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Saturday, Oct 13, 2001

No One Lives Forever GotY Patch

NOLF News has posted a new patch for No One Lives Forever which takes copies of Monolith's swinging sixties shooter to the version 1.004v used in the recently released Game of the Year edition (thanks Shacknews). You need to have version 1.003 installed first, and the 1.7 MB patch "allows NOLF users to play/join and create v1.004 (GOTY) servers and games" but does not contain the new GotY maps.

Saturday Screenshots

  • Battle Realms
    Half a dozen new Battle Realms screenshots have been uploaded at LoadedInc, showing off the 3D real-time strategy game in the works at Liquid Entertainment.
  • Civ III
    Italian site has captured a new set of high-res Civilization III screenshots from a press build of the now-gold turn-based strategy game by Firaxis.
  • Falcone
    There is a batch of Falcone: Into the Maelstrom screenshots on Worthplayer that in itself is not remarkable as all of them (and more) already appeared on PS2Faction last August (story), but it marks the apparent name change this Unreal-engine, space-combat first-person shooter by Virgin Interactive went through since it was originally unveiled as just Maelstrom in May (story).

AoS2: The Privateer Q&A

The Age of Sail 2: The Privateer Interview part 2 on FREELANCER has now been posted continuing their interrogation of Andrew Belkine of Akella. Topics include how units will be balanced, how the weather will impact the game's seafaring movement and combat, where the game fits into the Age of Sail continuum, improvements to the engine, and more. Included is a batch of four new screenshots.

Iron Storm Preview

EuroGamer's Iron Storm Preview is another short game write-up based on getting to check it out at this year's ECTS. They describe the game as a "semi-realistic shooter, with a choice of first and third person perspectives," that is "set in an alternative universe where the First World War is still going strong in 1964, with millions of soldiers dead and no end in sight. The result is a bizarre mixture of the two World Wars and Vietnam, with much of Europe in ruins, trenches criss-crossing the continent, and technology focusing on tough, reliable weaponry rather than sophistication." They offer favorable impressions of the game, saying it was the game at the show that really caught their eyes.

Babylon 5 Mod for FreeSpace 2

The Our Last Best Hope Website has the debut release of this FreeSpace 2 Total Conversion based on Babylon 5. The mod includes brand new animations, interface, sounds, voices, briefings, and more, with the core files for the project a 50 MB download, with 70 MB of optional additional materials available as well.

Jumpgate Q&A

There's an Interview with Scott Brown on Player Of Games talking with the president of Netdevil about Jumpgate, their massively multiplayer space game on which he served as lead designer. The article format Q&A clarifies that though the game is often classified as an RPG, it is primarily a Sim; discusses its economic system; storyline; and its smooth launch, which may have robbed them of some of the publicity (albeit negative) that other new massively multiplayer games have received recently.

Bridge Commander Preview

There's a new Bridge Commander Preview on Bridge Commander Headquarters which offers impressions of the upcoming Star Trek simulation from someone who got to check the game out first hand at this year's ECTS. The article offers a narrative of the mission the author got to undertake, though his fledgling skills as a captain makes for an outcome somewhat similar to that of the Kobayashi Maru scenario, which of course "frequently wreaks havoc on students and equipment."

City of Heroes Powers

The City of Heroes Powers Page has been updated with a listing of some of the powers players will have at their disposal in City of Heroes, the upcoming superhero MMORPG in the works at Cryptic Studios (thanks Loadedinc). The page promises regular updates on suerpowers in the game, with the first update offering details about Cold Control, Density Control, Invulnerability, Leaping, Energy Blast, Flight, Power Punch, and Fire Control.


Though the most recent report on the TRIBES TV project (story) quotes Sierra's Alex Rodberg saying that "It's not anything officially sponsored by Sierra" (story), there is an Interview with Colin Korbelas on discussing the project with the president of Cachefilms. The conversation discusses the genesis of the project, outlines how he envisions it coming together, and recaps the lengthy saga of his efforts to get the ears of the appropriate folks at Dynamix and Sierra to pitch the plan. His confidence that this project will eventually be realized is evidenced by the fact that he's bankrolling production costs at this point out of his own pocket.

New Savage Stats

A new version 1.0.2 of Savage Stats is now available, offering tweaks and bug fixes for this statistical analysis program. Word is they are hoping to make another new release soon to support the just-released ThreeWave CTF Unification project (story).

