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Saturday, Aug 04, 2001 Bowser Day - International Cat Day

V12 EULA Changes

As the release of V12, the licensable version of the TRIBES 2 engine, approaches, Garage Games has made some changes to their End-User License Agreement (EULA) that will accompany the release. Here is a summary of the primary changes:

  1. GG no longer retains sequel rights to published products as long as the content is changed at least by 50%.
  2. Accredited educational institutions may use the V12 for educational purposes with written permission.
  3. On line, and subscription based games are permitted with a separate agreement.
  4. Non-game commercial use of the V12 is permitted with a separate written agreement.

Action Quake Espionage Tournament Edition

Action Quake Developers Team website now offers the release of version 4.4a of Action Quake: ETE (Espionage Tournament Edition) that adds a few wrinkles to this popular old-school Quake II modification, including deathmatch spawn protection, an enhanced referee function, an anti-name impersonation safeguard, and more. Fans of Action Quake may be pleased to hear that the Reaction Quake 3 project is currently underway trying to bring AQ gameplay to Quake III Arena.

New Q3Offline

ShellShock's Crater now offers a new version of the Q3Offline modification for Quake III Arena. The updated release of this Q3A front-end adds a new "advanced" tab that allows you to change any of the game's variables, not just the ones coded into Q3Offline. Q3Offline's Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force also extends to the new expansion pack, including the ability to select from the new game types.

Zax: the Alien Hunter Demo

Reflexive Entertainment and JoWood have released a playable demo of Zax: the Alien Hunter for download from The demo allows you try out their upcoming isometric action adventure and clocks in at a very modest 24.9 MB, but there are no details on its contents. The ftp server seems rather busy though, so your mileage may vary. Update: A mirror is now available at Tiscali Games.

Conquest Preview

EuroGamer Previews Conquest: Frontier Wars is another look at the space-based RTS by Fever Pitch Studios that will arrive on US store shelves in about two weeks. They take a beta build of the game for a spin and have posted their impressions of the battles, supply system, multiplayer and more, along with a few new screenshots.

Morning Screenshots

  • Sierra's Triple Dose
    Earlier than usual, Sierra has already posted the new screenshots of next week for their upcoming games Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura, Empire Earth, and Throne of Darkness.
  • Codename: Outbreak has posted a bunch of new Codename: Outbreak screenshots here and here, showing off the tactical shooter nearing completion at GSC Game World.
  • From Dusk Till Dawn
    There are eight new screenshots of From Dusk Till Dawn on EuroGamer, sporting more scenes in the third-person action adventure by GameSquad based on the 1996 horror road movie.
  • Myth III
    XGR has now posted a few new Myth III: the Wolf Age screenshots on occasion of last night's interview on this 3D RTS by Mumbo Jumbo (story).
  • Battle Realms
    Also on XGR are eight new Battle Realms screenshots, showing off the 3D real-time strategy game under construction at Liquid Entertainment.
  • Ghost Recon
    There are over two dozen screenshots of Ghost Recon on Simactu, mixing new and familiar areas from the tactical shooter by Red Storm (thanks Stomped).
  • Freelancer
    Action Vault has posted three new Freelancer screenshots, offering more galactic scenes in the epic space combat sim currently docking at Digital Anvil.

Operation Flashpoint Japanese Patch

Hot on the heels of the European release (story), Japanese distributor Imagineer has posted a Japanese patch for Operation Flashpoint, bringing the acclaimed 3D tactical action game by Bohemia Interactive to version 1.10. The translated Read Me can be found here and the patch is a 4.8 MB download.

Medal of Honor Preview has posted their preview of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault based on checking out 2015's upcoming first-person shooter at an Electronic Arts press event over a week ago. While illustrated with familiar screenshots, the article shares their impressions of the demonstration they saw, underlined with quotes from producer Peter Hirschman.

Throne of Darkness Preview

There is a new preview of Throne of Darkness on Games Domain, looking ahead to the isometric action RPG that is nearing completion at Click Entertainment. While brief, the preview features their impressions of a recent beta build, as well as nearly twenty new screenshots.

It Came From GenCon, Part 2

GameSpot has faithfully been reporting from the GenCon gaming convention in Milwaukee, and so they have a large number of hands-on previews for your reading enjoyment today. Here are links to their previews of Civilization III, Battle Realms, Master of Orion III, MechWarrior 4: Black Knight, Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor, Battletech 3025, Neverwinter Nights and Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty.

