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Friday, May 28, 1999


Vampire Preview

GameCenter has posted a new preview of Nihilistic's Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption, featuring a bunch of new images (thanks -CiDcO-).

Q3A Server Setup

The official Quake 3 Arena site has an update from id's Todd H. reiterating the legalities involved in redistributing the Q3ATest (which allows for no CD distribution whatsoever), and another from Graeme Devine with a Server commands howto "a technical document on how to communicate with the Quake 3 Arena Server," said to be of interest to those writing server browsers.

Voodoo 3 for Linux

3DFX has approved beta Voodoo 3 and Banshee drivers for Linux. The download includes an X server, as well as fullscreen hardware support.


  • Gamer's Voice is reporting on a new product called the Sharedware Savage that lets you play multiplayer games on a single PC, by letting you connect a second monitor (or TV), keyboard, mouse and joystick (thanks Ancient1).
  • Mp3 on a PlayStation? It looks like it...
  • Can't get enough of them light sabres? Check out this site (thanks to the fabulous Mynx for that one).

Messiah Shots

Messiah Press is gearing up to go off on a screenshot binge, having posted four new Messiah shots (or, as the site says "I'm pretty sure they're all new"). Word is they will be posting four shots a day for the foreseeable future.

AM Tech Bits


Rasia's Den has version 1.1 of TRIBES Arena, the Starsiege: TRIBES variation on the ever-popular Clan Arena concept, where two teams enter the arena, and killed players wait for the end of the match, rather than respawning, with the last team with a player or players living the winner.

TFC Map Problem

Here's the message describing a problem on TeamFortress Classic and the new Half-Life version sent along by Tung:

As you've probably heard, it seems that with the new Half Life patch, when the server comes to the (TFC) hunted map, everyone drops because the server seems to think that our hunted map is different from its own one. That's why you'll find that every server running hunted is empty.

I've received word that this is a CRC check, because the map has changed (along with a couple others in the new release), so this is really a problem of connecting to a server with a client, or vice versa.




  • Rob "Innerloop" Huebner updated his .plan with ideas on how developers can end up presenting at next year's Game Developers Conference, urging level designers to make an effort at being part of the show...
  • More violent gaming stuff: "Violent Reactions" on Reason magazine (thanks lilgorgor) which doesn't think that games hold the responsibility for recent shootings, while Columbine Repercussions looks to chronicle recent events and examine the media's impact, saying "Theories and instant expertise are not appropriate."...
  • Havoc Light is a tool for classic Quake map authors "that lights Quake maps during the compiling process, generating lighting data for the bsp data tree..."

Out of the Blue

More congrats today: feel free to shoot loony an email congratulating him on his graduation, as well as his birthday, which is tomorrow. I mention this now, because Saturday is Fruit of the Loon day here (yes, he's working on his B'Day... what a slavedriver I am, eh?). More congrats go out to Raven's Kenn Hoekstra, who's planning (or .planning, rather) on tying the knot.

Link of the Day: U.S. company plans to test 'flying car' with a top speed of over 600 KPH (thanks Eric Rose for the link and GodEater for pointing out that CNN has the speed incorrectly listed in MPH rather than KPH). The sound you hear might be John Carmack reaching for his checkbook...

Thursday, May 27, 1999

Drakan Demo

The playable demo for Psygnosis' upcoming Drakan: Order of the Flame is up on GameSpot. Word is the demo requires a 4MB or greater video card. The demo is being distributed via a Gigex dealie where you can resume broken downloads. Here's a bit on what's included:

Played in third-person perspective, Drakan combines hand-to-hand combat with a flight engine that allows you to battle it out against other dragons. This online demo includes a portion of the Wartok Canyon level. The goal is to open the Troll Gate: to reach it, you must survive the perilous canyon filled with spiders, orcs, wartoks, giant ballistas and crow dragons.


More of these than you can shake a stick at (provided stick shaking is your idea of a good time):

Black & White Movie

No, not a black & white movie as in film noire, but rather another movie posted on BW Wire showing off gameplay from the upcoming game of that name from LionHead.

