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Saturday, May 06, 2000

Call of Cthulhu Preview

There is a new preview of Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth on Games Domain, looking ahead to the first-person horror adventure by Headfirst Productions. There are quotes galore by Andrew Brazier, who explains the setting of the game and demonstrates the gameplay by way of a technology demo, as well as detailing several other features they are currently designing. The article includes four new screenshots, which are very dark, but GA-Source offers the same shots in gamma-enhanced form to ease your eye-strain.

Ultima Online 2 Update

An update to the official Ultima Online 2 site adds part three of the Britannia Serial, as well as three questions to the FAQ dealing with the recently announced changes, explaining that even the name Ultima Online 2 is currently a working title, and may change at some point in the future.

More Screenshots

  • Israeli gaming site VGames has posted an interview with Third Law on KISS Psycho Circus, and while I'm not aware of a Hebrew Babelfish, the rightmost pair of the included screenshots are new, and of course in that universal language everyone can read.
  • There is a new screenshot from Anarchy Online at AO Vault, showing creatures that some may find reminiscent of Star Wars.
  • Another Vault, another screenshot, as Camelot Vault offers a new image from the Norse areas in Mythic Entertainment's upcoming MMORPG, entitled Dark Age of Camelot.
  • Belgian site Infolder has posted a preview of Arcatera in Dutch, which is another language AltaVista Translations doesn't comprehend (and they really need to do something about that one =]), so you may have content yourself with the six new screenshots from this adventure RPG by Westka.
  • GA-RPG has posted some new Icewind Dale concept art, along with screenshots that you may have already seen elsewhere, as all media came from a recently distributed press kit.

Dark Reign 2 Update

A brief development update on GA-Strategy has Pandemic's Greg Borrud explaining the progress on their 3D real-time strategy game, which is "now in a testing and balancing phase which will carry on until sometime in mid June when we hope to release the game."

Heavy Metal Model

As is probably common knowledge, Ritual is modelling the main character in their upcoming third-person action game Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2 after B-actress and model Julie Strain, and Adrenaline Vault has now posted two character shots and a screenshot of the newest iteration of this in-game character. Lead artist Beau Anderson updated his .plan on the occasion, pointing to a few more new screenshots on the official Gathering of Developers page for the game, while also adding some words on their new effects system, that serve as a progress update on the game:
Lately I've been finalizing the weapon models and effects. They are pretty much all done thanks to the ease of our effects system. I cried for full artist control over the effects system after Sin and definately got it. Tearing up a monster with a chainsword is pretty cool too.

Baldur's Gate II Screenshots

PC Arena has posted a new gallery of Baldur's Gate II screenshots that they received from Interplay, and while some images look familiar, all show off more from the upcoming role-playing game being crafted at BioWare.

Dark Zion Preview has conducted an interview on Dark Zion, a recently announced MMORPG by Wombat Games. Rick Delashmit takes the stand, and explains the background of the game, design decisions such as the absence of NPCs and the permanency of player deaths, and more.

Homeworld: Cataclysm Screenshots

A gallery with no less than 30 screenshots from Homeworld: Cataclysm is up at GA-Strategy, snapped from a recent build of Barking Dog's upcoming space RTS sequel. The images actually leave the strategy side of the game somewhat under-exposed, but instead show the pretty-looking action it offers all the better.

On Half-Life Master Server

It slipped through the cracks in our morning updates, but's Mike Nicolino sent along the following explanation of the recent Half-Life master server problems (story), as well as word of a temporary fix that may result in your favorite server no longer showing up in your server browser. Here's the word:
The recent problems with displaying the server list within Half-Life has been identified as a load related problem with the Half-Life Master Server. Valve has provided a temporary fix to the master server to prevent this problem from occurring. This temporary fix limits the maximum number of servers that will be returned to the Half-Life client. Currently this limit is set to approximately 2000 servers. If your favorite server is no longer showing up within the Half-Life client, please add it directly to your favorites list to gain access.

Valve will be addressing this problem in upcoming update for Half-Life and the update will eliminate the need for the limit of returned servers.

Gore Movie

4D Rulers has released a new movie trailer of their first-person shooter Gore on VoodooExtreme, available in three different download sizes. The movie shows over two minutes of frantic action from their upcoming multiplayer demo, but was filmed from a computer screen so it shows some interlacing and glare effects.

Battlezone II DM Source

Pandemic Studios has released the Deathmatch DLL Sourcecode for Battlezone II, providing insights for mod makers wanting to make a multiplayer DLL for their 3D action RTS. The source is for MS Visual C++, and is of course wholly unsupported.

Horizons Animation

There is a new character animation for Horizons, showing off the Ssslik model from Artifact's upcoming MMORPG in a 9 second high-res .AVI trailer.

