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Thursday, Nov 16, 2000

Majestic Previews

Two previews of Majestic, the oddball online-only game from Electronic Arts and developer Anim-X are online this evening. The previews, which are up at PC.IGN and Daily Radar, contain literally the exact same information and images, but this does mark the first real details about how the gameplay will function. As has been previously revealed, the game will contact you via instant messenger, fax, phone, e-mail and other means, and the plot involves some sort of conspiracy (EA isn't letting any details slip out yet). The images that can be found in the previews consist of a screenshot of an instant messenger conversation, a sample fax, and there's even a shot of what looks to be the Majestic program itself.

Evening Screenshots

  • Alice is the latest site to take their preview build of American McGee's Alice for a spin, and they have snapped off a dozen screenshots to show what it looks like.
  • Ramnathep
    The official Ramnathep site by German developers enjoy entertainment sports six new screenshots of their upcoming first-person action game set in Hollywood of the 1920's (thanks Lars for the tip).
  • MechWarrior 4
    A new hands-on preview of the MechWarrior 4: Vengeance is up at MGON, along with a whole bunch of screenshots from their press beta of Microsoft's futuristic 3D action/sim, while Gamecenter has posted its own set of ten new screenshots.
  • Gunman Chronicles
    Another set of eight Gunman Chronicles screenshots is up at EuroGamer, showing those same areas in the press beta we've seen so often from yet another angle.
  • TechnoMage
    German site SpieleCity has posted a preview of TechnoMage (here's that handy Babel Fish link) that reportedly contains 320(!) screenshots of this top-down action RPG (but we didn't count them).
  • Sovereign
    An update to the official Sovereign site brings four new screenshots of this massively multiplayer RTS by Verant, as well as a FAQ update and a new Producer's Letter (thanks Sovereign Vault).
  • Scars of Velious has posted half a dozen EverQuest: the Scars of Velious screenshots, illustrating two new character models in the upcoming MMORPG expansion pack.
  • WWII Online
    There are four new World War II Online screenshots on Adrenaline Vault, showing off this massively multiplayer combat game by Cornered Rat Software.
  • IL-2
    Daily Telefrag continues their series of spotlights on Russian games, today highlighting the WWII combat flight-sim IL-2 Sturmovik with a handful of new, annotated screenshots.

Delta Force: Land Warrior Patch

NovaLogic has released a new upgrade for Delta Force: Land Warrior, as usual available as a downloadable patch or within the game's auto-update feature. A post on the forum by NovaLogic's Dan Bennett lists the changes made in this release, as well as their plans for continued support of their tactical first-person shooter.

Crimson Order Preview

GameSpot has posted a new preview of Crimson Order, the upcoming tactical strategy game from developers Kinesoft. The preview contains a detailed look at the gameplay, as well as over sixty images, including in-game screenshots, shots of the character models and concept art pieces.

The Settlers IV Delayed

In a somewhat expected turn of events, Blue Byte has announced that they are delaying the release of The Settlers IV until early next year. Many predicted this would happen after their recent announcement that the planned public beta test had been canceled (story), although at that time they said the delay was being done in order to make a pre-Christmas release date.

Gothic Interview

RPG Planet has conducted a new interview with Torsten Dinkheller of Piranha Bytes. Torsten is a 3D artist on their upcoming RPG Gothic, and he talks about the various characters and creatures in the game, as well as how open-ended it is, how it will separate itself from other RPG out there and more.

3dfx Still Making Video Cards?

After yesterday's announcement about 3dfx' future (story) it was commonly believed that the company was halting production of their internally developed graphics cards, and was instead going to license out their technology to third parties, who would release their own cards using 3dfx chips. However, that may not be the case, as Gamecenter's interview with 3dfx' Bubba Wolford says that they will only license their technology overseas, and will continue to release their own cards, although the actual manufacturing will be handled by a third party. He also comments on their other controversial announcement, the cancellation of the Voodoo5 6000. Here's an excerpt that should clarify their plans for the future:
Despite recent rumblings on the Internet, don't expect to see third-party, 3dfx-powered boards in the United States and Europe, however. "We don't want to compete with our own brand," Wolford said. "Voodoo3 we're selling strictly in Asia." He added that VSA-100, the chip that powers Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 boards, isn't now sold to third parties and probably won't be in the near future.

