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Thursday, Jun 29, 2000

Alice Interview

The second of PC.IGN's three days of Alice is online, featuring an interview with Jim Molinets, producer of American McGee's Alice at Rogue. Jim talks about the game's relation to the books by Lewis Carroll, their rather inventive weapons and what will separate it from the pack of action/shooters out there in addition to other topics.

TRIBES 2 Shots

The folk at PC.IGN harassed Sierra enough for them to provide the site with nine new screenshots from TRIBES 2 (if that's all it takes, someone remind me to start nagging them for a beta). The shots feature the new BioDerm race, as well as the new vehicles and of course their impressive new terrain engine.

Summoner Diary

It's a Thursday, which means it's time for another edition of PC.IGN's Summoner diary. This week's installment has Volition artist Matt Flegel explain how he makes those flashy spell effects, with a step-by-step look at the creation of the death spell.

Mac Tomb Raider 4 Demo

A demo for the Mac port of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation has been released, and is available for download at The demo is just under 10 megs, and requires a 3D accelerator. Merger

Well Rounded Entertainment has confirmed with Sega that, the online service that supports the subscription-based 10SIX in addition to other games, is in "strategic discussions" to merge with another online gaming network. As WRE points out, there aren't too many other ones out there, making or MPlayer the most likely suitors. Sega has been focusing their online strategy on SegaNet, their upcoming ISP aimed at Dreamcast owners (although it will support PCs as well).

Robotech Games Announced

While there's no word as to exactly what kind of games they are, or who is developing them, AVault is reporting that Mattel Interactive has obtained the Robotech license, and plans to use it to make multiple games for PC and next-generation console systems, beginning late next year.

Terminus Patches

Vicarious Visions has released another round of Terminus patches, bringing their space sim to version 1.3. The patches are available for the Windows, Linux and Mac retail editions, and include several bug fixes.

Star Trek: New Worlds Vehicle

It's time for a new weekly vehicle in Star Trek: New Worlds, the 3D real-time strategy game in development at 14 Degrees East and Interplay, and this time the Romulan Battle Tank is on display with two screenshots and a short movie clip.

Icewind Dale Interview

Stratos Group Interviews J.E. Sawyer is a chat with one of the designers of the isometric RPG that arrived in stores today. J.E. talks about his work on the game, the improvements over previous Black Isle RPG's, his thoughts on the direction future role-playing games will take, as well as a few personal topics.

New Doom3D

A new version 1.12 of Doom3D is available on the FudgeFactor Software page, updating this Win32/DirectX port of id Software's Doom source code. The new release adds a slew of improvements and fixes, including MD2 model support, customizable controls and joystick support, windowed modes, autorun, and more.

Master of Orion III Interviews

The third in Master of Orion III @ The Atrium's ongoing series of interviews with members of Quicksilver's Master of Orion team is online, talking to artist Scott Godfrey about his work on the game. Also, a 10 question Q&A with Quicksilver designer Alan Emrich is up at The Orion Senate.

Black & White Preview

A new hands-on preview of Black & White, the only RPG game that lets you play as a god is up at gaming magazine Spank!. The author was able to play a full build of the game at Lionhead's offices and the preview features his impressions, complete with a description of the game crashing.

Startopia Preview

Dungeon Keeper fan page Dark Sword has posted a preview of Startopia, the upcoming strategy game from Mucky Foot (a company founded by former Bullfrog employees). The preview is based on what the author saw at E3 as well as new information provided by the developers, and there are also two new screenshots up (in addition to the ones released at E3).

New Linux Q3SDK

Loki Software has released version 201 of the Linux Quake III Arena SDK (direct FTP link). This new version updates the Linux level editor to the recently released Q3Radiant build 201. Thanks 3D Downloads, who have a mirror up at their site.

Throne of Darkness Gallery

A new gallery of shots from Throne of Darkness is up at RPG Vault this afternoon, gathering together some new and some previously seen screenshots from this upcoming action RPG from Click Entertainment (the same developer that brought you Barbie Super Sports and was founded by members of the original Diablo design team, making them one of the strangest companies in the industry).

Lemmings Revolution Patch

TalonSoft has released a patch for Lemmings Revolution, their 3D puzzler. Apart from the installation instructions, there is no information on what the patch fixes though.

