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Tuesday, Dec 17, 2002


Updated Enigma, Combat Mission Demos

A new Enigma: Rising Tide Recruiting E demo is now available, this week's installment in the ongoing demo release for Tesseraction Games' updating naval combat game. The new demo updates the game engine, and offers two German submarine missions. The demo is available from 3D Gamers, ComputerGames.Ro, FileShack (registration required), and Worthplaying. Also, a new Combat Mission 2: Barbarossa to Berlin demo has been released, updating the demo of this turn-based combat game to version 1.01. The file is available at, 3D Gamers and Worthplaying.

Arx Fatalis Patches

Arkane Studios has released a new patch for Arx Fatalis, their 3D RPG, though they have chosen to leave the version number frozen at 1.15. The update can be found on 3D Gamers, FileShack (registration required), and Worthplaying.

Ships Ahoy: K. Hawk

JoWooD sends along this press release with word that K. Hawk - Survival Instinct, their tactical adventure game, has shipped to stores in North America. Here is a bit that describes gameplay: "In K.Hawk, the player finds themselves in control of Lieutenant Kitty Hawk, a Navy SEAL and pilot whose helicopter has crash-landed on a remote island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Kitty soon realizes that escape from the island may be difficult. With the powerful enemy defenses ruling out any kind of rescue operation, Kitty must find a way to overcome the enemy through any means possible. However, in this stealth game, one move in the wrong direction and Kitty’s history. Going out all guns blazing is not an option."

BlowOut Announced

This press release announces production of BlowOut, an upcoming console and PC 3D action game that promises to take "the side-scrolling shooter genre to a distinctively new level." Here's a bit: "In BlowOut, gamers assume the role of Major John 'Dutch' Cane, a leader of a mercenary commando platoon, fighting against the deadliest enemies the universe has ever seen. A U.S. Marine Space Force headquarters has been overrun by the vicious mutant Xenomorphs, leaving a gap in the operational defenses. Gamers must use specialized sensor equipment and massive firepower to locate and take out the enemy before they have a chance to zero in on the station's control center and threaten colonized space." Update: Turns out this is the same "Doom, Abuse and Starship Troopers combo" announced in April (story).

DirecTV DSL Ending

The DirecTV DSL Website has news that this broadband internet service will be ending some time after the next 30 days (thanks Joshua Noble). Saying the service "can no longer stand as an independent business" due to "the dramatic change in the capital markets and the significant shift in the telecom operating environment," they report they "are working with our last-mile carriers to determine alternatives for your broadband service." Update: This story originally mistakenly describe this as an end to their satellite broadband service, which is incorrect.

Alone in the Dark Theater

Infogrames Sells Theatrical Film Rights to Alone in The Dark to Boll Kino KG is the press release announcing Infogrames' sale of the film rights to Alone in the Dark, the seminal horror/survival game. The movie will be made by BOLL KG, the production company of writer/director/producer Uwe Boll, who is also at work on the upcoming House of the Dead movie. Here's a bit more on the announcement: "Under the agreement, Boll Kino will control exclusive worldwide theatrical film rights to ALONE IN THE DARK, as well as video, DVD, television, cable and pay per view rights for the film. Infogrames will retain all other rights to the franchise, including rights for series on free television and cable. Principal photography for the film is currently scheduled to commence in Vancouver in the spring of 2003, with Dr. Uwe Boll (House of the Dead, Blackwoods, Sanctimony, Heart of America) serving as director and producer."

Morning Q&As

HomePlanet Development Report

Action Vault's HomePlanet Development Report #6 features 3Map Games' Alexey Medvedev, project director on HomePlanet, discussing progress on their upcoming space combat game. The new installment continues to discuss weaponry, talking about diversity in their weapon design, the defensive capabilities of shields, weapons parameters, and more.

Morning Screenshots

Ships Ahoy: The Sims Online

EA Ships The Sims Online is the press release announcing the release of the MMO version of the best selling The Sims series. Here's a bit on the game, which carries a $9.99 monthly subscription fee: "In The Sims Online, players create and control the actions of a character known as a Sim. Players enter the world with a small amount of money to spend as they wish. They can purchase their own piece of land to do with as they please or they can join with other players to create shared homes and businesses or host wild events."


Mod chip crackdown at Christmas (thanks anon@ has more on the fallout from the recent crack down on console cracks, saying: "Lik Sang, one of the world's leading distributors of mod chips, is now back in business, under new management and no longer selling the controversial product."

Tech Bits

Delphi Quake II Source

Q2D First phase completed on is the announcement that the conversion of the original C Quake II source to Delphi source code, and the new source is now available for download for those looking to participate in this project.

Game Development & Mods

I thought I could organize freedom. How Scandinavian of me on RPG Codex is by Interplay's Josh Sawyer, who discusses presenting choices to the player in an RPG, and some of the important considerations that go into how this is handled. Also, Dteam is Topography Evolved with Articulation and Modality (huh?) is the latest log posted by the Dteam recapping one of their online game design courses.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


  • This Petition requests a patch for cheats, bugs and balance issues with Yuri's Revenge and Red Alert 2, even as the C&C series hurtles headlong towards the release of Generals...
  • Laser Squad Nemesis has announced the addition of a new fourth playable race to their play-by-email strategy game some time in the coming year. Thanks amygdala...
  • This Shadowbane Player's Lunch Report recaps a get-together last month with the folks from Wolfpack Studios where progress on Shadowbane, their upcoming MMORPG, was, obviously, one of the topics at hand...
  • HiTech Creations, Inc. now offers a new version 1.11 of Aces High, their MMO WW2 combat flight simulator. Thanks Tony Davis...

Out of the Blue

Quote from the dealer for two OEM replacement fog lights: $200. Estimated labor costs to install: $100. Getting a mechanic buddy to do a no charge install of a pair of $50 aftermarket fog lights? Priceless. OEM lights? Dim with plastic covers. Aftermarket lights? Bright with glass covers. Definitely a lesson learned about the value of looking for aftermarket parts when doing certain types of automotive repairs.

Play Time: Stress Relief PaintBall. Thanks Matt.
Link of the Day: The Original Alaska POOP MOOSE Candy Dispenser. Thanks zombie69.
Alien Abduction Dog Tags. Thanks Dax.
Stories of the Day: German cannibal found willing victims on net. Thanks Trey. Quite disturbing.
Textual attraction. Thanks Brendan Reville.
Drug Use, Drinking, Smoking Down Among Teens. Thanks tad.
Wild Science: 2,800-year-old frozen microbes found. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Media of the Day: John's Switch to Canada. Thanks The Flying Penguin.
Image of the Day: J-Lo the gold digger. Thanks Matt.
Auction of the Day: Jet Powered Go Kart. Thanks Chris Glasnapp.

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