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Tuesday, Aug 14, 2001

Medal of Honor Preview has posted a new preview of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, the WWII first-person shooter in development at 2015. The preview is based on checking out a pre-alpha build of the game and, after a diffuse introduction that also refers to 2015's credentials as creators of the Wages of SiN expansion pack, offers their impressions from the new levels in this build, the Quake III-engine powered graphics and character animations, the sound system, the lack of blood, and more. Nine new screenshots (and eight familiar ones) accompany the article.

Darkened Skye Preview

Also on this evening is a new preview of Darkened Skye, looking ahead to this third-person action adventure inspired by the Skittles candy. The article describes a the game's premise and a demonstration they witnessed, and includes some gameplay details and five new screenshots.

Global Operations Screenshots

Barking Dog Studios sends along half a dozen new Global Operations screenshots, offering new scenes in their upcoming realistic military team-based shooter, as well as concept images of the character models. Similarly, GameSpot has also posted four new screenshots and a further seven character images.

More Screenshots

Neverwinter Nights Diary

There is a very brief Neverwinter Nights Designer Diary on RPG Vault, penned by art director Marc Holmes who discusses progress in the development of BioWare's 3D role-playing game. Kicking off with "I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel" (apparently not contemplating the possibility that it's the headlight of an onstorming train), the diary has word on completing work on the game's 200 creatures and nine tile sets, but otherwise admits to turning into the "archetypal Dev Diary" with little specific information, while throwing in an unusual comparison to The Matrix as well.

Soldier of Fortune II Interview

GameSpot's Soldier of Fortune II Double Helix Interview is an eight minute ShakyCam video Q&A in your choice of streaming Windows Media Player and RealPlayer formats. From the introduction: "Raven Software's Kenn Hoekstra shows us quite a bit of gameplay in a pre-alpha version of the game. Warning--this footage contains graphic content that may be objectionable to some viewers." Update: Meanwhile over the pond, GameSpot UK has posted some brief impressions from a press viewing of the game.

AvP2 Alien Preview

GameSpot's Alien Preview is online, offering day two of their coverage of Aliens versus Predator 2, following up yesterday's part one in which the focus was on the elusive Predator. Today's installment focuses on the Alien character, describing similarities and differences to the way the character was played in the original AvP, including one of the most significant changes, which is the new ability to play the Alien from its formative stage as a face-hugger (perhaps the ability to be a chest-burster will be in AvP3?). Included are several screenshots, as well as a streaming silent gameplay movie that shows the kind of havoc an alien can wreck. Update: The movie is now also available as a 9.5 MB download.

id QuakeCon Demo

id Software animator Fred Nilsson updated his .plan with word that a demo of a Team Arena match between the id guys and Abuse is up on their FTP site (direct FTP link). If you have trouble getting the 1.5 MB file, there is also a copy mirrored on CDROM.Com (direct FTP link). Here's the update:
I had a great time at Qcon.. This was my first one. Many thanks to everyone who was involved. Tapper and friends.. even with the power problems.. You guys pulled through and got it all up again.. Rhea and friends.. Thanx for running that tournament.. Everything seemed to go smoothly. Apple and Nvidia.. Thanx for the Team CTF tourney.. and the 2on2 smackdown. Fun stuff..

Speaking of... Here is the Team Arena Demo of our game against Abuse.. They beat PM in a way tense final and then got to play us.. =)

Unzip it and place it in your /missionpack/demos directory. If you don't have a demos directory under missionpack.. Create one...

Such a close game...

Congrats to Zero4.. You owned again..

I'm looking forward to next year..


Sierra On-Line Reorganization

Sierra On-Line Announces Reorganization on Stomped is a press release announcing just that, the "strategic reorganization" of this studio owned by Vivendi Universal Publishing "that will improve operating efficiencies through the consolidation of non-developmental functions." Word is over 250 positions will be eliminated between the closing of Dynamix and Sierra's Bellevue office, while approximately 20 positions will be transferred to VU Interactive Publishing's Los Angeles headquarters. Here is the list of key elements of the reorganization, which indicate that in spite of the demise of Dynamix (story), the TRIBES franchise still may have a future:

