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Friday, Aug 03, 2001

Halo Update

In the round-robin carrousel of Halo fansites, Battleground: Halo is the lucky recipient of this week's update by Bungie's Matt Soell, offering the latest insight into the development of their upcoming PC, Mac and Xbox action game. This update goes from rhythmic bug-fixing to tanks in multiplayer games, the science of lightning and better looking metal, and the proverbial more.

Throne of Darkness Preview

Newly opened site LoadedInc has posted a hands-on Throne of Darkness preview, examining a recent press demo of the isometric action RPG nearing completion at Click Entertainment. The preview offers an overview of the game's features as well as their impressions of the gameplay, along with eight new screenshots.

Dungeon Siege Movie

Gas Power Games has released another Dungeon Siege movie for download from FilePlanet (registration required), showing more from their upcoming 3D role-playing game. This clip is a 6.4 MB download in Windows Media Player format, sporting a bit over a minute of gameplay footage.

TRIBES 2 Beta Patch

The official Tribes 2 Central Download site offers a new beta patch for download, bringing Dynamix' multiplayer shooter to version 24551. Updates from the previous versions 22460 and 23669 are available, as well as the usual reverse patch, and they are said to include "a number of improvements to the game as well as the addition of features that we could not include in the original release." The patch is unsupported and not compatible with the current TRIBES 2 build.

Red Faction Update

The new weekly Red Faction update is online at the official site for Volition's destroy-everything shooter, today consisting of a new high-res screenshot of the week, as well as the start of a new multiplayer feature which examines the multiplayer modes in the upcoming PC version. This first installment shows off classic deathmatch mode with two sample levels, each of which is illustrated with seven new, high-res screenshots of their own.

Sudden Strike Forever Preview

GameSpot has posted a preview of Sudden Strike Forever, the upcoming expansion for Sudden Strike. They describe it as "more of a sequel than an add-on" and the preview has details on what is new in this mission pack, as well as 12 new screenshots.

World War III: Black Gold Preview

Also new at GameSpot this evening is a preview of World War III: Black Gold, Reality Pump's modern warfare strategy game. The preview is based on their impressions of an early build of the game, and so it contains their impressions along with 31 new screenshots.

The Settlers IV Patch

Blue Byte has released a new patch for The Settlers IV in English and German incarnations, updating their isometric management strategy game to version 1.10.908. The patch clocks in at 4.5 to 6.0 MB depending on which previous version you're updating from, can also be applied via the online updater, and addresses a large number of gameplay issues as listed here. Thanks Rabus for the tip.

Afternoon Screenshots

  • Renegade
    Computer and Video Games has posted three new Command & Conquer: Renegade screenshots, sporting new scenes in the first- and third-person action game in the works at Westwood.
  • Zero-G Marines
    Two new Zero-G Marines screenshots are online at XGR on the occasion of last night's interview on this space-based FPS by Strategy First (story).
  • AquaNox
    The increasingly massive AquaNox gallery on German site SpieleCity has been expanded with another two new screenshots from the underwater 3D action game by Massive Development.
  • Shadows of Luclin
    Verant has released nine new EverQuest: Shadows of Luclin screenshots on the official site, illustrating their upcoming MMORPG expansion (thanks Beej for the tip).
  • Spells of Gold
    Two new Spells of Gold screenshots are up at RPGDot, showing off the isometric RPG being crafted at Jonquin Software.
  • Camelot
    The ongoing beta test of Dark Age of Camelot continues to be captured to death at The Camelot Guild and Camelot Vault, each sporting more scenes in Mythic's medieval MMORPG.
  • Wallpapers
    If that's your thing, newly revamped GameWallpapers offers wallpapers from Soldier of Fortune II, Aliens Vs. Predator 2, Red Faction, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, and more.

Myth III Audio Interview

XGR will be broadcasting an audio interview with Scott Campbell this evening, talking to the Mumbo Jumbo Games lead designer about their upcoming 3D RTS title, Myth III: the Wolf Age. As always, you'll need to be there at 9:00 PM EDT with WinAmp or a compatible player at the ready.

From Dusk Till Dawn Demo

There is a playable demo of From Dusk Till Dawn on French site Joystick, offering you a chance to try out this third-person action adventure by GameSquad. The demo weighs in at 68.0 MB and, according to the rough Babel Fish translation, allows you "to play at beginning of the countryside solo." Thanks Shacknews which reports that the demo is in English, rather than French as the filename would suggest.

New Art of War

Version 1.8 of the Art of War mod for Quake III Arena has been released. This latest version contains mostly gameplay tweaks, along with support for Q3A 1.29. Also available at the mod's official site is Seeker Quake, a showcase for the Seeker rockets from Art of War which can also be played as a deathmatch mod of its own.

Etherlords Preview

There is a hands-on preview of Etherlords on Freelancer, looking ahead to the 3D turn-based strategy game under construction at Nival Interactive by way of a recent beta build. The article introduces the game's premise, offers detailed gameplay impressions of the beta missions and some inevitable comparisons with Heroes of Might and Magic, and comes with a dozen new screenshots.

Star Trek: Borg Assimilator on Hold

HomeLAN is reporting that Star Trek: Borg Assimilator, the Star Trek strategy game from Majesty developers Cyberlore has been put on hiatus. Here's the quick statement they received, which also points out that Activision's other announced Star Trek games will not be affected by this decision:
Development of Star Trek: Borg Assimilator has been suspended. After reviewing an early version of the game, it was determined by Activision that the game's design didn't fully match that of the Star Trek universe. The suspension of Borg Assimilator will not impact Activision's other Star Trek games in development - Star Trek: Armada II and Star Trek Bridge Commander.