Part of the rumor may have stemmed from 3dfx's announcement that it intends to sell its Juarez, Mexico, facility, in which its final-market boards are manufactured. "We are not utilizing the Juarez facility at 100 percent capacity all the time, and, of course, it's a very large [cost] for us." Wolford added that while technically it's true 3dfx won't necessarily make graphics cards anymore, it won't sell its chips to other companies to build branded products. A more likely scenario is that a manufacturing company purchases the Juarez facility and 3dfx more or less contracts the board manufacturing process out. No matter what, 3dfx will continue to market Voodoo-branded graphics boards.

Caeron 3000 Movie

Developer Magique Productions has released a movie featuring in-game footage from Caeron 3000, their upcoming massively multiplayer RPG. The movie is available for download as a 2.6 MB ZIP file, and is in the Windows Media Player WMA format.

Project Eden Shots

A whopping 30 screenshots from Project Eden, the third person squad-based action game from Tomb Raider creators Core Design are up at Computer and Video Games News. They also have a brief update, which says that while it is being released for both the PC and Playstation 2, they have been devoting themselves exclusively to the PC version.

Stronghold Announced

Although it was actually revealed yesterday on Gathering of Developers' web site (story), GoD has just officially announced Stronghold, an upcoming RTS from FireFly, a development studio founded by former developers of the Caesar and Lords of the Realm series. Here's an excerpt from the press release, which contains a good description of the overall gameplay:
Set in the Dark Ages, Stronghold players establish settlements, and construct and manage castles while engaging in siege warfare. Over 30 types of walls, towers and anti-siege equipment, 50 different structures, and a legion of troop classes are available for creating significant citadel and village detail. The game's simulation element offers players the opportunity to design and run a castle and fortress complete with lords, court jesters, village peasants and town drunkards. Decisions, such as the types of materials produced by various tradesmen throughout the village, and the class of army troops that will be trained and assembled, are all determined by how players build their castles.

Battlefield 1942 Interview

The Wargamer interviews Niklas Persson, talking with the producer at Digital Illusions about their upcoming tactical action game Battlefield 1942. Niklas talks about what separates Battlefield 1942 from other tactical titles, as well as how the overall gameplay functions, the possibility of a public demo and more. There are also a few screenshots up, only one of which looks new. Thanks SpecForce for the tip.

World War II Online Updates

The first six screenshots in this official World War II Online gallery show some new interiors in the planes and tanks that occupy this massively multiplayer combat game by Cornered Rat Software, while a new movie trailer in self-running Bink format sports nearly two minutes of moving imagery from the ongoing beta. Thanks Aaron Benzick, who also points to this forum post announcing that the game will be published in North America and a few other parts of the world by Strategy First.

3rd World Update

XYZ Team lead programmer Vitomir Jevremovic sends word that their official 3rd World site has been revamped, now offering new information on their upcoming massively multiplayer space sim, as well as a new pair of concept images and several new screenshots.

Morning Screenshots

  • Giants
    French gaming site ActuMicro has posted half a dozen high-res screenshots of Giants: Citizen Kabuto, illustrating the colorful world of Planet Moon's upcoming third-person action game.
  • Z: Steel Soldiers
    The first three pages in this Z: Steel Soldiers gallery on the official site sport new scenes in the 3D real-time strategy game being developed by the Bitmap Brothers.
  • Dark Conspiracy
    There are five new screenshots of Ground Control: Dark Conspirary on VoodooExtreme, showing off the upcoming 3D action RTS expansion pack by High Voltage.
  • Aquarius
    GA-Strategy has posted another dozen new Aquarius screenshots, offering more action (but surprisingly little water) from the 3D action RTS by developers Jack in the Box.
  • Nomads
    Five new Nomads screenshots are up at Fragland, depicting some aerial and surface scenes in the 3D action/strategy flyer by Radon Labs.