Thief Editor

Thief editor download page on the Looking Glass Studios' Home Page has the first release of DromEd, the Thief: The Dark Project level editor. Thanks Zac Levine. They have also released editable versions of the missions included with the game, since the versions on the game CD have had info essential for editing the files stripped from them.

Gore Screenshots

The Gore Images page has a new screenshot showing off this upcoming gory shooter from 4D Rulers.

New Half-Life Patch

Valve Software has released a version patch for Half-Life, as both a patch to update version (21.5 MB), as well as a patch for version (2.5 MB), the local copies are of the English-language patches, and there are flavors of the patch for various international releases, as well as the non-violent version of the game (hey Barney, lets go talk with them!) on the mirror sites as well. The planned 10:00 AM Pacific time release for this patch was jumped by a bunch of sites (I'm not sure why that was), but as it's now that time, it's likely the in-game auto-updater should work soon, if not now. Word is the Linux server package will be posted this morning. Here's the dirt on the new release:

  • Dedicated server has been optimized and requires less overhead to run a server. This means that latency values for clients will go down since the server is not working as hard.
  • The dedicated server is now a console application, which will allow server operators to more easily administer their server remotely.
  • Updating your server list through the server browser uses less bandwidth, making it much faster.
  • Starting a LAN server will not attempt to connect to the Internet.
  • Fixed a bug where latency values were incorrectly reported in the server browser.
  • Underwater prediction code optimized.
  • Fixed a bug in the mod browser at the request of the mod development community.


Xtreme Tribes has posted a couple more TRIBES2 shots on the heels of the spate posted yesterday. One of the shots shows off the exact effect I was describing with the shots I posted yesterday (story), a shot of Slacker getting struck by lightning (much like what I assume an actual photo of such an event would depict, it's mostly a picture of the lightning). There are also four news TRIBES 2 shots on PlanetStarSiege, one of them showing off one of the new ground vehicles.

More Q3A Worklog

Another update to John Carmack's .plan gives the skinny on the most recent changes he's made in Quake III Arena. My favorite checklist items: "data cheating protection" (hate dem cheaters), "added one more shotgun pellet" (love dem pellets), and "increased the forced respawn time from 10 to 20 seconds" (like dem breaks after dying).

AM Tech Bits

Wheel of Time Preview, Interview

MGON previews The Wheel of Time looking ahead at this action/strategy game based on the immensely popular series of books by Robert Jordan. Thanks Apache. Also, BarrysWorld's Warren Marshall interview talks to the man known as TaskMaster about his work at Legend Entertainment on Wheel of Time.

mp3 Players

An off-topic subject covered here enough that I guess it's actually on-topic, a pair of new releases from a pair of the most popular .mp3 players: A new version 2.22 of Winamp is available (thanks Tung) offering SHOUTcast 1.1 support, improved WMA support, Audiosoft secure ASFS support, and "lots of bug fixes and stability improvements." Also, a new version of the Sonique player is out (thanks Selector), though I'm taking this on faith, as the site is not responding for me at the moment. Word is the new release also supports streaming Internet broadcasts, as well as their "own Stardust MPEG Audio Decoder for superior quality mp3 playback."




Out of the Blue

There was an episode of the pop culture game yesterday from Caddyshack, Chris.J. Meyer offers this in return: "So I said, 'Hey, Lama, how 'bout a little, you know, somethin' for the effort?'" Great stuff. Looks like something on the Internet spit the bit at some point yesterday, I got a few mails from folks describing having a tough time connecting to the site, but it appears to have abated.

Some congrats: Happy Birthday 3DRealms' Chris Johnson, a truly fun guy (if not one of the scariest drivers you'll ever ride with), and congrats to loonyboi, who marks one of the rites of passage into loony-manhood today, as he is graduating (aw, hell, while I'm at it lemme congratulate my bro, WalterEgo, who also just graduated after going back to school, we're all very proud of him).

Link of the Day: Levelord's Home Page.

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