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Monday, Mar 08, 1999 International Women's Day

Star Trek Voyager Game

Raven's Brian Raffel's .plan has the announcement that Raven is working on a game based on Star Trek: Voyager. There's no word on the engine the shooter-style game will use, but in a move similar to last year's showing of Heretic II at E3 so soon after its public announcement, word is they'll be ready to show the new game off at this year's E3 (in May). Here's the poop:

I am pleased to announce that Raven Software will be developing a Star Trek: Voyager game for Activision. The title will encompass the attributes of both intense first-person shooter action and team oriented combat, as you play the role of a security officer fighting alongside your fellow security team members. Drawing from the rich Star Trek universe, we will be focusing our efforts into creating the most amazing first-person shooter yet, with new and intriguing gameplay elements. We are developing new AI and Scripting systems so that the NPC's and enemies will intelligently react to their surroundings and situation. At this time we are in the early stages of development and more information will be forthcoming.

Look for us showing this title at E3 in May!

Jason Hall Letter

There's a big ole update from Monolith's Jason Hall on PlanetBlood, where they asked Jace why he's been a bit quiet lately, and he used the opportunity to give an update on the state of just about everything going on over there, summing it up with this:

So here is some general info -

Blood 2 source is on the way soon (VERY). With that users will be able to modify the heck out of the game. We will be releasing a Blood 2 patch soon (bugfixes) Users should expect a continued committed support effort from Monolith with regards to mods and level editing. We are still looking into the "High Ping" issue (this only happens on certain modems). We haven't found a way to fix that yet. We won't stop looking until we find and fix it.

The Nightmares Add-On is coming out soon. It is quite p1mp.

The main thing that I'd like to point out to the gamers is that Monolith is always doing the best that it can. Sometimes, that may not be good enough, but rest assured that we are working hard to satisfy. The frustrations that the Blood community has felt, Monolith has felt as well. We want Blood 2 to be as flawless as possible. We care about our game. We are doing the best that we can. That is all we can do. Trust me when I say that Monolith wholeheartedly appreciates the patience that the community has shown us.

Devine's Departure not Divine for Trilobyte

A report on The Adrenaline Vault News gives the news that Trilobyte software is closing up shop in the wake of the departure of Graeme Devine, who recently joined id Software. It is unclear if Mr. Devine's departure is actually the cause or the effect of this announcement, but according to the report, this spells trouble for Trilobyte's Extreme Warfare, which was nearing release:

According to Trilobyte, its multiplayer 3D action game Extreme Warfare, which was near completion, will not be distributed by them, and may never be released unless it can be completed by another developer.

More on the WoS Evil Weapons

Carl "General WarT" Glave made another update to his .plan with a clarification that the evil weapons he mentioned earlier (story) are unsupported portions of the pack, and folks shouldn't go bugging anyone about them, as well as a South Park style disclaimer about celebrity voice impersonations:

I forgot to mention something in my last plan update. The evil development weapons are unsupported features. Please do not call or email Activision, Ritual, or us about any crashes or other such nonsence encountered during their use.

Also, no celebrities were harmed in the making of this pack. All voices are impersonated impersonations of someone impersonating the characters being impersonated by the voice of an impersonator impersonating the impersonation of the characters. Or, something like that.


Datumplane::Starsiege TRIBES OpenGL FAQ has been updated to include information on how to get OpenGL TRIBES working on a whole boatload of different video cards.

Daikatana DM Demo Soon

Word in Daikatana lead artist Eric Smith's .plan is that the Mplayer Daikatana deathmatch demo is "out the door," which is about the full extent of the update, so it's not apparent when we can get our hands on it. Here's the whole quote:

Shhh...the DK M-Player Demo is out the door.

Tim Sweeney Interview

There's an interview with "Meester" Tim Sweeney on Arcadia talking with Epic Games' lead programmer about his own and other folk's games, as well as some questions about life outside of gaming.

Extreme Annihilation Pre-Coverage

AVault's Extreme Annihilation pre-coverage for this coming weekend's festivities is underway, a feature up there now is an interview with Kurt "immortal" Shimada, talking to one of the strong competitors participating in the tourney.

New A3D Drivers & SDK

Aureal Semiconductor's David A Gasior sends word that they've released the A3D 2.0 SDK on their FTP site. Also now available from A3D are new version 2.05 A3D drivers, which use the version 2.12 A3DAPI.DLL shipping with the SDK, offer support for Flatland technology (3D Web - 3DML), fix a small memory leak, and properly copies A3DAPI.DLL to the Windows System folder.

