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Thursday, Apr 19, 2007


Infernal Date, Preorders

Eidos announces that May 8 is the planned release date for Infernal, Metropolis Software's PhysX-powered third-person shooter. On a related note, Steam is now accepting preorders and offering preloads of the Steam edition of Infernal, which carries a 10% discount up until the game's release. Here's the announcement:

Hell hath no fury like a gamer scorned – which is why the firey Infernal demo will leave even the toughest critic begging for more! This amazing demo gives you the chance to see what it is like to hold the survival of the world as we know it in your hands. But it is just a taste of what Infernal has to offer and if you think you can handle the heat – then be sure to check out this amazing new PC game when it officially hits store shelves across North America on May 8th, 2007.

This game asks the question that has plagued people of power throughout time – with powers only the devil can offer at your disposal, can you save the world and be the definitive hero. In this race for survival, be the one bridge standing between heaven and hell as they fight for control and ultimately the fate of all we know and love. With unparalleled powers and unfaltering strength and the devil on your side– it is time to make the decision to be bad…or very bad.

DEFCON Patch, Linux Plans

The DEFCON Website now offers a new patch for Introversion Software's strategy game of global conflict, while the Steam edition of the patch is now automatically available. This update adds amBX support and ushers in an era of cross-platform play for the game, as Macs and PCs can now play together online, and word is this support will also extend to the upcoming Linux edition: "Indie-developer Introversion Software today announced the release of version 1.4 of their hit-title DEFCON, an online multiplayer strategy game, based around the theme of thermonuclear war. Significantly, the new patch provides cross-platform interoperability, enabling Windows users to wage nuclear Armageddon against fellow Mac players. Linux users will also soon be able to join in the fun, with the release of the Linux version due around the end of April."

Steam Security Follow-up has a follow-up from Valve about reports that the Steam servers may have been compromised (story). Word from Doug Lombardi is that while information may have been retrieved from a third-party site, Steam is still safely contained in their steampipes:

Doug Lombardi, director of marketing at Valve, says, "There has been no security breach of Steam." However, he does confirm our expert's findings by adding, "The alleged hacker gained access to a third-party site that Valve uses to manage the commercial partners in its Cyber Café program. This Cyber Café billing system is not connected to Steam. We are working with law enforcement agencies on this matter, and encourage anyone with more information to e-mail us at"

The Late Show

A cinematic trailer for Clive Barker's Jericho is now available, promoting the upcoming horror game that carries the moniker of the famed author. The clip is available from Codemasters and mirrored on FileFront. Also, a new Colin McRae: DIRT trailer shows off the upcoming rally racing sequel, the clip is available on 3D Downloads, FileFront, and Gamer's Hell.

Evening Q&As

  • Empire Earth III
    The Empire Earth III Q&A on FiringSquad talks with Mathew Nordhaus about Mad Doc's RTS sequel: "In many ways, it shows our focus on quality rather than sheer quantity. Even though we have fewer epochs we have created three completely different regions (unique buildings, units, techs, powers, nothing is shared). This means each time the player levels he gets almost all new units and art…unlike EE2 where many of the models were shared. It also lets us, as designers, give the players different gameplay options as you advance. In one you might get gunpowder, and ranged units become more dominant. In the next you get air power. We’ve tried to make each advance a substantial one."
  • Trickster Online
    RPG Vault's Trickster Online Q&A - Part 2 talks with Eugene Kim about Ntreev Soft's MMOG that's free to play in North America: "Trickster Online offers a great variety of equipment and items. Equipment can be upgraded by refining and compounding with items gathered from various places throughout the island. There is a rare or unique item available in-game right now, but a real server-specific unique item will be implemented late this summer. Equipment has level requirements, and certain items are type-specific; for instance, guns can only be used by Sense characters. There are many ways to acquire equipment and items, through monster hunting, quests, drilling, compounding, card battles and events. There are also GM-run events that award special items. Additional items and equipment can be purchased through My Shop. Most of these are only available there."

Evening Previews

Gatherings & Competitions

NEDC Announced For May 10th. The Northern Exposure developer's conference. Not Alaska, but rather the U.K.

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Evening Tech Bits

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Evening Metaverse

Evening Legal Briefs

Evening Safety Dance

etc., etc.

Into the Black

R.I.P.: Gaming legend Bill Cravens passes away.

Good to the last Link! Thanks Ant.
Link of the Evening: Infrared Soap Dispenser Makes Your Home Like a Public Toilet. In case that sounds appealing.
Stories: Was It Right to Show Killer's Videos? Of course not.
Love at first bite.
Berlin's polar bear cub Knut receives death threat.
Science!: Cybertooth for patients may replace pills. Thanks Mike Martinez.
Media: Haloid. Thanks Scud.

New SupComm Plans & More Gas Powered Plans

Gas Powered Games sends word they've posted a bunch of new job openings on the Gas Powered Games Jobs Page, with the announcement carrying information about their coming projects, including a new Supreme Commander game, a new PC game, and a console project:

Join Chris Taylor and the GPG team on cool, new console and PC adventures. Projects include PC titles within the Supreme Commander franchise, PC titles with original I.P. and something new – an original I.P. that is the company's first next-generation console project, sure to surprise fans of GPG's "Game of the Year" role-playing and real-time strategy games.

Operation Flashpoint 2 Announced

Operation Flashpoint™, the game that invented the conflict simulation genre, to return in 2008 reveals plans for a sequel for Bohemia Interactive Studios' military shooter. The sequel is being developed internally by Codemasters, and is slated for release in 2008:

Promising warfare on a scale never seen in a FPS, the biggest name in modern military simulation gaming will return in 2008 as Codemasters confirms that Operation Flashpoint™2 is in development for PC and major console formats.

