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Friday, Jan 10, 2003

New ATI Catalyst Drivers

ATI has released a new version of their unified CATALYST 3.0 drivers for their line of graphic accelerators. These DirectX 9 WHQL certified drivers address an OpenGL stuttering problem as well as other glitches that occur in certain games. Thanks Anthony Evelyn.

Platoon Patch

A patch to update Platoon is now available for the North American version of Digital Reality's Vietnam War game. In addition to adding the ability to save the game during a mission, the patch, which is available here (direct link), adds AI improvements ("American soldiers take cover and defend themselves when they encounter enemy fire.").

IGI 2: Covert Strike MP Beta

A multiplayer beta version of IGI 2: Covert Strike is now available, offering a sample of Innerloop's upcoming stealthy shooter sequel. "This public Multiplayer Beta Test features the 'Timberland' map and calls for stealth and weapon skills. In Timberland, the IGI operatives’ aim is to sabotage an old mineral plant that the Conspiracy is using as a cover to extract uranium for covert weapons manufacturing." The 117 MB file can be downloaded from publisher Codemasters, or from one of the mirrors on, FileShack (registration required), Fragland, Gamer's Hell, or Tiscali Games.

Shadow of Memories Demo

There's a Shadow of Memories Demo on Computer and Video Games, a downloadable PC sample of this time-traveling adventure game that was originally released on the PS2. Holy paradox Batman! The twist in this game is that the player must travel back in time to prevent his own murder.

Morning Q&As

  • Kreed
    The Kreed Q&A on ActionTrip talks with Alexey Leshev of Burut about Kreed, their upcoming sci-fi FPS. Topics include how close to completion the project is, the complex background of their characters and locales, the player character, competing with other FPS titles, weapons, the game engine, and more. Included is an in-game trailer and some new screenshots.
    Republican Jedi Speaks on PC.IGN.Com talks with Casey Hudson, BioWare's producer for Knights of the Old Republic, the imminent Star Wars RPG. Topics include setting KOTOR apart from other Star Wars games, the story, races, Jedi powers, worlds to explore, and more.
  • DaOC
    Camelot Vault's Matt Firor Q&A talks with the producer on Mythic's MMORPG talking about the launch of the Shrouded Isles expansion, testing the add-on, plans for further expansion, progress on housing, how the expansion is selling, and more.
  • Neverwinter Nights Expansion
    HomeLan Fed's Neverwinter Nights Expansion Q&A talking with BioWare's co-CEOs Doctors Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk as well as some of the other developers on The Shadows of Undrentide, their upcoming NWN add-on. Topics include the choice of FloodGate as co-developers, the storyline, new locations, new weapons, races, graphics improvements, how the project is progressing, and more.
  • Echelon
    Action Vault's Echelon: Wind Warriors Q&A #1 asks the following question of the development team from this flying action game: "Which would you choose as your favorite among the various aircraft in Echelon: Wind Warriors, and what reasons lead you to select it?"
  • Purge
    The Purge Q&A on Gamigo is the English version of their conversation with the lead artist at Freeform Interactive to discuss their upcoming online FPS/RPG. Topics include the team, what they are working on, what's different about the game, where development currently stands, and more.
  • Curse: the Eye of Isis
    There's a Curse: the Eye of Isis Q&A on GameSpyDaily talking with Francois Coulon of Wanadoo about their upcoming horror/adventure game, discussing the premise, what gameplay will consist of, the player character, environments, the villain, the inventory system, and more.
  • BlowOut
    HomeLan Fed's BlowOut Q&A talking with KaosKontrol CEO Gustaaf Frankel about their side-scrolling arcade game, discussing the idea, the story, the audience for a side-scroller, locations, weapons and items, enemies, and more.
  • Music
    The Ron Jones Q&A on talks about how he became a music composer, how he got involved in creating game soundtracks, and more.

UT 2003 Patch Plans

Unreality has posted up a complete list of changes planned for the next patch for Unreal Tournament 2003, broken down into sections on gameplay changes, mod support, networking, demo recording, the user interface, 3D API and support.

European The Thing Patch

You going to keep playing, or are you going to patch that thing? Well, if you want to go the patch route, a new patch for the European version (except for the German version) of The Thing is now available, updating Computer Artworks' horror/survival game to version 1.2. The new patch address mouselook problems, and can be found on 3D Gamers, Fragland, and Gamer's Hell.

Game Movies

Some game cinema offerings: There's a new Harbinger trailer along with some screenshots from Silverback Entertainment's upcoming sci fi RPG on Worthplaying. There's a Blitzkrieg Intro Movie #3 on Gamer's Hell, and Gamer's Hell also has a Grom Trailer #2 as well as a Yager Movie #4 along with some screenshots. Finally, the Freelancer preview on VGM Fusion offers the opening trailer from Digital Anvil's upcoming space simulator.

Morning Screenshots

Lethal Dreams Diary

RPG Vault's Lethal Dreams Development Report #4 is written by Boolat's Olga Saulenko, who discusses some features of their upcoming strategic RPG, including the influences behind the game's characters, some facts about diplomacy, and a bit on music and sound effects.


The American Conquest War of Independence Official Tournament is now accepting applications for this Europe versus USA for which they hope to attract 4000 participants.

The Mod Squads

There's an Eternal Silence Q&A on the Junkyard talking with MadMechWarrior, one of the developers of the Eternal Silence modification for Battlefield 1942, discussing the effort going into creating a science fiction environment from the game's original World War II setting.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


Out of the Blue

I'm disappointed in our local bottle pickers this morning. Every week at some point before the recycling trucks arrive, folks show up to scavenge the deposit bottles included with each home's recycling (this has also been an education in suburbia, as in the city bottle picking is made by shopping cart, but here it's by car). This is fine by us, they usually leave things the way they found them, and you never know when the internet might force us into similar measures. This morning, however, the basket got dumped on the street, breaking a bottle (I think they are used to ours being mostly cans), a mess which was left for me to clean up. At this point I still fancy that I'll still be seeking revenge next week, and have been trying to work out retribution, but I guess I realize that leaving an irate note or something is probably not going to really impact anyone, and as far as I know, Wile E. Coyote-style revenge with TNT and falling anvils is only legal in cartoons (in addition to probably qualifying as overkill).

Link of the Day: Twelve Customers Gunned Down In Convenience-Store Clerk's Imagination. Thanks Moose1184.
Stories of the Day: Luggage bomb hoax lands couple in jail. Thanks Jeremiah J Parranto.
Now, a Web site to get back at irritating celebrities. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Multiple Miranda. Thanks Nighthawk.
Wild Science: 'Gadget printer' promises industrial revolution. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Robots for the masses. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Weird Science: Australian spiders are heading to space. Thanks Mike Martinez. It's a 50s drive-in movie!
Media of the Day: Flaming Hair Stylist. Don't try this at home, or anywhere else. Thanks Hippy.
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