Scott Miller Interview

10 Questions With SamHell talks with Scott Miller, putting the head of Apogee Software under the 10 questions microscope, managing to cover a good deal of territory along the way, including some Duke Forever stuff, gaming, and other media, even learning Scott's first choice to play Duke in a movie, if it were up to him.

Secret Wages of Sin Weapons

Carl "General WarT" Glave updated his .plan with word on the secret "development" weapons in 2015's Sin mission pack Wages of Sin (thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme and Ritualistic). Here's the scoop:

OK, I'm in a nicely evil mood right now, so I thought I'd tell you about the secret "development" weapons that are in WOS. It first started out as a special stinger pack to help speed testing of the boss monsters, but it mutated and kinda grew into something kinda... evil. >)

Hehe, anyway, to get to the point, there are five "evil" versions of some of our new weapons. They are: EvilStingerPack, EvilPlasmaBow, EvilFlamethrower, EvilConcussionGun, and EvilIP36. They can all be given and used just like any other ordinary weapons, but there's also an extra give command, "give evil", that will give you all these as well as arm you to the teeth with a few other usefull... development tools. ;)

Now go fourth, and do evil unto those that would seek to thwart thine destructive Wages of Sin. :)


The Eraser Ultra Homepage has a new release of the EraserUltra, which adds features of several popular Quake II mods to the AI powered goodness of the Eraser bot. The new release has been delayed by problems getting the merged code for the Xatrix and Rogue mission packs merged, but what's called a stable version offering Xatrix mission pack and 3-Team CTF support is now available.


Hey, that thump on the doorstep must be the new issue of loonygames arriving (at least I hope that's what it is). Here's the scoop on the articles to be posted all week in sadistically spaced increments:

loonygames yells, "issue twenty eight!!!!" quiet. My head hurts. Giving you migraines this week:

  • Adventures in ASCII: Jeff Miller explores the weird world of "Roguelikes" the oddball ASCII RPG games that have inspired countless games, including Diablo. Featuring not one, not two, but *six* full games for your downloading pleasure. [Monday]
  • From the Mouth of Madness: Jason "loonyboi" Bergman asks the inevitable Sega screwed? [Monday]
  • How'd They Do That?: Yep, it's another HTDT, featuring your questions answered by game developers. In this week's installment, we go to Bungie Software and 3DRealms' Chris Hargrove to answer your questions about 3D engines. [Thursday]
  • Thinking Outside the Box: Paul Steed does another animation tutorial, this time using a well known videogame character as his subject...the DOOM guy. If you don't know who that is...well, that's just your problem, isn't it. [Tuesday]
  • PLUS: Whole caravans of User Friendly [DAILY], Penny Arcade reveals their secret identities [Wednesday], a new Pixel Obscura [Tuesday], loonyboi does Blood 2 [Thursday], we check out the Microsoft Force Feedback Pro [Thursday] and more! And then some more, because we're louder than you, dammit.

NOTE: This issue of loonygames is respectfully dedicated to the living memory of Stanley Kubrick. (1928-1999)


The PGL season 4 Quake II Brackets have been posted (thanks fido_7). Here are the finalists: Sybek, Vorador_, Kuin, immortal, VD_Jmaster , k9-g , b00m3r , and DH-SaboTaJ. The TF CNN League is accepting registrations, describing itself as a TF1/TFC league centered around the values of sportsmanship, fair play, intensity and fun. Matches will be played on Thursday evenings.


  • These results are from one of those research paper surveys that someone conducted recently on verbal and non-verbal communication in Quake II if you're curious at what sort of results turned up...
  • Tweak3D's CPU and Motherboard Tweak Guide has been updated with info on how to tweak your BIOS for performance and compatibility...
  • This Download Windows 98 Update page has some of those critical and recommended update files for download so you don't always have to go through the auto updater after a fresh reinstall. Thanks Thorson at

Out of the Blue

Question of the day comes from old school buddy Tony Fabris who asks if the Blammo news database is year 2000 compliant. The scary thing is I don't really know (I haven't mentioned this to furn since it came up). Hell, we installed the BlueTracker in January, and found out soon enough that the summary page wasn't February compliant =]

Stanley Kubrick 1928-1999 R.I.P.

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