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Saturday, Aug 14, 1999


Delta Force 2 Shots

Saw on Voodoo Extreme that Tactical Planet has posted five new screenshots from NovaLogic's upcoming voxel-powered sequel, Delta Force 2 at the bottom of their Delta Force 2 Overview.

Experience Shot

There's an Exclusive Experience Screenshot on GA-RPG showing off Experience, WXP's upcoming shooter (they refer to it as an FPS/RPG, a distinction I wasn't aware of). It's a neat shot featuring a fearsome monster, and a cool tree (seriously -- 3D rendered trees rarely look so... tree-like).

Mechwarrior 3 Guide

GameSpot's GameGuides has posted their complete guide to Mechwarrior 3, which is available in an online version, or as a downloadable PDF file (thanks AGN3D).

Alice Art

The Adrenaline Vault News has posted a few pieces of concept art from Rogue & EA's upcoming Quake III-engine game, Alice (at least one of which is new), revealing at least a bit about the game (as EA promised to do in launching the Alice website yesterday, but that was a bit of an anticlimax).

Rogue Spear Interviews

Saw on RainbowSix.Net that there's an interview with Carl Schnurr on talking with this producer for Red Storm Entertainment about progress on Rogue Spear, RSE's upcoming sequel to their Tom Clancy game, Rainbow Six. There's also a team two-part interview with RSE's Greg Stelmack talking about Rogue Spear, you can find half here at Rainbow Recon, and the other half here at the KillingHouse.

New OpenGL Doom Legacy

The OpenGL DooM Legacy page has an updated version of the recent beta 3 release that has a fixed version of the r_glide.dll file which was corrupted in the original. If you had problems with the recent beta 3 release, you probably want to grab the updated version. Saw that on Doom Nation.

Slave Zero Preview

3D Action Planet Previews Slave Zero in a look ahead at this giant robot game with a preview that includes comments from Accolade's Matt Powers, the game's producer, as well as some brand-new screenshots.

SWAT 3 Shots

Whoops, meant to post this yesterday: There are four new screenshots on TacticalPlanet showing off gameplay from SWAT 3 Close Quarters Battle (forgot until I saw it on AGN3D).

Assimilation Quake II Mod

The Assimilation Page has a new version 2.6 of the Assimilation mod for Quake II. Major changes in the new release include new rocket modes, a new structured elimination mode, and a new map pack that offers 13 new assimilation maps. For more info on what the mod is all about, check out their info section.

MF Interview

Thresh's FiringSquad has posted an interview with Zono's designer Jason Hough, talking about their battlin' robots RTS Metal Fatigue. The piece is illustrated with a number of screenshots, so if this is your first exposure to MF, you'll have no problem understanding what he's talking about.

Midday Tech Bits

High Tech at High Noon:

Mixing Unreal & UT Maps

The planned inter-operability of future versions of Unreal with Epic's upcoming sequel, Unreal Tournament, has been mentioned often, since the two programs will share a similar code-base. PlanetUnreal has reproduced a Mark Rein newsgroup post that clarifies how interchangeable maps from the two games will be:

UT will run most Unreal DM maps but probably not run single player maps.

For multiplayer UT can serve most Unreal DM maps (provided you have the texture sets etc.) with any problems but only UT users can play on a UT server even if it's playing an Unreal map. I.e. you can't connect to a UT server with Unreal or an Unreal server with UT.

Spectra 2500 Drivers

Canopus' Japanese website has new new drivers for Canopus' TNT-based Spectra 2500 graphics cards based on the v2.25 reference drivers from NVIDIA. Thanks BetaNews.

For TFC Speed Freaks

An update to the Speed Run Training Demos on I.Am-Half-Life offers new routes and flag-running techniques from a first-person viewpoint (or, the third-person perspective if you enter chase_active 1 at the console before playing the demo). These demos can help you understand how some TFC players seem to be able capture the flag twice in 45 seconds or less, showing off the blast-jumps, clever routes, and excellent timing the best flag-runners use to turn captures faster than many think is possible.

UT Level of the Week

This week's Unreal Tournament Level of the Week is up on GT's official UT site (thanks Billy "weakly" Wilson). This week's level is the oddly named DM Stalwart, described as an 'old mechanic's garage that's been converted into a battle arena'. The usual batch of dramatic screenshots help explain what that means.

B&W Screenshots

The Black & White Stronghold has posted two new screenshots from Peter Molyneux' latest creation, Black & White. The images depict, "a tortoise with a funny look on his face and the other of a fight between a tiger and ape" so you just know you're in for something odd.


3D Unlimited has posted a Q&A with Bobby Duncanson, 3D artist on Raven Software's Soldier of Fortune, talking about his background, and the animation system in the game.

Quake II Escape

Loki's Missions has released Escape, a new mod for Quake II. It's described as a "mini mission pack" and contains new monsters, weapons, levels, sounds, textures and cinematics.

IWar Deluxe Shipping

GASource is reporting that Infogrames is shipping Independence War Deluxe, a "special edition" of their shooter, that contains 18 new missions (in addition to the ones already in the game), in-mission save points, new weapons, ships, and more.

Runner's Delight

Runner's Delight is the name of a new six level map pack for Classic Quake designed by Jesse van Dijk of Quake Done Quick fame. While the maps will work in single player, co-op and deathmatch, they are optimized for speed-running, meaning you can attempt astounding feats of speed the likes of which haven't been seen since the Flash TV show was cancelled.

AM Tech Bits



  • The stats from the "push the AMD" server at QuakeCon are online, showing the full stats from this 100+ player server (take a look at those pings!).
  • According to BetaNews, there's an AOL bot that's kicking MSN Messenger users off of its service (thanks ewid).
  • IGN Sci-Fi is reporting that the much talked about Doom movie is finally dead (thanks neko, and everyone else who sent that in).
  • Bungie is considering porting their titles Halo and Oni to both the Dreamcast and Playstation 2 consoles, but not the current crop of systems, according to Next-Generation Online.
  • Impressions Games is looking for beta testers for their strategy game Pharoah. They'll be accepting applications next week, with winners to be notified on the 23rd.

Fruit of the loon

In my continuing quest to play every game that's not EverQuest, I've been playing quite a bit of System Shock 2, and as Blue accurately predicted, I'm hooked. Boy am I ever hooked. I haven't enjoyed a single player game this much since Half-Life, and I can't recommend the game any more highly. Of course, it should be pointed out that the game is certainly not for everyone. It's definitely more RPG than action...there's quite a bit of action in it, but if you aren't willing to put up with the skills and inventory system you ain't going to get far. If you can make it past that, you'll find yourself totally addicted, much like I am right now. Oh, and one other thing - make sure you've got a great sound setup for this one. The positional audio is some of the best I've ever heard. Really creepy stuff.

Link of the Day: iPic: The Match Head Sized Web Server (thanks to whoever sent that in first...I think it was Brian Grivna).

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