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Friday, Jun 30, 2000

Evil Dead Site

THQ has revamped their Evil Dead: Hail to the King site into a full featured affair (Flash required), offering information, concept art and screenshot galleries, character animation clips, and more. The third-person horror action adventure, which is being developed by Heavy Iron, is slated for an October 31, 2000 release.

Alice Media has posted no less than 16 new screenshots of American McGee's Alice, the third-person action adventure in development at Rogue and Electronic Arts, that is of course based on the books by Lewis Carroll. Additionally, the first movie with over a minute of in-game footage is available, albeit in low-res 160x128 format.

Zeus Preview

There is a new preview of Zeus: Master of Olympus on GameSpot, looking ahead to the latest installment in Impressions' series of ancient city-building strategy games. The article describes the premise of the series and the new features in Zeus, and also includes three new screenshots.

RUNE Screenshots

Human Head has posted three new, high-res screenshots of RUNE (the top row), showing off more from their third-person game of Viking melee-combat. The third shot is available on RuneNews as well.

Voodoo3 2000/3000 Drivers

3dfxgamers has posted new Voodoo3 2000/3000 AGP/PCI 1.05.00 WHQL drivers for Windows 95/98, a non-beta release that changes the default start-up mode to 800x600 and fixes several game-related bugs.

More Screenshots

  • Giants
    3DActionPlanet has posted three new screenshots of Giants: Citizen Kabuto, showing off some new scenes from the third-person action game that is being developed by Planet Moon.
  • Blair Witch
    There are three new screenshots of Blair Witch on 3DGPU, presumably from Volume 1 although that is not indicated.
  • Harbinger
    Silverback has released four new screenshots of Harbinger (the leftmost column) to illustrate their upcoming isometric action RPG.
  • Blademasters
    Likewise, the official Legend of the BladeMasters site has been updated with a gallery of 20 new screenshots from the 3D action RPG being crafted by Ronin.

MechCommander 2 Preview

Gamecenter has posted a preview of MechCommander 2, the 3D RTS sequel in development at FASA and Microsoft. The article covers the game's premise and gameplay, features quotes from Microsoft's Mitch Gitelman, and is illustrated by a handful of new screenshots.

Undying Screenshots

Also new on Gamecenter tonight are four new screenshots of Clive Barker's: Undying, the 3D horror action game by DreamWorks Interactive and Electronic Arts that is being built upon the Unreal Tournament engine. The shots show off a few outdoor scenes and a dungeon area, as well as a few of the game's weapons.

Vampire Demo

As promised, the first of two Vampire: the Masquerade - Redemption demos is now available, as Activision has released the Dark Ages demo for download. The demo weighs in at 87 MB and contains one single player level from Nihilistic's 3D role-playing game.

Alice Update

The weekly update to the American McGee's Alice site shows off a new weapon, the Jack-in-the-Box (which was already revealed in an earlier preview), and unveils a new area of Wonderland, the Queen's Keep which, judging by its description, is the final area in the game.

Terminus Patches

In what seems to become a daily ritual, Vicarious Visions has released version 1.4 patches for Terminus, this time fixing a few bugs in all retail editions of the game, as well as a couple of Mac specific issues.

Deus Ex Guide

GameSpot has posted their guide to Deus Ex. Like all of their game guides, this features both spoiler-free tips and a full walkthrough, and is available free online or as a pay-for-download PDF file.

Halo E3 Movie

Battleground: Halo has posted the full movie trailer of Halo that was shown in Bungie's theater at E3. The movie clocks in at nearly 10 minutes of in-game footage and is a massive 159 MB download, but it is also available on the cover CD-ROM of the August issue of PC Gamer (from which it was uploaded), and as it's currently available from only one file server, that may well be an easier way to obtain a copy. Update: mirrors have been posted at MeccaWorld, 3D Gamers, Stomped, 3D Downloads, and HaloVault to help cope with the demand.

New Strike Force Map Pack

The second map pack for Strike Force UT has been released (thanks Stomped). The pack contains three new TeamDM levels, and is 7.5 MB.

Battlecruiser Media

The official Battlecruiser Millennium site has been updated with all kinds of stuff from this upcoming space-sim, including a ton of new screenshots, a new MP3 with music from the game's soundtrack and an AVI with in-game footage (in compressed RAR format).