Blade of Darkness Interview

A brief interview with Juan Diaz-Bustamante of Rebel Act Studios is up at GameLoft this morning. Juan fields questions about the company's background, as well as their upcoming third person action game Blade of Darkness (which is known overseas as Severance).

Gunman Chronicles Preview's Gunman Chronicles preview is online, with a hands-on look ahead at the upcoming science fiction shooter from Rewolf Software that will be a commercial release after following a twisty path that started as a non-commercial Quake-engine modification before segueing to Half-Life's technology, which lead to its current status as a full-blown game. The article offers extensive hands-on impressions, as well as an extensive screenshot gallery with over 100 images.

Fur Fighters Demo

Acclaim's Fur Fighters PC Downloads page has a playable demo of Fur Fighters, a new third-person shooter with more of an emphasis on cuteness than gore. The demo includes one single player map, and also supports multiplayer play over the Internet for up to 16 players. In addition to the demo, there are also two patches for the demo available, one to fix some issues on International installations, and one that allows installation on Windows ME.


Vidar's Niflheim on Gamecenter is the exclusive debut of a new map for Half-Life TeamFortress Classic created by acclaimed map author Neil Manke. The map is described as "a standard TFC capture the flag map, with a few twists thrown in for good measure."

Guides and Walkthroughs

3D Spotlight's Unreal Tournament Tweak Guide has been updated with more on improving performance and troubleshooting problems with Unreal Tournament. Also, several of GameFAQ's Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 FAQs and Walkthroughs have been updated. Finally, The official Neocron FAQ on neoTERM has likewise been updated.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


  • The Submarine Titans website has a new multiplayer map for download called Combat Zone, which is designed for four-player play...
  • Birdman's Lair has an updated patch for Half-Life under a SpaceOrb which adds Counter-Strike support...
  • Stomped interviews Rob Smith is the fourth in their series of conversations with the Editors-in-Chief of many US gaming mags, this time out talking with the EIC of PC Gamer, concluding the series after part three with George Jones, the EIC of Computer Gaming World...
  • A new Diablo II MP3 of the Week is online, offering downloads and liner notes for Toru...
  • Speaking of .mp3s, a new version 2.70 of the Winamp .mp3 player is now available. Thanks Chad Van Walsum and Ant...
  • A brief update on the official Fallout Tactics site gives some details on the development progress of this isometric turn-based tactical combat game (thanks

Out of the Blue

First off, happy (belated) birthday to Levelord.

Second, thanks for all the responses to my question about Airedales, most of the good and bad about them were things that I was already aware of (though it's rare you'll see opinions so strongly divided over whether a breed is really smart or really dumb), but it's very helpful to hear of first-hand experiences. I guess I should clarify why I was asking about a purebred dog, rather than a good old-fashioned pound puppy: Unfortunately, MrsBlue suffers from animal allergies (and asthma), and so a dog with hair (like the Airedale) rather than one with fur, like a majority of dogs outside the terrier family, is far preferable to avoid aggravating her condition. If it weren't for that, we'd surely be at the pound rescuing a mutt or two. Oh, yeah, BTW, we went for it, and now have a little girl puppy in the family. Now for a name... a problem, since BlueDog is already just plain taken, taken, taken, taken, taken, taken, taken, taken, taken.

Story of the Day: In the Sunshine State, Things Are Always Strange (Fox). Thanks theAntiELVIS. Hmm, the mess down there seems to make more sense now.
Bonus Story: Newsman Wallace Lets Tina Turner Influence His Singing Debut (Fox). Thanks theAntiELVIS. What's next for Mike, PriceLine commercials?
Bonus Story II: Speed Racer? Electric Wheelchair Trailed by Police Down Highway (Fox). Alright theAntiELVIS, put away the browser and go back to work.

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