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Thursday, Apr 12, 2001

TORN Preview has posted a new preview of Black Isle Studios: TORN, the recently unveiled 3D role-playing game that is being created upon the LithTech engine. The preview looks at the game's premise, the skill and combat systems, multiplayer and other features, and includes a few new screenshots among familiar images.

Defender of the Crown Preview

Also on PC.IGN this evening is a new preview of Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown, Cinemaware's hybrid 3D action strategy sequel to their original Amiga game. The preview is based on a visit to their offices, and has an overview of the game's structure, the action oriented mini-games, the current development status and more (but no new screenshots).

Cosmic Rift Preview

Daily Radar has posted a preview of Cosmic Rift, calling this massively multiplayer space game by Sony Online "the spiritual successor to SubSpace." The article describes the game's premise, goes into more detail about its features, and comes with eight new screenshots to show what it looks like.

Battle.Net Update

A new Diablo II Realm Status and Web Site Update has an explanation for why you may be having trouble accessing Blizzard's online gaming service or their website. As happened in February (story) their servers are suffering denial of service attacks, and they're working to remedy the problems and tracking down the perpetrator(s).

Evening Screenshots

  • Project Eden
    GameSpyDaily has posted another eight new Project Eden screenshots, showing off Core Design's upcoming 3D squad-based action title.
  • Gangsters 2
    A mix of new and familiar Gangsters 2 screenshots illustrate a brief preview of Hothouse Creations' mobster management game on Games Domain.
  • Lord of Destruction
    Once again Blizzard went through the arduous process of transferring a single Diablo II: Lord of Destruction screenshot from their desktop onto the official site for this isometric action RPG add-on.
  • Dark Age of Camelot
    Camelot Norse Midgard Gallery on RPG Vault offers another look into the new realm that was recently opened in Mythic's medieval MMORPG.
  • IL-2 Sturmovik
    There is another IL-2 Sturmovik screenshots gallery on PC Arena, offering new aerial scenes in the WWII flight sim by 1C Maddox Games.

Summoner Update

As promised at the release of Tuesday's update (story), a new version 1.21 patch for Summoner is now available via the auto-updater in the game. This release addresses a pair of multiplayer issues, and the full list of changes in the previous version 1.20 is now also available. A downloadable patch is imminent as well.

Disciples II Diary

There is a new Disciples II Designer Diary on GameSpot, discussing the development of the turn-based strategy game by Strategy First. In this fifth installment lead artist Patrick Lambert talks about the graphics from the concept art to the 2D art and in-game graphical effects, and naturally it's illustrated with a few new screenshots.

TRIBES Fiction Interview has conducted a lengthy interview with Blake "Hexabolic" Hutchins, the Dynamix writer who contributed to the Starsiege and TRIBES universe and the games set in it. Blake discusses the TRIBES 2 backstory, the TRIBES Extreme comic, the games' voice-casting, and lots more.

New Day of Defeat Server

The official Day of Defeat site has posted a beta 1.2 update for servers running this mod for Half-Life. This is just a server-side version, and is being released now to prepare servers for the release of the 1.2 client, which is expected tomorrow.

Neverwinter Nights Interview

Massive interviews Teresa Stevenson of BioWare, talking with the communications manager about their upcoming title Neverwinter Nights. Teresa explains why they will probably release a couple of large add-ons after the game's release (as opposed to many small ones), how people will be able to create "modules" for the game, the chances that it will contain voice-over IP functionality ("we are still looking for a good 3rd party solution in this area") and more.

A Visit to Troika

Several months after his first visit (a write-up of which can be found here), the Arcanum fan known as Stravaig returned to Troika Games to check out the latest build of Arcanum: of Magick and Steamworks Obscura, and he has written an article chronicling everything he saw there. The article does indeed have some new gameplay details, as well as a great deal of info about the office itself and its inhabitants. Thanks RPG Vault for the tip.

Operation Flashpoint Trailer

GamesDomain has posted a new trailer featuring footage from Operation Flashpoint. The trailer is available in Windows Media Player format, and contains 1:34 seconds of impressive gameplay footage, including sequences that show off several of the game's different vehicles and ground combat.

TRIBES 2 Patch

As promised, Dynamix has released a new patch for TRIBES 2, bringing their team-based shooter to version 22228. As always you should be able to use the auto-updater, but if you prefer your patching manually then you can download a patch for the previous version 22075 (817 KB) or a patch for the original boxed copy of the game (1.4 MB). This patch addresses the "memory leak" issue, among many other changes, all listed in detail on TribalWar, where they also have an explanation about the network version increment that may cause a Connection Timed Out Error until both server and client have updated. Update: Patches for the Linux server (both the original base server and the most recent version) have popped up on Loki Software's FTP site (thanks scratch).

New Rune Quake 3

The final version 1.0 release of Rune Quake 3 is now available, bringing this Rune-based Quake III Arena mod out of beta. There are "over 50 completely unique Runes" that add and modify various player and weapon abilities, a new Supremacy gameplay mode, and more, all for a mere 1.8 MB download.

Epic Interview

A new interview with Epic's Warren Marshall is up at Tolstiy's Place this afternoon. Warren is a programmer and level designer at Epic Games, and he talks about how he made the leap from Legend to Epic as well as the art of level design and the new terrain editing tools he's been working on.

Dredd Versus Death Revealed

PC Zone has posted an excerpt from an article that will be running next week in which they take a look at Dredd Versus Death, which is the working title of Rebellion's upcoming Judge Dredd first person shooter. The full article will contain an interview with Rebellion president Jason Kingsley, but this excerpt contains only a few quotes along with some early screenshots from the game. Rebellion acquired the rights to create games based on Judge Dredd and other characters when they bought comics publisher 2000AD last year (story).

