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Sunday, Jan 05, 2003

Purge Preview

HomeLan Fed's Purge Preview is online, offering impressions of this upcoming LithTech engine game that offers a mix of shooter and role-playing elements similar to FreeForm Interactive's previous project, Future versus Fantasy. They describe the game's complex character creation system, weapons, skills, the Talon version of the LithTech engine the game is built upon, their first-hand experiences from playing with the beta, and more.

American Conquest Preview

There's an American Conquest Preview on news0r based on the opportunity to visit the offices of publisher CDV to see GSC Game World's upcoming RTS game first-hand. They describe similarities to other similar games, the effort going into creating high-end graphics, units, the morale system, structures, diplomacy, maps, and more.

Derek Smart Q&A

The Derek Smart Q&A on is the conclusion of their three-part conversation with the founder of 3000AD about his Battlecruiser series of space simulations. Topics include progress on Battlecruiser Generations, his reasons for planning to conclude the series after BC Online, the reason for canceling Battlecruiser Tactical Command, his planned Xbox project, and more.

Tech Bits

UT2003 Death Ball

A new version 1.4b of the Deathball is now available (thanks Gamer's Hell), offering an updated version of this bombing run modification for Unreal Tournament 2003 that's loosely based on a number of sports. The new release features several bug fixes, as well as tweaks to gameplay.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


Out of the Blue

We had a fine old chili-fest yesterday... this was probably the mildest batch of chili I've ever made... I'd say it might have even been a hair below three on a six alarm scale (actually my scale goes to seven, with the high score reserved for the rare foods too hot for my own tastes, which I've experienced only twice -- once from a batch of my own chili, and very recently from a salsa called "Bailiff Brutality" (go ahead -- I dare ya). A fine time was had by all, and with a turnout that was impeded by the weather, there's now a winter's supply of chili in the freezer. The bacon seemed like a fine addition to the recipe, though we couldn't figure out if it was psychology that had some saying they could pick out the flavor amid all the beef and spices, so if anyone serves up a batch without the bacon, you can do me a favor and act as a control group... ask people if they can notice the bacon flavor... if they say something like 'now that you mention it, I do,' then I'll assume that the impression that the bacon flavor can be picked out was just the power of suggestion.

Oh yeah... Go big blue!!

Play Time: Thanks David Webber.
Ant War. Thanks David Webber.
Link of the Day: Bad Axe High School. Now that's one cool school name.
Stories of the Day: Newspaper ad finds kidney donor. Thanks Mike Martinez.
IOL Candy trail leads cops to 'dum dum' robber. Thanks Judas.
Soft drink with a hard edge. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Wild Science: Gee, Your Beer Smells Terrific. Thanks Mike Martinez.
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