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Monday, Nov 09, 1998

More on the Sin Patch

Tom "ParadoX" Mustaine updated his .plan with more info on what would be covered by the Sin patch, which Project Manager Joseph "Skeme" Selinske said would be "very soon" in an earlier update (story). Here's ParadoX's update:

[. Sin Patch .]

We will be releasing a patch in the next few days that will address some of the bugs that have filtered their way down.

Here are the major bugs that we addressed:

- Long load times, Fixed. - Broken mutant woes. Fixed. - Major soundcard issues. Fixed. - Levels loading twice, causing major gameplay issues. Fixed.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused, if we had known about any of these bugs we would have fixed them right away. We also took the time to iron out the other bugs that cropped up and are in the process of testing everything now.

Also, all future retail copies of Sin will have these bugs fixed.

Blood2 Demo Patch Soon has posted word from Monolith's Brian Goble that a patch will be available soon to upgrade the original Blood2 demo to the newer version for those holding out to avoid a second 36 MB download.

N64 Half-Life?

This N64.IGN.COM article discusses the possibility of a port of Half-Life to the N64, or another console system. Thanks Derrick Zobell. Here's the bottom line:

According to a spokesperson at Valve, the company is first working to complete the PC version of the game. After that, it will decide whether or not to develop an original version of Half-Life for Nintendo 64 or Sega's upcoming Dreamcast, depending on which console best exploits the game's potential.

Thresh's Firing Squad

Thresh's Firing Squad is online, a new site that covers hardware, games, and where the two meet. They have posted a Face Off article with Thresh and Kenn debating the merits of the USB mouse versus a PS/2 mouse using the PS/2 rate change utility, as well as a Half-Life preview.

Brady Bell Interview

The Trespasser team's Brady Bell is interviewed on discussing the game and future plans for the Trespasser engine.

Tweak Till You Freak

The TweakMonkey has gone tweak crazy. Tweak3d has posted updated versions of the following tweak guides: RIVA 128/ZX tweak guide, RIVA 128 game tweak guide, CD-ROM tweak guide, and the Hard-Drive tweak guide.

Heavy Gear II Demo Revisited

One last time to clarify all the previous posts on this from today (which I pulled for clarity). The Heavy Gear II playable demo on GameCenter is now the full, uncorrupted version, The Adrenaline Vault PC Release List has a copy, and 3DFiles.Com has it posted, which is where I got it for a local copy (45.7 MB) on GamesNET FTP.

Half-Life Gold

Half-Life is gold, and off to manufacture. Congrats to the crew at Valve. Here's the official word, hot off the presses from Valve's Gabe Newell:

Half-Life has gone gold, and is in manufacturing.

I'd like to say how extraordinarily grateful all of us here at Valve are for the support and enthusiasm you have shown Half-Life over the last two years. We are very proud of the product, and hope it lives up to your expectations.

Sierra will be sending out a media alert tomorrow giving more details on the street date.

Sin Review

OGR's Sin review is up, giving Ritual's shooter mixed marks.

Merged Version of Unreal

Epic's T. Elliot "Myscha the sled dog" Cannon's .plan file has a few notes on what he's up to, including a mention of an "upcoming merged version of Unreal that's going to be released for free on the net which includes many improvements to weapons and the final Multiplayer pass." That's about the whole thing I'm about to excerpt, but what the heck:

Work? Well since GT slipped the Cat out of the bag-yes I've been working some on "Unreal Tournament" among other things. I'm really excited, however about this upcoming merged version of Unreal that's going to be released for free on the net which includes many improvements to weapons and the final Multiplayer pass.

Sin GameSpy Tip

TechnoAllah sends along a kludgy, but effective workaround to use the Sin server list mentioned earlier (story) with GameSpy, with registered servers showing up alongside demo servers, albeit without map names:

A quick fix is to copy/paste the list to a text file...then config GameSpy to refresh off that text file. Since the full version of Sin is not compatible with GameSpy, the full version servers show up without a map name and the demo servers have a map name.

As mentioned earlier, PingTool has registered Sin support.

Rebel Moon Sets

I hadn't seen this before: GameSpot News is reporting that seldom discussed shooter Rebel Moon revolution has lost the backing of GT Interactive, and the game's planned retail release this holiday season is now in question.