More on the Empire Earth Demo

A post on Empire Earth Aeon has more details on the Empire Earth demo, which is planned for a release on Friday (story). The update offers a bit more on what to expect from the demo, as well as tips on installing and running it for those who are participating in the Empire Earth beta test, since the beta and the demo cannot be successfully installed on a single system at the same time.

On the AO Story

Prophet Without Honor: Anarchy Online Book One on PC.IGN.Com offers the prologue and first chapter of the story of Rubi-Ka from the upcoming Anarchy Online storyline, which is slated to kick off October 31. The AO storyline is also the subject of a couple of updates to the Anarchy-Online Community website: Getting Players Involved In the Story, Part One and Part Two.

Phantasy Star Online for NA PCs

Phantasy Star Online for US PCs on PC.IGN.Com follows-up on a recent story and confirms that Sega plans on releasing Phantasy Star Online for PC users in North America. The report quotes a Sega exec as saying interoperability with the Dreamcast, Xbox, or GameCube versions of the game would be "difficult" but he does not rule out the possibility.

Wolf Test Admin Bot

Version 0.90 of the Wolfenstein Admin Bot is now available. This is not an actual bot, but a Perl script to run on a Linux server running the Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer Test to address the issue of Team Killers, also offering name and IP banning, and nick/IP protection, while also allowing you to change the length of time on a round. Word is the script's: "anti-TK logic is much more sophisticated than simply looking at scores, and will kick most intentional TKers in two to three TKs."

Tech Bits


Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader website has word that Rogue Leader has gone gold, and offers a new gameplay trailer as a seven MB download (thanks GameSpot).'s Getting Legendary has hands-on impressions of Infinite Machine's New Legends, including new screenshots (thanks Voodoo Extreme). Starting A New Life In Liberty City on GameSpot UK has a preview of Grand Theft Auto III, including eight new screenshots. This Xbox Press Information Site has loads of Xbox screenshots, including some from Halo (thanks Halo.Bungie.Org). A post to the Bungie.Org forums called Nope announces that there will not be a weekly Halo update this week, but offers word that if all goes well with testing the game could go gold next week. Finally, there is a load of Tokyo Game Show coverage on GameSpot,, and

Game Guidance

Dimensions of Arcanum's Arcanum Spells FAQ offers some of the more Obscura details about the Magick in Arcanum, though you're probably going to have to ask some sweaty guy in a towel for more info on those Steamworks. The Star Wars Galaxies Online FAQ has received its usual weekly update. The Unofficial pre-release Unreal II FAQ on Unreality has had a few minor updates. The Gameplay FAQ for Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos and the Independence War 2 Edge Of Chaos Technical FAQ have each been updated on the occasion of the release of the new patch (story).


This page on has rules for a Counter-Strike mapping competition currently underway that will only run for a total of 52 hours. The Awakening-KAG Demo Tourney Registration is underway, the tournament using the Kohan: Ahriman's Gift demo is slated for two weeks from today.

The Mod Squads

This page on Gamesticker has an exclusive new trailer for the upcoming version B4.1 of Action Half-Life. The AVI format file is a 14.9 MB download and requires the latest DivX codec. Also, HomeLan Fed's Unreal Tournament Infiltration Interview talks with Jesse "Warren" Taylor about the popular Infiltration modification for Unreal Tournament. Also, PlanetDiablo Interviews Goldark discussing the Hell on Earth modification for Diablo II. Finally, the first round of Quarter to Three's Skippy Awards have been passed out by Iikka "Fingers" Keranen & Rich "Zdim" Carlson, "presented to noteworthy designers involved specifically with id Software game level creation."

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


Out of the Blue

Two years ago today, the PlayStation 2 was first officially announced. It was three years ago today that loonygames joined the "Blue's News network," and it was also three years ago today that it was officially revealed that Paul Schuytema and William Scarboro left the Prey team (as far as I know the game has not yet been officially cancelled). Finally, it was five years ago today that this page experienced amnesia, as we lost about a day's worth of news to some glitch... though I haven't completely given up hope that someone will find a cached version of the page from October 13, 1997 to fill in the blank.

Play Time: The Dubya Virtual Magnetic Poetry Page. Thanks David Hoffman.
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Weird Science: Outcry Over Pinky And Yellowy. Thanks WarPig[doh] and [MP] Wolverine [MP].
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