Diablo II Warning

GameSpot has posted a news story revealing that the version 1.01 patch for Diablo II (story) deletes your single player characters (in addition to fixing bugs, of course). When I ran the patch I didn't encounter the problem, but those planning on playing the game in single player would be advised to run the patch before starting their game just to be on the safe side. Update: GameSpot sends word that the problem appears to only affect people with lingering files from beta versions of the game, and not those doing fresh installs.

Probe No More

Computer and Video Games News is reporting that Acclaim has closed down Probe, the development studio behind Forsaken and more recently Extreme-G and ReVolt (thanks Stomped). In addition to laying off "dozens of people" this move means the end for two unannounced games that were in production at the studio, and the Ferrari Grand Prix team will relocate to Acclaim's Knightsbridge office.

On the Shelves

We've received a number of reports that Icewind Dale, Dark Reign 2, and of course Diablo II are on store shelves across the country. If you didn't pre-order Diablo II, it's probably a good idea to call ahead of time, as many retailers are selling out of any shelf copies, and others aren't even able to meet their pre-orders yet.

Project IGI Movie

Eidos UK sent word of a new Project I.G.I. movie available in their downloads section, showing off in-game footage from the 3D thinker shooter developed by Innerloop. The movie runs for nearly a minute, consisting almost entirely of one very impressive sniper un-zoom shot.

Submarine Titans Interview has conducted an interview with Raaj Menon, the director of Ellipse Studios, about their underwater real-time strategy game Submarine Titans. Raaj explains the features that aim to set the game apart from other RTS offerings, as well as their goals for the game, and a few other topics. The interview is available in your choice of English and German.

Hitman Shots

Three new shots from Hitman: Codename 47 are up at GA-Source, showing off IO Interactive's third person action game of mob-induced violence and bar coded gangsters.

Voyager Q&A

The third of Stomped's four talks with members of Raven's Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force team is online. Today's victim is lead programmer James Monroe, and he gives full details on the changes they have made to the Quake III Arena engine in addition to other topics.

Warren Spector Interview

The Mushroom's legit section has posted a 20 question interview with Warren Spector, talking to the Deus Ex designer about why those giant crates only have one item (which I have to admit I was wondering myself) and other game specific issues, as well as some random other questions like the most evil thing he's done in The Sims.

Witchboy Interview

ION Storm designer Harvey "Witchboy" Smith is interviewed on this morning, talking about just about everything but Deus Ex. The 20 question interview doesn't ask anything about that recently released game, but instead focuses on Harvey's background in the industry, the world of RPGs (both pen and paper and computer), his favorite movies and there's even a question about canine warfare.

Shogun Patch

After a false start two weeks ago (story), Electronic Arts has released an updated version 1.01 patch for Shogun: Total War for download (4.4 MB). Presumably this release will not fail to install as the first patch did, and the README that is now included lists one change: "This patch fixes a problem with hosting and playing multiplayer games on the America Online ISP. Once you have installed this patch, you should have no problems both hosting and joining a Shogun game via the EA|Play matchmaking service."

New Game Support

Eidos Interactive has opened its Deus Ex Tech Support section, offering tips and solutions for various technical issues you may experience with ION Storm's just-released 3D action RPG. Also, the Dark Reign 2 support page at Activision has opened, just in time before Pandemic's 3D RTS will appear on store shelves. Finally, Enfused has posted one chapter of the official Icewind Dale Strategy Guide as a sample of Sybex' full guide to the isometric RPG by Interplay.

Asheron's Call Interview

Asheron's Call producer Scott Herrington is interviewed on Active Windows, talking about the latest developments in this massively multiplayer RPG. As the game has been live for some time now, the questions are about recent additions, such as the new server, a mysterious new spell and some questions of note for AC players (like video card problems).

MechWarrior 4 Interview

GameSpot UK has conducted an interview on MechWarrior 4, talking to Jordan Weisman about the improvements over its predecessors MechWarrior 2 and 3, such as the mission structure, engine, wingmate and enemy AI, and more.

Giants Movies & Update

An update to Interplay's official Giants Citizen Kabuto website offers an update from PlanetMoon Studios' Tim Williams about progress on Giants, PlanetMoon's quirky upcoming action game. In addition to the development update, which describes progress "on the jetski for Delphi and the AI for the evil Sea Reapers (Raiks)," they have also posted a pair of new gameplay movies featuring Delphi, the half-nekkid Sea Reaper. One movie "shows how she can do a cool Capture thing where she imprisons things in these magic bubbles" while the second shows off "her very awesome Fire Wall spell" (which is also mentioned in Tim's update).