  • Non-Developmental Functions. A number of key functional areas within Sierra's Bellevue, WA headquarters will be consolidated and managed as corporate functions within VU Interactive Publishing. These moves will improve efficiency and allow VU Interactive Publishing to maximize operating synergies across studios.
  • Product Development. There will be several key changes within Sierra's internal and external studios. Dynamix, based in Eugene, OR, will be closed and the development of key franchises including Tribes will move to Sierra's Bellevue studio. The Bellevue studio will remain central to the new organization, and will, in addition to Tribes, be responsible for the best-selling SWAT and Hoyle franchises. Concord, MA-based Papyrus, which has a strong heritage in the development of racing games, will continue as a key studio, maintaining responsibility for the NASCAR franchise. Cambridge, MA-based Impressions, will remain a key development studio, responsible for a number of pre-eminent titles including the Ancient City Building series and Lords of the Realm.
  • Sierra Home. The Sierra Home division, which produces a range of cooking, gardening, genealogy, and publishing titles, will concentrate on the development of its print business. All other product categories will be divested. VU Interactive Publishing will retain Sierra's best-selling Print Artist franchises, which will continue as an important part of the Sierra portfolio and be managed out of the Los Angeles office.

EVE Beta Sign-ups

Iceland-based developer CCP sends word that sign-ups for the upcoming beta tests of EVE have been opened, looking for participants in the fine-tuning of their upcoming massively multiplayer space RPG hybrid. The page lists the various requirements for signing up, and offers a general overview of the test phases.

Aliens Vs. Predator 2 Movie

Accompanying yesterday's preview (story), GameSpot has posted a new Aliens Vs. Predator 2 movie that we missed at first (thanks AvPNews for the reminder). The movie is available in the usual streaming formats or as an 8.8 MB MPEG download and offers nearly a minute of gameplay footage from the viewpoint of a Predator (but no sound). And in related news, another hands-on preview of the upcoming Marine demo is up at Games Domain, but this time devoid of any new screenshots.

Black Skies Bites PC, New Media

iROCK Interactive has released two new screenshots of Ozzy's Black Skies as well as a movie trailer, offering the first footage from their high-flying fantasy action game inspired by the legendary rock singer. The movie comes as a 17.1 MB download in MPEG format and features a minute and a half of in-game action. Meanwhile, their Ozzy's Black Skies page has been updated to scrap previous plans for a PC version for now (which even included recommended system specs), stating that the game is now "being developed for the PlayStation® 2 console system and Microsoft's Xbox. Other platforms are under consideration."

Sea Dogs II Interview

There's a Sea Dogs 2 Interview on ActionTrip that talks with Andrew Belkine, public relations manager at Akella, discussing Sea Dogs II, the upcoming seafaring RPG sequel. Topics covered include various aspects of what will be new in the follow-up, and also on tap is a new screenshot gallery, and while we can't seem to see any of those shots, there are four new shots scattered throughout the article.

The Thing Screenshots

Universal Officially Announces The Thing on has what they call the confirmation that work is underway on a cross platform horror game for PCs and multiple consoles based on The Thing, John Carpenter's 1982 remake of the 1952 classic The Thing From Another World. Word that the game was in development at Computer Artworks actually came early this year (story) but this represents the first set of screenshots released after the first one (story) and also includes some new gameplay details. Thanks Chris.

Mafia Diary

The official Mafia: the City of Lost Heaven site has been updated with a new developers diary scribbled by lead designer Daniel Vavra, as usual dated a month ago because of its previous appearance in a print magazine. This installment describes recovery from E3, progress on the game's development (in particular the character animations), and integrating all parts into the first complete playable skeleton of the game, although it appears that a released date has been pushed back.

DarkSpace Update

The PaleStar website sports a brief development update on DarkSpace, their massively multiplayer space sim currently in beta testing. Word is that "the latest code and data update" is online (presumably available via the game's auto-updater), resulting in functional fighter AI, more optimizations, and a couple of bug fixes.

Project Entropia Interview

There's a Project Entropia Interview at ActionTrip where the oft-interviewed Patric Sundström, the marketing manager at Mind Ark, discusses Project Entropia, their upcoming MMORPG. The conversation covers the background of the storyline, weapons, settings, vehicles, and more, including Patric's description of how he feels PE is a genre-busting effort: "Project Entropia is at the forefront of the next generation of interactive online entertainment, more than just a game. We prefer to see it as a new virtual universe."

Warrior Kings Preview

A brief but hands-on preview of Warrior Kings is online at Games Domain this morning, based on getting this 3D real-time strategy demonstrated to them by developer Black Cactus and publisher Microids. The article highlights the 3D graphics engine, the scope of the battles, and attention to detail among other features, but is illustrated only with familiar screenshots.

