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Sunday, Mar 16, 2003

Line of Sight: Vietnam MP Demo Free(er)

The Line of Sight Vietnam Multiplayer Demo on FilePlanet (registration required) no longer requires you be a paid subscriber of their service to download, as it is now available to those with free FP accounts. No word on when the demo of nFusion's Vietnam War game will be available for download from other sites. Thanks J.

Star Wars Galaxies Chat

Star Wars Galaxies Stratics is holding their first Stratics Chat today focusing on community support for the now-delayed Star Wars MMORPG. The chat is scheduled for 6:00 PM EST in #Starwars on, port 6667.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Preview

There's a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. preview on offering their impressions of seeing GSC Game World's upcoming shooter during their visit to GDC. They include first-hand impressions of the game, quotes from the developers, photos of the monitors showing second-hand screenshots, as well as a rundown on how to forge your credentials to get into a show like this.

W3 Frozen Throne Preview's Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Beta Report offers their impressions from playing around with the beta version of the upcoming Frozen Throne expansion for Warcraft III. The article offers extensive thoughts about the gameplay offered and also serves as a warning, as the author describes how he now finds himself hopelessly addicted to playing the add-on.

Touchdown Q&A

HomeLan Fed's Touchdown Q&A chats with Jeffrey "The" Hutt, the CEO of Touchdown Entertainment, the company formerly known as LithTech, discussing the reasons for their recent name change, how their new Copperhead engine is not based on LithTech code, future plans, and more.


Microsoft Xbox Live Not Backed by Biggest Game Makers (thanks HomeLan Fed) describes the difficulties MS is having getting a pair of gaming giants from signing on as Xbox live developers:
Eidos, maker of Tomb Raider and Championship Manager soccer games, said it doesn't plan to make games for Xbox Live because Microsoft controls the system and manages subscriptions itself, leaving no incentive for a publisher to collaborate. Sony's approach is to sell just the equipment needed to connect to other's services, such as those run by game makers.

``We're not supporting Xbox Live for the time being because we don't feel comfortable with Microsoft's business model -- they own the consumer,'' said Eidos Chief Executive Mike McGarvey in an interview on March 6. The company is developing games for Sony's PlayStation 2 online system, because ``Sony is more of a partner,'' he said.

Redwood City, California-based Electronics Arts, which makes titles such as ``2002 FIFA World Cup'' and ``NHL 2003'' for the Xbox console, said it's also reluctant to join Microsoft's system. ``We have no plans for online games with Xbox because we couldn't agree on the terms,'' said spokesman Jeff Brown, reiterating a position held since last May.

Tech Bits

Game Guidance

The Purge Online Manual has been updated with the first looks at the Commando and Assassin classes in Purge, the upcoming LithTech online FPS/RPG. These represent the final additions to the manual for the now-gold game.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


Out of the Blue

I've just enough energy to say,
My brain seems to have lost its way...
It's too much of a gamble
to risk trying a ramble,
So let's just move on to the links of the day!

Play Time: Blob Lander. Thanks J S.
Links of the Day: Richard Harvey Scholarship. Thanks Ray Marden.
1/5 Scale Sherman Tank. Thanks SlayerAODsk.
Stories of the Day: Does File Trading Fund Terrorism? Thanks ^Mo^Raka.
Latrine deaths over Kenyan cell phone
. Thanks John Nelson.
Fact or fishy? Talking carp hooks New York. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Wild Science: Alcohol-powered laptops ahead. Thanks Brian Woods.
Weird Science: Study: Male sweat brightens women's moods. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Auction of the Day: 70 PLUS SHEDDED SNAKE SKINS. Thanks Mrs. B. Keller.
Image of the Day: FoxTrot. Thanks cyagge.
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