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Monday, Jan 06, 2003

PlanetSide Letter

There's a new PlanetSide Letter on the official website for Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming MMOFPS (thanks PlanetSide Universe). Called a late first of the year letter by producer Dave Georgeson, the letter discusses their efforts at lowering the game's minimum system specs, status of the upcoming external beta, progress on testing, and a reiteration that they are still shooting for a release by the end of this quarter.

Afternoon Screenshots

Tech Bits

Purge MP Beta Released

The beta version of Purge is now publicly available, offering a sample of FreeForm Interactive's upcoming online LithTech engine game that combines aspects of an FPS and an RPG. The phase 6 beta is a 95 MB download offering six classes, 24 weapons, 18 skills, three maps, and five battle modes, and can be found on The Purge Website and mirrored on Computer Games Online, Fragland, Game Helper, Gamer's Hell, and Worthplaying. In addition, they have released two dozen new screenshots showing off the game.

Morning Q&As

  • Tac Ops
    HomeLan Fed's Tactical Ops Q&A talks with Laurent Delayen about Tactical Ops, the Unreal Tournament modification that made the transition to a retail product. They discuss the reception the retail version met with, comparisons with Counter-Strike, how the game sold, what he would change given the chance, plans to patch the UT version, future plans, and more.
  • Illuminati Entertainment
    HomeLan Fed's Illuminati Entertainment Q&A talks with Ford Gilmore about their company, and its goal of helping game developers bring their creations to life on television and in the movies.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


  • An updated version of the Torque-engine Marble Blast demo is now available, and can be found on Worthplaying...

Out of the Blue

It was just over a month ago that I wrote "Be gentle with me... I'm a Giants fan..." I just didn't realize how handy that would come in again so soon... betcha I could make a buck off of that if I had some bumper stickers printed up with that motto to sell today.

Speaking of making a buck, that Joe Millionaire show they're advertising tonight looks like a riot. I have minimal experience with "reality TV," but this one really does seem as evil as they all like to think themselves to be. I still can't figure out if the suggestion from our forums that this would work even better if the faux millionaire looked like Danny DeVito rather than a male model (no offense to Danny DeVito look-alikes and the men and women who love them), but this one sounds like quite the tempting spectacle.

Play Time: Middle-Earth MadLibs. Thanks Zdim.
Links of the Day: Unreal Tournament 2003 True Christian Maps Now Available!. Thanks Ratty R. Rife with potentially offensive (but on-topic) satire.
The Onion: Hershey's Ordered To Pay Obese Americans $135 Billion (see below). Thanks Mike Martinez.
Story of the Day: Obesity on trial. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Wild Science: Hybrid cars going mainstream? Thanks Mike Martinez.
Auction of the Day: The Moussager.
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