Shogun Interview

E-tailer has posted part one of an interview with Michael de Plater, producer on the 3D strategy game Shogun: Total War from Creative Assembly. Michael talks in great detail about the inception of the game, how it compares to some other RTS games, and the mix of turn-based diplomacy and real-time combat that Shogun offers, and part two of the interview is promised next week.

Warren Spector Interview

Designer Warren Spector is interviewed on ION Storm's Daily Informant, talking about (what else?) Deus Ex, focusing on what gamers can expect from the game and what it was like to try and balance the game (which has multiple solutions to every puzzle).

O.R.B. Interview has conducted a new interview with Jamie McNeely and Phil O’Connor, two producers at Strategy First on O.R.B., an upcoming space-themed RTS game. The questions deal with how the game will separate itself from the other games in the genre, as well as some gameplay and multiplayer specific questions. In addition to the interview itself, they have also posted seven new screenshots from the game.

Cleopatra Gold

Impressions Games sent along word that Cleopatra, the expansion pack to their strategy/management game Pharaoh, has gone gold, and is expected on store shelves "in a few weeks." The pack will offer 4 campaigns with 15 missions, along with lots of other new features.

Desperados Announced

During the flurry of new games announced at last month's E3, this one slipped through the cracks: Spellbound and Infogrames are developing Desperados: The shadow of el Diablo, an isometric strategy-adventure set in the Wild West. The page offers preliminary information on the game, as well as the first six screenshots. Thanks Paul for sending this in yesterday, and GA-Strategy for the reminder to post it (yep, another crack).

New Sacrifice God

The previous update of the official Sacrifice site didn't even last a day (story), and has now been superseded with the introduction of the last of five gods in Shiny's 3D action strategy hybrid called, quite simply, James who, as [DI]Arctos points out, bares a striking resemblance to Earthworm Jim (another Shiny creation). Besides him and four of his men, there is also a new, high-res screenshot of his realms.

Human Head Interview

EuroGamer caught up with Shane Gurno, artist at Human Head, during the European press tour of Gathering of Developers, and quizzed him about the early days of Human Head, when they were going to create a sequel to Daikatana, and how that project changed into the development of their own game, the Viking action romp RUNE. Shane also talks about that game's progress, which is "getting close to the polishing stage."

EA Says No to Eidos Rumor

After this morning's report on the Financial Times that Electronic Arts was interested in purchasing Eidos Interactive (story), Well Rounded Entertainment contacted Jeff Brown, EA's executive director of corporate communications and was told that they are not in discussions with Eidos, and furthermore have no interest at this time to acquire the company.

New 3DMark2000 has released version 1.1 of 3DMark2000, the technology demo and benchmarking program that utilizes the Max Payne engine. This new release adds full Windows 2000 compatibility and support for the just-announced Pentium 4 processor in addition to other changes.

I'm Going In Screenshots

Matching PC.IGN's offer of this morning (story), Adrenaline Vault has also posted four new screenshots of I'm Going In, showing off more from Innerloop's 3D stealth shooter. Now, who bids more?

Obi-Wan Preview

Star Wars : Episode 1 - Obi Wan Preview on GameSpot UK is a new look ahead to the first- and third-person lightsabre weilding game in development at LucasArts, based on seeing the game in action at last month's E3 event. The article descibes the premise and gameplay, featuring quotes from project leader Stephen Shaw, and includes half a dozen new screenshots as well.

Battle Isle Interview

The Daily Telefrag has posted the second part of their Battle Isle interview, together with part one (story) forming a talk with Cauldron's David Durcak about the 3D strategy game that just entered closed beta testing (story). David explains the mix between turn-based and real-time features, the experience level system, and the proverbial more.

Sacrifice Images

More new images from Shiny's Sacrifice have been posted at their official site, with seven new concept art pieces showing off creatures from the realm of Pyro, the game's lord of fire.

Age of Empires II Q&A

A new Q&A with Ensemble Studios' Greg Street is up at French Age of Empires fan page Age of Kings Universe, talking about the expansion pack The Conquerors. While Greg's answers are in English, the questions are translated from French, so they're a little stiff, to say the least. If you'd like the reverse problem, they have a French edition up as well.

Dark Reign 2 Add-Ons

With the game just making it onto store shelves this week, Pandemic Studios has already released the first add-ons for their 3D RTS. One is a multiplayer map called 8spider, originally released in the online beta test, and the other is a Preview Window utility.