Anarchy Online Update

Funcom has posted another Anarchy Online news update. This latest update contains the news that they patched their server to fix "a nasty mission bug" and information on their new registration system that was rolled out the other day. There is also word that they will be physically moving some of their servers this weekend, so their test server will be offline.

Commandos 2 Not Done Yet

AVault is reporting that contrary to widely-circulated reports (story), Commandos 2 is not complete. An Eidos representative blames mistranslation of a GameSpot Spain report for the error, and say that although the game is set to be released in the fall, they do not have a specific release date set.

Mac FAKK2 Patch

A version 1.02c patch for the Mac OS port of Heavy Metal: FAKK2 is available for download at FAKK YOU! (thanks Stomped). No specific details are available, but the site speculates that it fixes the chainsword bug that was fixed in the unofficial patch from last December.

Tech Bits

Half-Life Weapons Factory Patch

A version 1.1 patch for the Weapons Factory mod for Half-Life has been released (thanks GameSpy Daily). This patch is server-side only, but contains a number of fixes, including solutions for a pair of crashing bugs.

Destination Games Interview

RPG Vault interviews Carly Staehlin, a designer at Destination Games/NCSoft on their upcoming massively multiplayer title Tabula Rasa. As the game is very early in its development cycle, the questions deal with her background in the industry and what her average work day is like.

Charr: The Grimm Fate Update

The official Charr: The Grimm Fate site has been given its biweekly update, with a number of goodies from this upcoming massively multiplayer title. This latest update includes new wallpaper art, new art and a description of the Risen race, a new 3D render of the Brood Giant and more.

FAQs & Guides has updated their crafted items guide to now include a whopping 217 recipes for use in the Diablo II: Lord of Destruction add-on. The fourth and final part of the Gangsters 2 guide at the game's official site is online. Also, a new guide to Counter-Strike is up at, and the Anachronox FAQ by "mps247" and the Startopia FAQ by "Slicktager" at GameFAQs have been updated. And of course, the official Star Wars Galaxies FAQ has been given its weekly update.


Take Two has announced that Max Payne will be released for the Playstation 2 and Xbox this fall. The PS2 port has long been known, but this is the first time anyone has confirmed an Xbox version of the game. Hideo Kojima Clarifies GameCube Stance is a report at Cube.IGN that says the Metal Gear Solid creator has "high hopes" for the system and would like to develop a game for it. Also, PS2.IGN previews Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, and they also have a report up about problems with Logitech's official GT3 steering wheel. Core Magazine is reporting that Matsushita is going to begin production on new Game Boy Advance screens, although it's unknown if they will be brighter than the current ones. If you want to guarantee yourself an Xbox this November, you may want to pre-order one online at GameStop - but be warned, the packages start at $600 and go up to $1200 (!).

The Mod Squads

After apparently being disgusted with the state of id Software's Quake III Arena releases, the official Weapons Factory Arena site has been updated with a rather angry statement that says they will not be releasing a new version of the mod (thanks iNSaNe). Mutation has conducted an interview with the developer of the GODZ mod for Unreal Tournament.

Editing Stuff

Fuhrpark 3rd Edition is a large file available for download at UTCenter that features 171 brushes for use in UnrealED (see screenshots here).

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


Fruit of the loon

So two weeks ago I made the glorious switch to Time Warner's Digital Cable and Road Runner ISP. DTV rules. I've got more movie channels than I know what to do with (thank god for TiVo) and the picture's never looked better. I haven't had quite the same experience with Road Runner, however. Obviously it's fast - it has the same upload rate as my sDSL line did, but a much larger download rate. I'm disturbed by one small thing, however...I have yet to successfully play any multiplayer game. I have a reasonably complicated network set up, with a PC acting as a proxy server, but theoretically that shouldn't be a problem. I haven't managed to actually connect to a game, since no server browser I've tried yet has been able to refresh a list of servers (which is odd, since I can ping servers manually just fine). I'm going to play around with my network this weekend, and hopefully I'll find a solution on my end, since any ISP that prevents me from multiplayer gaming is not one I'd like to stay with for too long.

Link of the Day: American Suck Countdown (Flash required). Thanks The Flying Penguin.
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Now available: 'BigFoot Tracking Kit' ( Thanks Mousegunner.
Bonus Story: UPS Driver Discovers Alligator — In the Mail ( Thanks theAntiELVIS.
Weird Science: 'Frankenstein' experiment shows bacteria evolve thanks to lightning (Ananova). Thanks Andrew Arace.
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