Operation Flashpoint™2 will mark the long-awaited return of the total conflict simulator, which won international acclaim. Now in development, it is Codemasters Studios' most extensive R&D project to date. With the studio's largest development team ever assembled, Operation Flashpoint™2 has already benefited from over two years of pre-production on a closed set basis and will use a new FPS variant of Neon technology, the studio's proprietary middleware.

Building on the original game's heritage, Operation Flashpoint™2 will see the most realistic modelling of conflict scenarios in a new contemporary theatre of war. By offering a multitude of military disciplines, gameplay will deliver warfare more realistic and intense then ever before, while an extensive multiplayer component will create battles on an incredible scale.

Set to redefine the genre it created, Operation Flashpoint™2 is coming in 2008. Further details will be announced this summer; gamers can sign up for future development briefings online at:

Rise of the Argonauts Announced

Codemasters announces Rise of the Argonauts™, an epic action-RPG for 2008 has word that Liquid Entertainment is at work on an action./RPG for release next year:

Codemasters added a further property to its 2008 portfolio today with the announcement that Rise of the Argonauts™ , an epic scale action-RPG, is now in development at Liquid Entertainment for leading console platforms and PC.

Rise of the Argonauts will immerse gamers in a gladiatorial adventure, set in wondrously imagined vision of ancient Greece. With deep exploration and epic quests, players will live a life of brutal combat as they lead a team of iconic warriors – including Jason, Hercules and Atalanta – through a world ruled by mythological gods.

“Rise of the Argonauts is a further key property in our 2008 portfolio,” says Barry Jafrato, Codemasters Senior VP of Brand. “Codemasters’ investment in developing new I.P.s, which will sit alongside the new extensions of our existing brands, reinforces our ongoing commitment to bring original and thrilling new gaming experiences to market.”

Race Driver One Announced

Motorsport gaming evolves as Codemasters announces Race Driver One announces the next installment in this motorsport series will race onto PCs and consoles in 2008:

Codemasters today announced Race Driver One™ , the third generation in its acclaimed 8-million+ selling motorsport series. The title is now in development at Codemasters Studios, creators of genre-leading motorsport video games, and will arrive in 2008 for leading console platforms and PC.

Race Driver One™ will be a true evolution for the series, which first appeared as the TOCA (DTM/V8) Touring Car games (1997–2000) and became the TOCA (DTM/V8) Race Driver series (2002-2006). Taking the series from ultimate racing simulation to ultimate racing stimulation, Race Driver One™ will be the next technical showcase for Neon, the studio's proprietary middleware system that is already driving Colin McRae: DIRT™ in incredible detail.

Challenging players to become the number one race driver in a new world of exhilarating motorsport, Race Driver One™ will take players on a tour like never before; to beautifully realised racing locations through Europe, the U.S., Japan and beyond. The game will feature the most extensive range of events in the series, combining official circuit-based championships with road races and urban street competitions.

"As each generation of gaming formats shifts up a gear, so does this series and Race Driver One is set to evolve the previously headlined TOCA (DTM/V8) titles as much as DIRT has the Colin McRae series," says Gavin Raeburn, Executive Producer at Codemasters Studios.
"Combining our racing heritage with the Neon engine, Race Driver One will create a world that goes far beyond the traditional boundaries of motorsport gaming, taking players from the most prestigious race circuits to road and street events around the globe. A completely fresh career structure will engage players in an unprecedented range of racing styles as they build a team capable of becoming number one. The Neon engine will be expanded to deliver a new level of visual detail, physics and an astonishing car damage system."

WoW: Burning Crusade Trial

A World of WarCraft: The Burning Crusade 10-Day Trial Edition is now available, offering a free first hit off the crack-pipe sample of Blizzard's MMORPG expansion (thanks Ant). Access to the 10-day trial is limited to World of Warcraft subscribers.

Steam Cracked?

Steam Hacked, Credit Cards May Be Exposed on Gameworld Network reports indications that the Steam system may have suffered a security breach. Some seemingly private information has been posted to a Steam-haters forum, along with a threat to expose further customer data. The breach has not been confirmed.

Combat Mission: Shock Force Dated

Paradox Interactive announces release dates for Combat Mission: Shock Force, saying the military combat sim will appear in North America and on Gamer's Gate on June 11 and in Europe on June 15:

New York, USA (April 19, 2007) – Recognized global publisher Paradox Interactive announced today the shipping date for their next big strategy release - Combat Mission: Shock Force. Developed by Battlefront, Combat Mission: Shock Force is a modern style military simulation set to challenge the standard of current wargames on the market.

Combat Mission: Shock Force is scheduled to ship to stores in North America on June 11, 2007 with a simultaneous release on Gamer's Gate and will ship to stores in Europe on June 15, 2007. The game will retail for $39.99/€39.99.

The computer games series Combat Mission has received much acclaim from the gaming community for its simulations of tactical battles. Its fans span the globe and Combat Mission: Shock Force is described as the pinnacle of the series where the developers have poured years of experience into the game and its entirely new engine.

This tactical military simulation depicts a hypothetical near future conflict between NATO and Syrian forces in Syria. A highly story driven semi-dynamic Campaign, from the US perspective, offers a completely new experience for Combat Mission fans. Each battle include a detailed Mission Briefing outlining specific Objectives, which can range from taking a particular spot on the map to retaining force cohesion. The Objectives for each side can be different, allowing each side to fight according to its own goals rather than a single set common to both.

For more information about the worldwide release of Combat Mission: Shock Force, please visit the website or contact

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