Voyager Q&A

Stomped has posted a Q&A with Raven's project leader Brian Pelletier, bringing to a close their four day look at Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force. Brian gives an update on the game's current status, and says that they are working on the final tweaks to the level design and he also talks briefly about the overwhelmingly positive reception they received at E3.

EAX Interviews

A trio of interviews with audio designers are up at Creative Labs' site (actually they were posted last week but they slipped through the cracks). There are individual Q&As with BioWare's Ryan Hoyle and Dave Chan, as well as a Q&A with EA's Laurent Betbeder. Each one asks the designer about how they got into audio design, how the game they are working on uses 3D audio and what games have their favorite sound work.

Tropico Diary

The first installment of GameSpot's Tropico designer diary is online. This edition has PopTop designer Franz Felsl explaining how the project began, with some background info on the game. Also, there are six new screenshots from the game up at GameSpot News.

Dungeon Keeper 2 Patches

Electronic Arts has released version 1.70 patches for Dungeon Keeper 2, the 3D strategy game by Bullfrog where it's good to be bad. This version adds the Maiden creature, the Jack-In-The-Box Trap and three new maps to the game, as well as EMBM support for Matrox G400 cards, and a host of minor fixes. The patches weigh in around 28 MB, can be downloaded in whole or in six parts, and come in every language edition under the sun.

ARX Q&A & Shots

RPGDot has posted a quick Q&A on ARX, the first-person RPG in development at Arkane Studios, dealing with spells, quest notes, and the option of a third-person view, and they have also included a pair of new screenshots.

Battle Isle Beta Test

Blue Byte has kicked off the closed beta test of Battle Isle: the Andosia War, their 3D turn-based strategy game. The online-only beta weighs in at 51.5 MB, but downloading it only makes sense if you're a registered beta tester and have received your registration number from Blue Byte.

SWAT3: Battle Plan Interview

Tactical Games has conducted an interview with Rod Fung, grilling the producer of the upcoming expansion pack to Sierra's tactical shooter over its features, such as multiplayer, new weapons and more (thanks SpecForce). Rod also reveals they will be releasing a level editor and a scenario editor, and the game will have drop-in mod support to facilitate easy user extensions.

Dino Crisis Preview

Daily Radar has posted a brief preview of Dino Crisis, looking ahead to the horror action adventure game that is being ported from the Playstation version by Capcom. While short on game details, the article does include three new screenshots.

Deus Ex Interview

The second part of GamePen's Deus Ex Chronicles is online. Today's installment features a discussion with ION Storm level designers Harvey Smith and Steve Powers, talking with them about creating the different environments and missions for the game.

New Matrix Quake II

Version 2 of Matrix Quake II has been released. This new version adds a ton of new features, including new single and multiplayer modes, a Jedi Knight-style spell system, kung fu, and of course, guns. Lots of guns.

Harbinger Interview

RPG Planet Interview: Harbinger is a talk with Silverback's art director Steve Macomber about their upcoming isometric action RPG. Steve explains more of the game's features (without revealing its storyline) and there are a few new screenshots and a pair of short model animations as well.

I'm Going In Screenshots

There are four new screenshots of I'm Going In (also known as Project I.G.I. in Europe) on, offering more scenes from the 3D thinker shooter in development at Norwegian's Innerloop Studios.

Eidos/EA Sale?

According to an article on the Financial Times, the company most likely to purchase Eidos Interactive is none other than Electronic Arts (thanks Andrew C.R. Biddle). The article says that a meeting will be held on Monday to decide whether or not to sell the company, and that "management is thought to favour a quick sale to EA."

Deus Ex Interviews

Deus-Ex.Org interviews Warren Spector in a healthy 29 question Q&A with the ION Storm designer that delves into subjects like plans to release the DX level editor, OpenGL support (or lack thereof), design and marketing issues, and a whole lot more. Also on the Deus Ex front, BigKid interviews Harvey Smith, talking with the lead designer on the just-released Unreal-engine first-person action/RPG. The questions (and answers) cover topics like the FPS genre in general, Deus Ex' genre specifically, the game's design, and more. It's a quick, but interesting read, offering this worthwhile quote of the moment: "immersion != (is not equal to) realism."