Cossacks Gold

Strategy First sends word that the North American version of Cossacks: European War has gone gold. The 3D strategy game already been available overseas for some time now, but it will be available stateside on April 24th.

C&C Renegade Interview

PC Gameplay continues to post new stories from Westwood Studios' recent London press event, and today they have an interview with Joseph Selinske, the associate producer of Command & Conquer Renegade. Joseph provides some new info on Renegade, including details on the game's multiplayer modes (including one that's based on the original Command & Conquer) and overall structure, and he also says they are considering releasing the editing tools for both Red Alert 2 and Renegade.

Star Wars Galaxies Preview

After a few hours of downtime PC.IGN is back online, and so is their preview of Star Wars Galaxies. As the game hasn't been shown to anyone yet (including the press) the preview is very much hands-off, but it does gather together a lot of the known info and there are also some concept art images, although these have been available at the official SWG site for some time now.

Tropico Preview

Also new on PC.IGN today is a preview of Tropico, the strategy game from PopTop Software which just went gold (story). Like the many other recent previews it's based on their experience with a full build of the game, and contains their impressions along with the requisite new screenshots.

Dungeon Slaves Cancelled

After the earlier cancellation of Ramnathep (story), German company enjoy Entertainment has now also ceased development of Dungeon Slaves, their top-down action RPG that was announced last Summer (story). One of the reasons for both games' cancellation is said to be "compatibility problems," and they plan to reveal their new project soon.

Shogun Interview

The second half of FGN Online's interview with Michael de Plater, the producer of Shogun: Total War is online this morning. In this portion Michael talks about how the upcoming Mongol Edition will appeal to owners of the original game (it comes with a $10 rebate) and why he feels Shogun has been such a success among other topics.

Throne of Bhaal Chat

Tonight at 6:00 PM PDT (9:00 EDT) RPG Vault will be holding an IRC chat with members of the Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal development team. To participate, point your IRC client to channel #ignvault, or use their web-based chat system.

Dominion Wars Interview

The Adrenaline Vault interviews Michael "60 Minutes" Wallace of Simon & Schuster discussing progress on Deep Space Nine: Dominion Wars, S&S' upcoming RTS game based on the Federation/Klingon versus Cardassian/Dominion battles of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The conversation covers progress on several aspects of gameplay, and gives a feel for how several aspects of the game will be handled, including the interface, the role of leadership on the individual ships under your control, "the game’s unique resource model," AI, strategies for success, and more. According to the interview, the game is about 80 percent complete, and a playable interactive demo is planned for after the game's release, with their more immediate plans calling for a non-interactive demo and a teaser video.

Tech Bits

Consolation-R.I.P. Indrema

There will be no consolation for those looking forward to Indrema's planned LS600 console system, as Plans for Linux game console fizzle reports that Indrema, who had been working on a Linux-based console, is going out of business, there are some comments on the subject from Indrema CEO John Gildred on GameSpyDaily compiled from chat logs. Microsoft Director Speaks on Core Magazine has more on MS' plans for the Xbox in Japan. Speaking of the Xbox, there are 7 reasons why Microsoft cannot afford to push back the launch of the Xbox on Daily Radar. Also on Daily Radar is Keyboard & Mouse Controversy discussing exactly how supported the keyboard and mouse support is on the PS2 (though we don't believe that Quake III Revolution ever promised keyboard & mouse support). Also, "Why Nintendo may win the war" is the theme of an article called Battles of the consoles on MSNBC. Finally, Kingdom Under Fire Xbox Bound? is the musical question being asked by Core Magazine.

Game Guidance

GameSpot UK's Hostile Waters Game Guide is online, offering tips on how to make your way through the hostility of the waters, even if you can't tell a rising Antaeus from a sinking one. Also, the walkthrough on GameFAQs In Cold Blood page is now complete, while they have also expanded their Majesty Expansion FAQ/Walkthrough. Also, now that the beta sign-ups have concluded, the Diablo II Expansion set F.A.Q. has been updated with details applicable to those selected for the test, while removing obsolete pre-sign-up information.

Editing Stuff

A new version 2.8.6 of the ChilliSkinner skinning utility for 3D Studio MAX 3.x and 4 is now available, offering bug fixes and new code optimizations. Also, there is a guide to making your own TRIBES 2 skins on Skindom.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


Out of the Blue

Those scientists just keep on sciencing, don't they? 3G wireless test success for Sprint, Lucent is a ZDNet report on the successful execution of a phone call using third-generation cellular technology that results in data transfer rates of 2.5 mbps. That's not only 165 times faster than previously possible on a US wireless system, but considerably faster than most DSL and Cable connections... in fact, that's more bandwidth than a T1. I'm not sure if this means you will be able to play Quake by cell in the future, or perhaps maybe we'll move this server to a cell phone if we find one with enough RAM, but this certainly does seem to offer some intriguing potential.

Following up on my blatherings from yesterday, for the record it turns out there was an early Punisher game for the PC published by MicroProse in 1988, though it was not a first-person shooter. Thanks Darin "Question Guy" Padula. Also, apologies for not at least providing a warning for the squeamish on yesterday's Bonus Link, which was probably beyond the boundaries of good taste.

Link of the Day: Microsoft Clippy, Microsoft's amusing end to one of their best received concepts since Microsoft Bob. Thanks Ant.
Story of the Day: Web enthusiast changes name to '.com' (CNN). Thanks David Wright.
Weird Science: Mystery Solved: Why Pot-Smokers Get 'Munchies' (Fox) Thanks theAntiELVIS.

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