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Thursday, Nov 05, 1998 Guy Fawkes Night

Tomb Raider III Demo

PC.IGN.COM has the playable Tomb Raider III demo here as what I was told was an exclusive download dealie (though there doesn't seem to be any mention of the exclusivity there).

MX300 Review, D3D Half-Life

Sharky Extreme's Diamond MX300 review takes a look at thisVortex2 based sound card, and mentions a bit about the D3D version of Half-Life Day One along the way:

On a side note, this was our first chance to try out the Direct3D version of Half-Life, and we're happy to report that it looked almost identical to the OpenGL version. No wonder the game took so long to finish, the Direct3D port over is flawless, and fast as well. Half-Life will absolutely be the number one selling title this holiday season, I'd bet MY…er….I mean SHARKY'S LIFE on it.

Three Team CTF

The 3TCTF Homepage has version 1.0 of their three team CTF. The first release of this Quake II teamplay mod includes a Linux version, as well as a green flag.

Heavy Gear II Demo Delayed Again

The Heavy Gear II demo originally slated for release earlier in the week, and then rescheduled for today has been delayed again. Here's the announcement from Activision's Heavy Gear II page:

The multiplayer bug that has been delaying release has been a pesky one, which has taken longer than expected to fix. The update from Production is that it has now been fixed, and our QA Department is currently performing a final compatibility sweep of the demo. Despite our best forecasts earlier in the week, the demo will not be out today. Whether release occurs tomorrow or later depends on what QA finds in its sweep. We are very close!

We remain committed to bringing the demo out as soon as possible, but not before. As Dave Georgeson (Producer of HGII) has said, the production team is not willing to let any demo go out until the playability, connectability, and reliability of the game are solid enough that it's fun to play.

Please bear with us a little longer. We are all VERY excited about this demo, and we sincerely believe the end result will be worth the wait!

Sincerely, The Heavy Gear II Team

P.S. The dates of the contest drawings (see link) will be moved according to the demo's actual release, so that the contest lasts a full week from the release. Please refer to the contest page for the final, updated dates once the demo is posted.


The VELOCITY 4400 Drivers has added another new BIOS to the four that were posted yesterday, adding a version 1.1 BIOS for the AGP version of the VELOCITY 4400 with no TV out. The new BIOS is said to improve the performance of the memory on the V4400.

Sin Bug FAQ

There's a short compilation of bugs and fixes for Sin in the Ritualistic SiN Bug FAQ.

Sin CD Tip

onethumb has been typing his lone digit off, as he's updated his .plan again with word of a bug in the Sin auto-loader that plays the game entirely from CD. You should start the game from the menu instead, and game performance (load times in particular) should drastically improve.

Red Hat Declines Linux Quake

Red Hat not Interested in Publishing Id Games is an article on Slashdot.Org that describes an exchange between John Carmack and Bob Young at Red Hat Publishing that reveals id Software was interested in having Red Hat publish the Linux versions of the Quake family. Influences on Red Hat's decision to decline the offer are described as an interest in publishing more "serious" products than games, and their policy of distributing open source code rather than compiled binaries. Thanks Bill Lynch.

Sin Review

Sharky Extreme's Sin review is online already.

Tribes Pics

Starsiege Tribes Players page has been updated with all the October daily screenshots, some of which offer first looks at the flying scouts and personnel carriers, as well as various other gadgets. Thanks Schnoz's Starsiege Universe

Weapons Factory

Version 3.3a of The Weapons Factory for Quake II is now available, offering new features like ZBot detection, a new knife weapon for the spy, a remote camera, and laser guided napalm rockets. Also included in 3.3 are new player skins and enhanced graphics. Versions are available for NT, Linux and Solaris.

Descent 3 Movie

There's a Descent 3 trailer in .AVI format up on 3DFiles.Com showing off gameplay from Interplay's upcoming flying shooter.

More on Sin & SBLive!

Don "onethumb" MacAskill's .plan has more info on the SBLive! problem with Sin with variations on the solution if you're still having a problem.

Dr. Feelgood

A couple of readers have asked about the sparse Out of the Blue's the last couple of days. I was avoiding mentioning the dentist trip I made this week because I thought I could overcome its effects unnoticed, but clearly the painkillers have slowed me down a bit, so I wanted to mention what was up if you were wondering. No sympathy please, it's not that biggie (besides, I do have the pain killers). Just wanted to fess up to my slowness as the fog lifts.

John Carmack's Talk on Shooters

Tonight on Shooters, the weekly foray into the present and future of action gaming, we will air part one of the talk John Carmack gave at the FRAG2 on Quake III Arena. Part two, which includes the Q&A session, will air next week. The show starts at 7:00 PM Eastern time, and will, of course, be available thereafter in the archives. RealPlayer, or reasonable facsimile thereof, required.