Alice Interview interviews Rick "Zdim" Carlson, ex of both ION Storm and Looking Glass Studios, about his job at Rogue Entertainment, where he is currently at work on American McGee's Alice, the upcoming Quake III-engine, third-person game that Rogue is currently developing along with Electronic Arts. Though he points out "I'm a musician, not a level designer" (Dammit Jim!), the Q&A does, of course talk about level design, as well as the recent fate of Looking Glass, and in addition to the conversation, the article also includes a bunch of screenshots and concept art.

Ground Control Interview

BrokenPixel's Massive Interview is so named, not for its size, but for its subject, as it is a Q&A with Massive Entertainment's President and CEO Martin Walfisz. The conversation centers on Ground Control, the Swedish developer's recently released 3D RTS.

Arcanum Interview

Today's rush of interviews concludes as "invades" Troika studios to discuss Arcanum, their upcoming "fantasy-meets-steampunk RPG." The article includes a discussion of their company's history, and progress on Arcanum, and also includes several photos of their offices, and some screenshots.

Tech Bits

  • NVIDIA Interview
    nV News' Loyd Case Question & Answer talks with the former hardware writer who is now NVIDIA's product marketing manager, discussing "GeForce2 MX, the KYRO chipset, memory bandwidth, and more."
  • GigaFuture
    Intel To Debut 1.13-GHz Pentium III On July 31 reports Techweb. Thanks Borodimer.
  • It's Only Free if Your Time Is...
    The Duke of URL's BeOS Buyer's Guide #1 shows how to "shop around" for the best setup of this free OS/shell.
  • But Does it Run Quake?
    IBM's Got A Big, Bad Computer (Wired) reports on their "monster machine the size of two basketball courts that draws enough electricity to power a small town," running a mind-boggling 8,192 PowerPC processors. "ASCI White," which can run a Windows-like 100 hours before crashing, is said to be 1000 times more powerful than Big Blue, the IBM machine that whipped World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov in May 1997. Thanks Miller.

Homeworld: Cataclysm Screenshots

There are five new Homeworld: Cataclysm screenshots on Internet ZahaVgames showing off action from Barking Dog's upcoming sequel to Relic's 3D space strategy game. The shots show off more ships, and of course more of that signature Homeworld orange outer-space.

Guides and Walkthroughs

MSN's Guide to Asheron's Call is up, showing the path to success in MS's online RPG. Thanks Christopher Call.

The Mod Squads

Daily Radar's Mod Week continues with a look at the Strike Force mod for Unreal Tournament, based on the recently released version 1.26 beta. In addition to the profile of the mod, they have also interviewed Michael "Optimizer" Hamlett, talking with the mod's producer "about sniper rifles, tanks, grenades and other manly things." Also, there's an Interview mit Scorman alias Cory Lake on Counter-Strike.De talking about his contributions of artwork to the Counter-Strike mod for Half-Life. Finally, a Counter-Strike Chat Log is up on Half-Life.Net recounting last night's online session with the mod's developers.

Editing Stuff

Quake3Stuff is holding a Quake III Arena deathmatch map contest, with a GeForce 2 GTS accelerator as one of the prizes (seemed appropriate to stick that here rather than as a competitions post).

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


Out of the Blue

I picked up a copy of that Diablo II and spent some time battling the USEast server on Battle.Net yesterday. Clearly there are ways to stress a system that even a stress test won't uncover, because I had a lot of trouble with lost connections, and from other player's comments, clearly I was not the only one, hopefully these server issues will be resolved quickly. OTOH, these are obviously not impacting everyone that badly, I see players on the ladder already up to level 25 (huh?), so some folks are working around this okay, and as my game machine sat in Battle.Net this morning, I saw this quote from someone that qualifies as an all-time classic: "<Hassena> good night you all. I'm so screwed. This is only the first day the game has been out and I'm up all night." Hey, sounds like a box quote to me. BTW, in a case of perfect timing, looks like we helped push old Walter over the edge here (there's one guy we won't see on Battle.Net tonight).

Link of the Day: Black Mesa Disco Inferno. Disco Stu would be in heaven. Thanks Christopher J. Wood.
Story of the Day: Tiny robots flex their plastic muscles (BBC). Thanks Matt D.
Bonus Story: Naked Cricketers Caught Out by Police (Fox). Thanks TheAntiELVIS.

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