to wild-eyed Ed: "Doctor... Acula! Doctor... Acula!" Who knows, maybe Rob will turn out to be an even finer director than Ed was.

Doctor... Acula! Doctor... Acula!

Play Time: The Adventures of CornDog. Thanks Trev.
Link of the Day: Make a starship enterprise out of a floppy. Thanks frag.machine.
Stories of the Day: Signs land seven in court. Thanks Ratty Rodentius. When all your base goes bad.
Swedish man robs parking meters with vacuum. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Weird Science: Plants New Anti-Terror Weapon? Thanks Mike Martinez.
Wild Science: Europe unveils new moon-orbiting craft. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Media of the Day: Detective Story. Thanks Carey Tarbox.
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