Freelancer Report

Christian "Bargib" Koerner of The Lancers Reactor was recently given a chance to visit Digital Anvil, and he has posted a write-up of the experience. The piece has a few interesting tidbits about Digital Anvil's title Freelancer, which he says is still "far from being finished," including word that the development team has decided not to create a graphical editor, and instead the missions are being hard-coded in C.

The Sims Online Interview

Online Simming is the name of PC Gameplay's interview with Jeff Charvat, the series producer at Electronic Arts on The Sims Online, the upcoming online version of the ridiculously popular people sim. The interview has been posted to PC Gameplay's news page, but nonetheless it's fairly detailed, with Jeff explaining how the game functions, how people interact with each other and other gameplay issues.

Evil Twin Movie

Ubi Soft has opened an Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles teaser page, currently featuring only a movie trailer for this demented looking third-person action platformer by French developers In Utero. The movie is a mere 1.4 MB download in QuickTime format, but it nonetheless sports over a minute of cinematic footage introducing the game's setting.

BioWare Interview

PC Zone has conducted an interview with Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk, the two heads of BioWare. The interview asks such questions as "WHAT PROMPTED YOU TO MAKE BG, DID YOU SEE A GAP FOR A GROUND-BREAKING RPG IN THE MARKETPLACE?" in true AOL newbie-style caps, so if you have a problem with Internet-shouting you may want to put in some earplugs.

Morning Previews

Anarchy Online Updates

A news update on the Anarchy Online website has word that the promised new account management interface is now up and available to users. they say all the problems folks have had accessing this area have been addressed, and they would like everyone with an account to check to make sure that their details are correct. Also, another daily news update outlines their philosophy on dealing with exploits, mentions that the most recent server patch is being un-patched after being deemed a failure, and a mention of some downtime that will occur on their test servers sometime today.

It Came from GenCon

The 34th annual GenCon gaming conference is underway in Milwaukee, WI, and GenCon Day 1 on kicks off the coverage by the little green men, who are in attendance. The article describes the general geekery on display (including a new Geeks: The Convention card game), as well as write-ups of what they got to see of Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty and Dungeon Siege.

Scott Miller Q&A

The second part of the 3D Realms interview is up on, where they get Scott Miller up on the Soapbox to catch up on what's what. The questions are the same as in the George Broussard interview the other day (story), covering plans for a Max Payne demo, what happened to Prey, what's up with the "when it's done" stuff, and more.

Global Operations Interview

HomeLan's Global Operations Interview sits down for a good bark-off with Barking Dog Studios, catching up with what progress those puppies are making on Global Operations, their upcoming tactical first-person shooter. Topics include the valuable experience they gained working on beta 5 of Counter-Strike, how Global Ops will not be a Counter-Strike rip-off in spite of that, plans for the single-player experience, as well as nitty-gritty about stuff like the game's weapons and classes.

Tech Bits

  • DroneZmarK
    The DroneZ downloads page has the promised release of the DroneZmarK benchmark utility, a 62 MB download that makes use of the 3D technology in DroneZ, as well as of course, really 'leet spelling. More details on DroneZmarK can be found on this page.
  • RivaTuner
    A new version 2.0 RC 6 of the RivaTuner GeForce & TNT Tweak utility is now available.


Shadowman Keeps on Coming on FGN offers a Shadowman 2 preview, illustrated by a bunch of screenshots from the upcoming PS2 sequel. A report on ZDNet has word that Japan's Fair Trade Commission "has ruled that Sony broke fair-trade rules by pressuring retailers to sell software for its PlayStation video game machines at set prices and through predetermined channels." Word is the FTC "told the company to immediately halt the practice," though Sony's wrist, having been slapped, was unavailable for comment. Finally, the latest rumor on's Rated X offers speculation on the subject of: "Could the Xbox be launching early?"

New UT Night's Edge

The Night's Edge Wet Works website has an unplanned beta 5 patch for the Night's Edge modification for Unreal Tournament. The update addresses problems in the new Night's Edge mutator that adds NE weapons to any UT map, as well as a bunch of extraneous debug messages that were inadvertently included in the last release.

Game Guidance

PlanetDiablo's Diablo II Expansion Strategy has been updated with specific strategies for each of the game's classes to help find success in the D2 expansion.

The Mod Squads

There's a Navy Seals Covert Operations Interview on talking with the folks at work on the Navy Seals: Covert Operations modification for Quake III Arena. Also, there's a new batch of screenshots on the Superheroes III page.

Editing Stuff

A bunch of tutorials on Drunken Raccoon Productions give guidance in different aspects of programming, including DirectDraw, OpenGL, and more.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


Out of the Blue

I see that the heat wave that we are experiencing around these parts is much worse in the south and southwestern US. I just checked my calendar, and QuakeCon really isn't for another week, and since that's traditionally supposed to be the hottest time of the year I guess we can probably expect it to get even warmer in the meantime?

R.I.P.: Poul Anderson (1926-2001). Noted science fiction author.

Link of the Day: You Are an Idiot! I'm sure we all know someone to send this to. Warning: you may want to turn down your speakers first. Thanks Andrew Arace.
Story of the Day: Robot Competitors Meet on a Soccer Field of Dreams NY Times free registration required. Thanks Trey Walker.
Weird Science: 'Tiger man' wants fur graft (Ananova). Thanks SlyClone.
Wild Science: US makes 'weather control powder' (BBC). Thanks Mike Martinez and theAntiELVIS.
Media of the Day: Associated Press Photo. Thanks Joe Siegler.

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