Prisoner of War Preview

MGON has posted a hands-on Prisoner of War preview, looking ahead to the WWII prison-bust game in development at Wide Games. Based on their experience with a press demo, the article offers an overview of the game's premise, impressions of the gameplay, and a dozen new screenshots.

Nexagon Diary's Nexagon--The Pit Developer Diary Volume 6 is online, in which Strategy First's Paul Thibault explains how the fighting divisions will work in Nexagon: The Pit, their upcoming strategy game. No description I could concoct could do better justice to this latest diary entry than Paul's own words from the introduction: "Demystification of this league and the major statistics that contribute to your advancement within it are the main objectives of this 6th sagacious part of the infamous Nexagon diaries." Sagacious... you have to love that.

Disciples II Fighters

On a roll getting Strategy First to discuss fighting units, there's a Disciples II Fighter Units preview on, written by Pro Sotos, producer on Disciples II, the upcoming turn-based strategy sequel from Strategy First. The article is the first in a series on the units in the game, this one focused on fighters. In addition to a discussion of how these units are handled, the piece offers a flowchart to show the progression fighter units make from squire on up, offering statistics and a screenshot for each unit so highlighted.

Earth and Beyond Update

A new update on the Earth and Beyond website offers revelations on Avatars, which they describe as an aspect of the upcoming outer-space MMORPG that has been a "closely guarded secret," until now at least. Thanks Earth N Beyond.

Tech Bits


It's Official Dreamcast Price Drop Starts Next Week on Dreamcast.IGN.Com, saying "There should be absolutely no excuse why you shouldn't have a Dreamcast now," which, of course, makes no sense whatsoever. Buffy raises the Xbox stakes on Computer and Video Games is a preview of the upcoming TV spin-off (hype-filter is recommended for statements like "23 of the most impressive shots seen in a videogame.") A new Digital Extremes Developer's Update (thanks Shacknews) offers brief word on the latest Unreal Championship developments, and there are some new Unreal Championship screenshots on GameSpot showing off the upcoming Xbox Unreal game, and there's an Unreal Championship preview on Happy Puppy's Terminator preview (thanks Shacknews) offers thoughts on, and the first images of, the upcoming PS2 Terminator game. Nintendo Talks GameCube Philosophy on Core Magazine reveals that the Cube will not ship with a modem, while in a related story, GameCube Online Network Announced on PlanetGameCube says "GameCube modems available in early 2002; Phantasy Star Online from Sega to be one of the first compatible titles." Real 3D Console Gaming on CoreMagazine offers word on 3D shutter glasses in development for the PS2.

Game Guidance

GameSpot Presents Desslock's Guide to Baldur's Gate II Throne of Bhaal, which includes separate sections on reforming the party, tips & strategies, items, and walk-throughs.

The Mod Squads

There's an interview with DD on D2K talking with this map designer on the Q3CCTF modification for Quake III Arena. Also, there's an interview with Streak on discussing the Super Heroes III mod.

Editing Stuff

Arcanum Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura Mod Building 101 on RPG Vault offers thoughts on modifying the upcoming steampunk-themed RPG when it's available (the planned release of the game is August 21). Along with the tutorial, there is a downloadable mod for the yet-to-be-released game called "The Dungeon Crawl," which we thought may have been premature at first, until it was pointed out the mod is compatible with the demo.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


Out of the Blue

A follow-up sent along by Neal Scott on an "auction of the day" (story) reports that Cult Coffee Pot Gets New Internet Owners (Reuters) saying the coffee makers was purchased for $4,771 by news magazine Spiegel Online, saying "It will occupy pride of place in the magazine's Hamburg offices and on its Web site." You know, I still haven't replaced the Titanic, the Blue Tower's recently departed über-coffee maker, but I guess considering the price (along with the fact that the Cambridge coffee pot is irreparably broken) this means that I'm probably still better off just using my Melita dealie.

Link of the Day: Campus Crusade for Cthulhu (music warning). Thanks EvilToast. You know, kids used to just join fraternities and swallow goldfish.
Story of the Day: Reverend Asks, What Would Jesus Drive? (ABC). Thanks again EvilToast. No mention of the possibility he would just ride a bus, as mentioned in What if God Was One of Us.
Weird Science: DIY surgery fixes man's face (BBC). Thanks Chris Jones.

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