Heavy Gear Demo Preview Movie

Phoebus, who is celebrating his first anniversary at Activision, sends word of a Heavy Gear II movie showing off gameplay from the playable demo, originally promised for release earlier in the week, and now slated for release later today:

Here is something to whet your appetite: a new movie showing gameplay from the demo itself. The .avi has clips of both multiplayer missions: outer space, and swamp terrain. Meanwhile, the team is working feverishly to polish off the demo. Please stay tuned! You can also view the movie as a Real file, in both high and low bandwidth formats.

On Unreal Tournament

There's a statement up on PlanetUnreal from Epic's Mark Rein to try and shed some light, or actually cast some doubt, on the speculation about the nature of their upcoming project based on the title, Unreal Tournament, that slipped out in a recent GT Interactive Press Release:

Unfortunately I can't engage the gossip caused by the GT financial press release. They obviously made a big mistake in using the name of an unannounced product in their press release but I can't reverse that now.
When we're ready to announce what Unreal Tournament is then we'll announce it. That will probably be in 4-6 weeks. Until then I'm sure we'll have to endure a lot of inaccurate speculation as to what the product is based solely on what people think they can figure out from two simple words in a press release. Oh well, these things happen.

Gabe Newell Interview

The Q&A part of PC Gamer Online's interactive interview with Gabe Newell is up, with Valve's Managing director answering questions about Half-Life submitted by readers. According to the interview, the game is on track for a Thanksgiving (November 26) release. Thanks PorkBelly.

Cliffy B Interview

Part three of Action Xtreme's interview with Cliff Bleszinski is now online, the final installment in the conversation.

Sin SBLive! Fix

The Ritual Entertainment page offers a solution for sound problems with Sin using a SoundBlaster Live!. Thanks Tripps. I had the SBLive! problem, and this fixed it for me. Here's the scoop:
THIS JUST IN: Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! Issues can be fixed with the following:

Download the new SBLive! drivers from Creative's Site. They are about 2 weeks old. Make sure Environmental Sound is set to OFF in the Live! control panel. Turn the sound in Sin to Low Quality, Max Compatibility, and 3D Off.

This is apparently the fix that Activision Customer Support is giving people who call in, so it should work great.

There is another fix on Voodoo Extreme from Billy who says the above fix doesn't work for him, but the one he posted (a bit of a kludge, unfortunately), does. Here goes:
On the Live you want to turn off Environmental Sound or turn the Direct Sound acceleration down -- to turn the acceleration down go to your multimedia properties, under playback - advanced properties, kick that acceleration mofo down one notch and try it, if it doesn't work, one more notch until you hit Basic. This probably isn't the fix that you're looking for, but it does work and at least lets you hear stuff (which is a huge plus after not having sound). Also turn off 3D sound in the Sin control panel.


DmBlade, the first BladeMatch level for Heretic II is now available. BladeMatch is a melee only form of deathmatch that offers blade and heal shrines on the map, but no weapons. Hassaan Chop!

On Crack's Demise

Last weeks' loonygames' Guest Editorial is by Jonathan Clark, one of the owners of Crack dot Com, talking about the reasons for the company's demise. Jonathan's .plan also mentions the Life After Crack page offering info about what's going on with the ex-crackheads after the shutdown, with some email they've received posted as well.

John Romero in Rolling Stone

John Romero adds to his impressive history of great press as he is featured in Rolling Stone #800 (November 26, 1998). Thanks Methane.. John has also been profiled in Time Magazine, and was recently named one of the 101 most influential people in entertainment by Entertainment Weekly. Wow!


Version 0.93b2 of Rancor is now available with changes to the in-eyes view and the HUD. This Quake II competition modification offers some unique features like real-time weapon hit percentages and original chasecams. There is also a Rancor discussion board available to discuss the mod.


An updated version 1.0 of Q2-Start is up on the Q-Start & Q2Start page offering a new layout for this Quake II front-end, as well as a few new features and a solitary bug-fix. Thanks MagixX.

FvF Mailing List

There is now a Future versus Fantasy Mailing List to talk about all the present and future variations on Freeform Interactive's Quake mod, and it's future as their upcoming "Multiverse Development Engine" RPG, OpenFvF.

Funny Papers

No, not the kind of funny papers Cheech and Chong made an album about, but the first of the comics featuring Quake II is up on the Buckles page, as the website runs two weeks behind the newspaper strip. Thanks Gredd.

IE5 Beta

Internet Explorer 5 Beta 2. Thanks Snicker.

Out of the Blue

Is the term Beta web-browser redundant?
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