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Thursday, Mar 28, 2002 Passover

Team Factor Demo Redux

Hot on the heels of the initial demo (story), a second demo for Team Factor is already available for download from the German site for 7FX's multiplayer shooter. This 77.6 MB download has been expanded at the last moment with the promised bot support, so it can now also be tried out without having access to a LAN. As before, a mirror is available at 3D Gamers.

New bQuery

A new version of bQuery, a freeware game server browsing utility, is now available. This release adds support for the brand-new retail version of Jedi Knight II to the list of game's program supports, which already includes support for most every first-person shooter based on either the Quake Engine or it's Half-Life-based descendants.

Disciples II Patch, Demo

There is a new patch for Disciples II: Dark Prophecy on the official site for this turn-based strategy game by Strategy First. The 4.7 MB download brings the game to version 1.2 and adds new features such as two new map sizes, a new Instant-Resolve combat option and a turn-summary for hot seat play, as well as a few bug fixes. Also, a new demo is now available for download from Gigex which includes a tutorial and the first quest in The Empire campaign.

Desert Siege: Ships Ahoy & Q&A

Ubi Soft sends word that Desert Siege, Red Storm Entertainment's mission pack for Ghost Recon, their tactical first-person shooter is expected on store shelves today. In related news, GameSpyDaily's Ghost Recon Desert Siege Q&A is their interview with Red Storm Entertainment's Richard Dansky, lead designer on pack. Topics include the storyline, new features, AI, missions, multiplayer improvements, maps, the engine, hurdles they had to overcome, the possibility of further Ghost Recon expansions, and more.

Divine Divinity Q&A

There's a Divine Divinity Q&A on Player Of Games catching up with Swen Vincke, producer on Larian Studios' upcoming RPG. Topics include an introduction to the game's world, Divinity's plotline, skills and spells, character generation, the graphics, enemies, AI, classes, the game's lengthy development cycle, and more.

AoM Preview & Q&A

Bruce Shelley on Age of Mythology on is their Q&A with the Ensemble Studios designer about progress on Age of Mythology, their upcoming RTS that follows in the footsteps of their previous "Age of..." RTS games. Topics include the success of the Age series, how AoM compares with competing contemporary RTS titles, the future of the genre, Ensemble's development philosophy, and more. The Q&A has been posted in conjunction with's Age of Mythology Preview, which recaps their visit to Ensemble's offices to check out the latest build of the game, describing a session of playing the game from the very beginning, offering loads of detail along the way.

Ships Ahoy

DreamCatcher sends along word that SuperPower, the turn-based strategy game of global domination by Golem Labs, has shipped to stores. Also, 3DO Ships Army Men(R): RTS for PlayStation(R)2 Computer Entertainment System and PC announces that this 3D real-time strategy game by Pandemic Studios is now arriving on store shelves, while 3DO Ships Might and Magic(R) IX confirms the same for New World Computing's first-person RPG. Finally, for those who missed yesterday's shipping announcement (story), LucasArts sent out a notice that Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast should now be widely available, a day earlier than previously announced.

Total Annihilation 2 Q&A

There's a Total Annihilation 2 Q&A on offering a bilingual conversation with Vincent Lee and Sangyoon Lee, the head producer for TA2 and the CEO of Phantagram, discussing the recently-announced RTS sequel in both Korean and English. Topics include their roles in the game's production, the story behind Phantagram landing the rights to this project, how the publishing will be handled, making a worthy follow-up without the contribution of Chris Taylor, planned platforms, modification support, words to ease the fears of worried TA fans, and more.

Team Factor LAN Demo

Earlier than promised (story), 7FX has now released a beta test demo of Team Factor, their upcoming team-based shooter for download from (pop-up alert). Clocking in at 77.1 MB, the demo contains the Jungle level but is somewhat limited in nature, as according to the German Team Factor site it only contains a LAN multiplayer mode, and a single-player mode with bots as well as Internet multiplayer are expected in a second demo version. Update: Mirrors are online at 3D Gamers and BonusWeb.

Gearbox Q&As

The Lone Gamers Interview Randy Pitchford talking with the president of Gearbox Software about progress on Condition Zero, their upcoming Counter-Strike game that will add some single-player gameplay to the multiplayer mayhem. Topics include how CZ will coexist with other versions of Counter-Strike, the network code, competing with other shooters, modifications, and more. Also, there's a Getting Into The Biz Q&A on PC Game Central, also talking with Randy Pitchford, discussing breaking into game development.


Just a batch of reviews this morning:

Console Reviews

Game Guidance

The LucasForums Strategy Center has a few spoiler-laden strategy guides for Jedi Knight II written by Raven's Michael Gummelt (thanks zX), while on a related note, there's also a new Jedi Knight II Technical Reference Guide on the LucasArts Website. Also, BioWare's Neverwinter Nights FAQ has been updated (thanks Neverwinter Vault) and has been bumped a full notch to version 4.0. Likewise, an update to the Neocron FAQ brings it up to version 2.0. Finally, after a considerable hiatus, an update has taken place on The Apogee FAQ.

The Mod Squads

There's a Generations Arena Q&A on catching up with the team behind this back-to-the-future Quake III Arena modification, discussing the mod's reception, favorite maps, and plans for upcoming versions.

Game Reviews

Other Previews

Hardware Reviews


  • TimeGate Studios has issued a press release announcing a planned "special awards edition" of Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns, featuring additions and enhancements for this RTS game, slated to be available mid-April 2002...
  • NPDTechworld's list of Top 10 Best Selling PC Games on HomeLan Fed is the latest rundown on best-sellers, this one for the week ending March 16...
  • has word from this month's print CGW magazine revealing that work is underway on SimCity 4, something that was probably as much in doubt as plans for another few Sims add-ons are...

Out of the Blue

There are a couple of sad obituaries in the news this morning: Actor Dudley Moore dies at 66 has word that the comic actor has succumbed to the effects of the progressive supranuclear palsy he was afflicted with. While 'Mr. Television,' Milton Berle, dead at 93. Thanks Zdim. I've been meaning to get the DVD of It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World since it was recently released, and the idea of paying tribute to Uncle Miltie will no doubt spur me into action on that. Unfortunately, my favorite Dudley Moore project, the original Bedazzled, is not available on DVD. While it doesn't offer the lavish special effects (or the lavish Elizabeth Hurley) from the follow-up, the original version of the deal with the devil comedy, a collaboration with his then-partner Peter Cook, is a classic.

Welcome home, "Battle Group One," who Norfolk, VA resident Pure Evil tell us have returned home after an extended tour of duty.

Play Time: This Wrath of God Game (Flash required). Thanks Goodspeed. Peter Molyneux eat your heart out.
Link of the Day: Thanks Roger Rouse.
Link of the Day II: Screeners Now Failing to Catch Anything. Thanks Jamie Fullerton.
Story of the Day: Hollywood Redux. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Auction of the Day: Heaven's Gate Cult Leader's Van. Thanks Fletch.
Weird Science: Scientists use radiation to cure flatulence. Thanks Geoff "pull my" Finger.
Wild Science: Say what? Talk on cell phone without speaking. Thanks again Geoff Finger.
Movie of the Day: The New Spider-Man Movie Trailer. I can't recall looking forward to a movie this much in my entire life.

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