A3D Wins Support

This press release from Aureal Semiconductor announces support for the A3D audio specification in RAD Game Tools' upcoming next version of their Miles Sound System which should provide wider support for A3D in the gaming industry. Thanks WarDog.

Sin Server List

On a subject I touched on earlier, Ritualistic's Sin Server List is up offering choices of Sin DM servers. Thanks Bones. This is no ][ronman's list (remember the man of ][ron?), so the pings listed are just the pings from the server to PlanetQuake.

3Dfx Tuner

AlecStarr Systems has released a service release for their APK 3DFx Tuning Engine 98++, a program described as a way to improve performance. Thanks Voodoo Extreme. Here's the lowdown on this power-users' tool. Like so many things posted here lately, or like so many things in life in general, use this at your own risk (I haven't checked this one out yet myself). Here's a description of the program:

Diamond Monster or Monster II accelerator board using Gamers, want more speed and performance from your 3dfx based games like Quake II, Hexen II, or GLQuake to name a few? Try this program! It gets you that speed by as much as 10-15 fps more! Get more 3dFx gaming speed with APK 3dFx Tuning Engine 98++! A testimony file is available in the download file itself from users showing MASSIVE increases (up to 35%) in speed!

Crystal Space Engine

For programming/techie types, there is a new Crystal Space Beta Release. The new release is the third beta with COM support (only the Linux/Unix and Windows port are currently working), and should be "somewhat easier to get working." Other new things are a new BMP texture loader from Olivier Langlois and some bug fixes. The new beta at the BOTTOM of the beta download page separated from the more stable 0.11r032 version. Thanks Prophet. Here's the lowdown on the engine in general:

Crystal Space is a free (LGPL) and portable 3D engine written in C++. It supports true 6DOF, colored lights, mipmapping, portals, mirrors, alpha transparency, reflecting surfaces, 3D sprites, scripting, 8-bit and 16-bit display support, Direct3D hardware acceleration on Windows, Glide hardware acceleration on Windows and Linux, ... See the extensive list of features for more details.

Avenger Specs?

AGN3D has posted some specs that they claim represent the plan for 3Dfx's yet-to-be-announced (officially) chipset called the Avenger. The blurb goes on to mention that "3Dfx expects to hit 1 billion texels/s in a separate $500+ product due by year's end..." The source of this information is not clear, but here are the specs they list:

  • 0.25u, 125MHz chipset
  • 10 million triangles/sec
  • 500Mtexels/s fill rate
  • 32Mb 125-150MHz SDRAM/SGRAM
  • 16bpp and 32bpp rendering
  • Improved Banshee 2D core
  • Volume shipment 1Q 99
  • $250-$300 retail

TNN Celebrity Outdoors Pro Hunter

Not content with just The Nashville Network's name behind their upcoming Unreal-engine game, TNN Outdoors Pro Hunter, ASC Games today announced that they have signed TNN Outdoors hunting personality, Bill Jordan, as the in-game hunting expert for their upcoming hunting sim.

Sin Patch Very Soon

Ritual Project Manager Joseph "Skeme" Selinske updated his .plan with word that they were hard at work fixing problems that have been reported about the game, and that a fix would be at hand "very soon." Here's the update:

Just wanted to let everyone out there know that we're working hard on fixing many of the problems that people have commented about. We've got many things fixed and ready, we're just testing to make sure we've caught them all. We'll be getting this into your hands very soon.

Romero Chat

Gamer's Alliance is holding a live chat session tomorrow (Tuesday) evening with ION Storm Chairman John Romero. The chat will be at 10:00 PM Eastern time in EFNet #gagames, and in order to start on time, the "doors will be closed" at 9:45 PM EST sharp.


Issue 12 of loonygames (it's meant to be lowercase dammit!) is underway, as usual, to be posted throughout the week according to this vaguely confusing schedule:

  • When It's Done: Rowan "Sumaleth" Crawford takes a look at the role deadlines play in game development. What *does* it mean when a company says a game will be out, "when it's done"? [Monday]
  • User Friendly: Illiad's fantastic geek-humor comic strip has landed at loonygames! Updated every day! [DAILY]
  • Guest Editorial: Cliff Bleszinski of Epic Megagames talks about his preference for alien environments over real world settings in game design. [Thursday]
  • Community Profile: We sit down with Process, the man behind Processed News, for this exclusive interview! And turns out it's being published on the guy's birthday! Cool! [Friday]
  • PLUS: More "Pixel Obscura" [Tuesday], Paul Steed's Thinking Outside the Box [Tuesday], more of that ol' time Beaker's Bent [Wednesday], and of course, much, much, more! And then some more!