Deus Ex Preview

Xtreme Network made a trip to ION Storm's offices in Austin, and came back with a hands-on preview of Deus Ex, the upcoming first-person action RPG. The article describes their experiences with the game in fair detail, but is devoid of new screenshots. Elsewhere however, GA-RPG has posted three new Deus Ex shots, so you can view those instead.

Baldur's Gate II Movie

incite has posted a movie from Baldur's Gate II, showing a minute and a half of in-game footage they filmed from a recent build of the isometric RPG sequel provided by Interplay.

FAQs & Walkthroughs

Computer Games Online has posted part 1 of their Soldier of Fortune Tips, offering general help for the single-player game in Raven's recently released mercenary shooter. Also, the Messiah FAQ/Walkthrough on GameFAQs has been updated with new sections of the walkthrough and other improvements.

Wheel of Time Update & Patch

The official Wheel of Time site has a new update by Legend's Glen Dahlgren, offering his usual stroll through WoT-land. This installment provides a new Direct3D patch, hints at an upcoming OEM bundle with the game, discusses a few WoT community issues and why "The Story behind WoT" isn't online yet, includes some art galleries, and the proverbial more. Here is the scoop on the new Direct3D patch:
The Unreal-engine family of games has always had a little problem working well with D3D-based cards, such as the TNT2 and the GeForce. Epic hasn't stopped working on the problem, though, especially with the recent release of some cutting-edge hardware which would really show off games like UT and WoT well.

The result of this development applies to both games, and I can now pass it on to you. While I can't guarantee that it'll solve all of the possible D3D problems out there, if you have a D3D card, you very well might see an improvement in performance by applying the following patch. By the way, this new patch supercedes the previous D3D patch (hence the '2' in the filename; it's doubly good!).

And here it is! Download the latest D3D patch by clicking on these especially clickable words.

Just a note: this patch automatically places the new D3D driver in the system directory of the latest version of WoT that you installed. If, for some reason, you have other versions of WoT on your system, simply use Winzip to unzip the file and manually place D3DDRV.DLL in the WoT system directory of your choice.

Die Hard Trilogy 2 Demo

Fox Interactive and n-Space have released a playable demo for Die Hard Trilogy 2, available for download at the Adrenaline Vault. Based on the movie trilogy, the game offers three different modes of action gameplay, and the 33.1 MB demo gives a taste of that.

Alice Clarification

According to a post at The Shugashack by Bobby Pavlock, the screenshots from American McGee's Alice (which is being co-developed by Electronic Arts and Rogue) that appeared on the official site last night (story) were not authorized for release, and should not be used to judge the game itself. Or, as he puts it:
They in NO WAY reflect what the game really looks like. In short, those screenshots are ASS. They don't have half the stuff in them they should (textures, lighting, fogging, etc.)

Icewind Dale Q&A

Ice Winds of Dale has conducted a brief Q&A with Black Isle Studios' David Ray, talking to him about their upcoming multiplayer RPG Icewind Dale, as well as some general questions about what it's like to work in the industry.

NATO 3 Released

NATO 3, a weapons mod for Rogue Spear, has been released. This mod adds 44 primary and 17 secondary weapons to the game's already formidable arsenal, and includes several tweaks as well, including a darkened grenade smoke effect. There are some issues with running the mod with the Urban Operations add-on, and details with a workaround are available on the NATO 3 news page.

Tech Bits

MultiRockets Released

The Nightbreed team has released Multi-Rockets, a new mod for Quake III Arena. The mod allows players to upgrade their weapons to one of three levels, which modifies the damage settings, as well as the number of projectiles fired for the various guns.

Quake Done Quicker Revisited

If you still haven't seen the classic Quake demo movie Quake Done Quicker (shame on you!) it is now available as a Real Video file. And if you've never heard of it (double shame!) be sure to check out this article at that has quotes galore from the authors about the film.


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Fruit of the loon

Well, Blue is out of town for the weekend, so I'm on duty for the next few nights. Next week, of course, is E3, and Frans, Blue and I are all planning on attending. People that pre-registered for the show should have received their badges by now, and mine arrived the other day. Well, almost, anyway. See, while the letter was addressed to "Jason Bergman, Editor, Blue's News" the badge itself reads, "Jason Friedman, Editor, Zombit Magazine." At first I thought it was some sort of bizarre typo, but as it turns out, I wound up with someone else's badge (and presumably he wound up with mine). The fun part is, of course, that apparently Zombit Magazine really does exist (and I'm told it's Israeli) so there could very well be some guy walking around at the show as me. So if you hear stories of my drunken escapades...assume it's the real me. Anything else, well, I'd be skeptical.

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