On the Next SoF Patch

Raven programmer John "Pagan" Scott updated his .plan, generously providing today's Story of the Day, as well as news of video fixes and enhancements in an upcoming Soldier of Fortune patch. Here's the word:
I just slipped anisotropic filtering into Trek and Sof.

Compare -
with -

- to see the improvement.

I also made S3tc work on V5500 cards for SoF. These fixes will be in the next patch.

Addendum: Then I upgraded my V5 drivers; and texture compression no longer works =) I'll be investigating their FXT scheme tho.

The anisotropic filtering seems to be only on Geforce cards
at the moment; but I could be wrong.

Tech Bits

Battlecruiser Screenshots

This Battlecruiser Online Galcom News Network points to this screenshots page with four new shots from the upcoming Battlecruiser Millennium. These images show off more of their DED (Dynamic Entity Deconstruction) technology at work, calling it a "huge graphic leap" for the franchise. The shots are taken from that 10 MB movie of the same effect (showing off things breaking up into discreet parts) that is also available for download (story).

UO Chat Log

There's a log of the chat with the developers of Ultima World Online: Origins on UO2Vault. As promised, most of the conversation centers around the use of skill trees in the upcoming follow-up to the MMORPG. I know Abraxas is eager to learn of new developments in tailoring, since he spent most of his time in the original making "fancy shirts" (he was like a medieval Calvin Klein).

Rune Quake 3

The debut release of Rune Quake 3 is now available. As the title implies, this Quake III Arena modification is Rune-based, and they mean it, with more than 40 runes in the mod that will add and modify various player and weapon abilities ("Gib your enemies instantly with Berserk. Freeze them solid with Ice Traps. Watch them twitch and squirm in the grip of Weirdness. Knock them across the map with Impact."). There are also new weapons, a redesigned HUD, and support for various game modes.


Íslandsmót í Quake 2000 has posted results, pictures, and downloadable demos from their recent Swedish CPL qualifying event.

Guides and Walkthroughs

An official Drakan Online Traveler's Quest FAQ is available, answering questions about the upcoming Drakan game. Also, though probably not aimed at most readers of this site, Gamecenter's Online Action Game Primer shows how to get past being a newbie when playing online in Unreal Tournament, Starsiege TRIBES, Half-Life: Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear, and Quake III Arena online. Meanwhile,'s Vampire Tweak guide shows how to set up Nihilistic's vampire game so it doesn't suck the life out of your system. Finally, Pacific Asia Gaming Network's AC Alchemy Guide is a resource to help you out if you've chosen alchemy as a career path in Asheron's Call.

The Mod Squads

Some Great Mods You Possibly Don't Know About But Probably Should on Half-Life.Net follows a recent trend of highlight Half-Life mods, but rather than show off mods that are already getting their chance in the spotlight, they are specifically choosing more obscure projects to show off. Daily Radar's Mod Week continues, talking with Epic's newlywed CliffyB about Unreal Tournament modifications.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews


Out of the Blue

Some folks managed to find Diablo II on shelves yesterday, and the press release from Blizzard said tomorrow is ultimate street date in most places, but every single store I asked in while out and about yesterday split the difference and said today will be the day that the sequel to Blizzard's dungeon-crawling hit will be dropping in on the waiting throngs like the ball dropping on New Year's Eve.

Today's Link of the Day was first sent in quite some time ago, and for every day it does not get posted, we receive exponentially more suggestions to post it, so once again, we have to title this one, "by popular demand," but with specific thanks to no one, since at this point it's really hard to figure which of the 100 or so mails on this was first:

Link of the Day: Walter's Special Mission. Yup it's all about hits to get sex. Even if it's a hoax, at least it's not feeding banner ads.
Story of the Day: New sex study shows randy side of Britons (CNN). Thanks John Scott. "The atlas proves what many people think -- everyone but you is having sex." That's right, CNN knows how many folks know you aren't getting any.
Bonus Story: Get Ready for the Britney Museum (E!Online News). Thanks Mike Wilson. "At last, one of music's great pioneers will get her due--and a new generation will get its Graceland." More proof of the coming apocalypse.

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