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Thursday, Oct 09, 1997 Blue's News Anniversary (1996)

New Worldcraft Pulled

Thanks Rotwang for pointing out that Worldcraft 1.5b had been released earlier on the Worldcraft page. Had, because right after it was posted here, the WC page was updated:

ACK! Pardon This :) There is a problem with 1.5b :) Ben has already fixed it, but it is late here and we have all gone home from work! Sorry everyone. There will be a fix tomorrow morning!


Tonight on QuakeCast, we speak with Ritual level designer, and QuakeCast favorite, Levelord (aka BeerF**k), another couple of favored regulars, morbid and onethumb (from their new shack), and Slipgate of Speaking of onethumb, I have to agree with the sentiment in his .plan that the Purity Test (mentioned below) would have been just as funny without taking shots at individuals, and more in line with the sentiments of the community as a whole (though not necessarily those of those who made the test, I suppose ... anyway sorry if I was unfair with the generalization I originally posted here).

The Quake Community on IE4

Both Disruptor and Bastard are quoted in a TechWeb article (written by our pal Liger) titled IE 4 Glitches Surface talking about their headaches with Microsoft's newest browser.

New QuakeOn

QuakeOn 1.0 has been released on the newly redesigned QuakeOn Website. This is the full, final, non-beta version, which includes full Helping Head support, and more support for programs that aren't Quake. A new version of QTray is included.

Rocket Arena Archive / Transparent Water (Updated)

This story originally had the wrong link for the patch, sorry about that. The Rocket Arena Map Archive is a new site dedicated to being a repository of maps for Rocket Arena (all right, there's only one there so far, but it's a start). Also, Josh Straub has made a transparent water patch for Rocket Arena 1.1 (116 KB) has been released. GLQuake is required for transparent water support in hardware, or the WaterHack utility (20 KB) from the Waterhack page for transparent water in software (more like invisible in this case), at a performance hit. As always, unless the server is running maps re-vised for transparent water, you will not be able to see players or objects through the water.

Jedi Out

A couple of confirmed reports have rolled in of Jedi Knight in stores now. Use the Force! Thanks tomorrow's Birthday boy MonkeyBoy (cheers!).

Quake Purity Test

Wanna test your Quake Purity? There's now a funny online Quake Purity Test put together by Martin "DemonEater" Cox and some other regulars on EFnet #quake. Here was my outcome (I am frightened to know that it probably isn't remarkable compared to some):

You answered "yes" to 67 of 119 questions, with a total value of 67 points out of 124, making you 46.0% quake pure (54.0% quake corrupt).

Egyptology in Hexen II

The newest feature article up on HexenWorld is by loonyboi, discussing Egyptology in Hexen II commending Raven for actually using authentic symbols in an appropriate manner.

.plan Watch (Updated)

  • id Software's Barrett "Bear" Alexander updated his .plan again defining his "guarantee" that you'll flip over the Quake II Demo.
  • id Software's Brian Hook updated his .plan with a description of some truly bizarre behavior from his Microsoft software.
  • onethumb made a .plan update saying he and morbid will be joining QuakeCast tonight, and raving over Jedi Knight, referencing...
  • ...Prey Project leader Paul Schuytema's .plan update on the subject of JK's effect on the Prey team's productivity.
  • Raven's Rick Johnson explains the nature of some IPX problems in Hexen II in his latest .plan update.

New Stingray 128/3D Drivers (Updated)

New drivers for the Stingray 128/3D (2.6 MB) have been released on the Hercules page. It is not clear yet whether or not these are the drivers that are supposed to significantly improve GLQuake performance. If the date on the site is correct then these VESA 2.0 BIOS Extensions (35 KB), are also new as of yesterday. Thanks Traci.

Half-Life Goon o' the Week

OGR has posted their Half-Life monster of the week, featuring the Houndeye (Sonicanis myriops) with screenshots and video footage of this doggie of death. I don't think I'll feel as guilty shooting these guys as I did the Rottweillers (Dobermans?) in Quake.

Macintosh & Linux Server Finders

  • Version 1.0b3 of Quake Pathfinder (285 KB) has been released on the Quake Pathfinder page. This freeware utility (a registered version is apparently in the works), allows Macintosh users to ping servers to find their best game, à la GameSpy.
  • Version 0.1c of QuickSpy, a similar utility to browse QuakeWorld servers under Linux is out on the QuickSpy page. Thanks Prophet.

Da Pak

Da Pak, a collection of deathmatch levels by the winners of the QuakeCon map competition has been released on the Da Pak Page.

Reviews and Previews



  • LAN Parties: A Portuguese LAN party for this weekend added; a CTF gathering in Grand Rapids, MI; a regular gathering in Olympia, WA;
  • The Want Ads: A job opening for a 3D Modeler/Animator for Prey (thanks Lithium of Preystation), also, a new format for some listings with expanded descriptions. A level designer sought by Katana software.


Are you a game addict? This is the question asked in this Quiz, posted on PC World Online (I don't think most of us need the quiz to know the answer). Thanks Reverb ... A Jedi Knight FAQ, covering how the Force powers work, and other Jedi Knight gameplay tips has been posted on Logic Quest. Thanks Chris ...
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