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Sunday, Sep 16, 2001

Halo Update

Re: Schwartzeneggar shot... is a Halo.Bungie.Org messageboard post by Bungie's Joe Staten saying Bungie's cinematics are completed except for bug fixing. He also suggests that we will see a new trailer "sometime soon. Certainly before Halo is on the shelves, a date that really isn't that far off."

Freedom Force Update

There's a Freedom Force Update on Freedom Force Center written by Jon Chey, the game's project leader. Included in his update is word that: "We are currently in Alpha working towards our Beta milestone," and: "Things are going very well, we're finishing up all the little features and doing a lot of tuning and mission re-work."

Linux Wolf MP Test Server

id Software programmer Robert Duffy updated his .plan with news that the dedicated Linux server installs are now available in both smaller and larger versions, the smaller one can be used if you already have the Win32 version, while the larger one has all the graphics required to work as a stand-alone release. Word is: "In general server commands are very similar to Q3A if not identical." The files can be found here. Update: We now have local copies with mirrors of the small no-media installer (2.0 MB) and the full installer (63.8 MB).

AquaNox Preview

There's an AquaNox Preview on ActionTrip offering more hands-on impressions of gameplay in Massive Development's upcoming underwater action game based on play with a prerelease copy. Included are descriptions of the graphics, gameplay, AI, sounds, and more. The preview includes a few new screenshots, and is also accompanied by a new screenshot gallery.

Evil Twin Site

A new official Evil Twin website is online, dedicated to Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles, the upcoming cross-platform 3D platform game from French developer In Utero. The site is likewise in French, but one of the bits of content it offers is a new English movie trailer with a bit over two minutes of introductory and in-game footage.

Tech Bits


The Half-Mast Lan is hosting a LAN party with all proceeds to go to charity. The event is open to all ages, scheduled for October 6, 2001 from 8:00 AM-Midnight at the Interstate Center, in Bloomington, IL. The cost is $20, and all proceeds go directly to the Red Cross.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


  • EnkiSoftware's Avoyd version 1.4 is now available. This is a 3D first-person shooter with bot support for sale over the 'net for all of $8.00. A demo version is also available...

Out of the Blue

My DSL finally came back to life last night literally moments before the WolfMP test was released, though getting the news up and then catching up with Frans after prevented me from actually getting to save Private Ryan, or cross the thin red line with my band of brothers, so it'll be today that I go storming any beaches. I therefore don't have any gameplay impressions or suggestions, but I have seen suggestions on our forums that users with broadband connections should increase the rate to improve network performance, which is done at the console by typing:
/rate 10000
The number used is the desired rate, 10000 is just an example, and the optimal number for your connection may be higher or lower.

Link of the Day: Lunar Republic. Thanks Zdim.

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