New QHunter

Beta 1.1 of QHunter, the server browser that operates from within Quake, is now available. The new beta includes an improved UI and a number of bug fixes. Support for Sin, Heretic II, and Unreal are promised in future releases.

Mini-OpenGL Mini-Warning

Jack "morbid" Mathews sent along mail scolding me for linking to the Banshee 3Dfx MiniGL yesterday (story) because of possible odd side effects (ALT-TAB problems and things like that), and he's correct that this is "do at your own risk" stuff, so consider yourself warned. If you are messing with different OpenGL minidrivers, be sure to keep your originals safe to reinstall if you have problems.

Uprising 2/Requiem Site

The Uprising 2 Underground is a site started by John Eberhardt, Producer/Director at Cyclone Studios as a personal storehouse of information about their upcoming games, Uprising 2, and Requiem: Avenging Angel (as well as some insights into how close to cracking folks get at the end of these projects).

Deadlode 2

Deadlode 2, the latest project from the Coven, has been released for download as an archive with two maps (Well2000 and DeadForts7) or without maps. Deadlode 2 is a class-based TC for Quake II that offers features like new weapons and encumbrance factors, and an ability to customize your class by selecting from choices of different player profiles.


Version 0.95 of the BraZen Quake mod is out, offering features like location-based damage, new weapons, and up to four team(!) CTF.

Linux Quake II Mods Page

A new Linux Quake II mods page is online, trying to fill the gap left by the disappearance of its predecessor. If you have information about a Linux port of a Quake II mod they do not have listed, they request you pass it along.

Rage Pro Tweaker

A Rage Pro Tweaker is now available, offering access to low level settings on ATI's accelerators. The Rage Pro is not the most powerful 3D chipset available, but perhaps that's all the more reason for tweaking. As always, this is "at your own risk" material.

Banshee FAQ

The Banshee FAQ on Bill's Workshop has been updated again with more workarounds for Voodoo Banshee support in specific games. Thanks Billy at Voodoo Extreme.


You can enter RIVA 3D's SLI contest by signing into their guestbook and answering a few questions about STB's BlackMagic Voodoo2 cards. SLI setups will be awarded to a pair of correct entries. Also, The Techs Network is holding a giveaway with a Creative Labs Voodoo Banshee and 64 MB of RAM as the prizes. Similar to the Black Magic contest, this one requires entrants to answer technical questions about the Banshee.

Vanilla CTF Interview

This week's Monday Morning Interview on Mod Central is with James Abbetiello, the creator of Vanilla CTF. They have also posted new reviews of Lasermine CTF, NIQ, and the Pro-Rocket mod.

Kill for a Cause

Sniper.Net sends word of a frag for charity event they are holding:

On Sunday, November 22 the Sniper Network Gaming Group will be hosting a 25 player BYOC First Person Shooter LAN Party in Vancouver, BC. This time we're doing something special - all money raised at the event is going directly to the Children's Empty Stocking Fund to help those kids who can't afford to gib.


Legend Entertainment's Scott Dalton updated his .plan with an analogy about how making games is like being in a cult ... Trey Harrison sends word that he's still inundated with questions (more than two?) about why his recent SinView project doesn't work with the full release. A full explanation of the situation is in his .plan ... QuakeNet has started an RC5 cracking effort, for all you cryptographers out there ... Bullseye is devoted to nothing but Quake II crosshairs ...

Out of the Blue

Seems there was a change in the network protocols between the Sin demo and the full release of Sin, and so now Sin support in GameSpy no longer works. I've gotten a bunch of requests for Sin server lists, and what I can offer is that the latest PingTool is already updated with full Sin support, so check it out and get on those servers so I can hollowpoint a few of you. ;) Oh, yeah: Happy Birthday Paul Steed (I see from the archive from this time a year ago that it's right around now).
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