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October 31, 2011 Jagged Alliance: Back in Action Developer Diary Part 7: Plan & Go
October 28, 2011 Sword of the Stars II Blasts Off into Space! Sci-Fi Strategy Sequel Now Available
October 27, 2011 Shadows on the Vatican, a thrilling new adventure in 4 acts
October 25, 2011 7sixty Launches Stronghold 3
October 21, 2011 Harness the Artifacts in First Orcs Must Die! DLC Pack
October 18, 2011 Square Enix Announces Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link is now Available in North America
October 13, 2011 Rewrite the History. Become the Legend. Hail, Caesar
October 12, 2011 Hi-Rez Studios Announces Tribes: Ascend Closed Beta Will Begin On November 4.
October 11, 2011 First Add-On Content for Duke Nukem Forever Now Available
October 10, 2011 Replay Games Signs Deal To Remake & Create New Leisure Suit Larry Games
October 10, 2011 Hitman veterans redefine the shooter genre again
October 4, 2011 Diablo III Beta Preview
October 4, 2011 2K Sports Announces NBA 2K12 Now Available
October 3, 2011 Submissions Begin October 3, 2011 for the Activision Independent Games Competition
September 30, 2011 Serious Sam 3: BFE Retargets Worldwide PC Release for November 22
September 30, 2011 Off-Road Drive available for the PC
September 29, 2011 Experience the Aftermath of the "Event" in I Am Alive
September 28, 2011 Foo Fighters to Rock the House at BlizzCon 2011
September 27, 2011 Ubisoft Announces Driver: San Francisco Now Available on PC
September 27, 2011 Vlambeer Unleashing Serious Sam: The Random Encounter on an Unsuspecting World This October
September 27, 2011 City of Heroes Freedom Blasts into a New Era
September 27, 2011 Air Conflicts: Secret Wars Flies into Retail for Xbox 360 and Windows PC
September 27, 2011 Triangle Studios announces Cross of the Dutchman
September 26, 2011 Ignited Games Gets Fired Up for WindSlayer 2 Beta
September 26, 2011 Riot Games Launches League of Legends: Dominion New Game Mode Evolves the MOBA Genre
September 22, 2011 Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Available Now on PS3 and Windows PC
September 22, 2011 Salem Live Stream Demo to Premiere September 27, 2011 @ 3PM EST ON
September 22, 2011 RailWorks Expands Train Simulator Franchise with Amtrak Agreement
September 22, 2011 Pando Networks Releases Global Game Download Speed Study
September 22, 2011 Final Line-up Announced for London Games Festival
September 21, 2011 Rift: Ashes of History Hitting Servers Next Week
September 20, 2011 Blockbuster Gives One Month Unlimited Free Rentals for 'Gears of War 3' Purchase
September 20, 2011 F1 2011 Ships to Stores This Week
September 20, 2011 THQ and Crytek Collaborate to Develop Next Homefront Title
September 20, 2011 Unstoppable Gorg Beta Sign Up Begins
September 20, 2011 Assassin's Creed Revelations on Blu-Ray Disc for Playstation3 system Includes Original Assassin's Creed
September 20, 2011 Robot Entertainment Announces Release Dates for Orcs Must Die!
September 19, 2011 Check out the Level Editor for 505 Games' Dawn of Fantasy!
September 19, 2011 Kalypso Announces Patrician IV Gold Edition
September 19, 2011 DC Universe Online Goes Free-To-Play In October
September 19, 2011 Iron Cross Launches Public Beta
September 16, 2011 King Arthur: Fallen Champions Released Today!
September 15, 2011 Hellgate Global to Expand its Crusade to Tokyo this September
September 15, 2011 Sumthing Else Music Works Releases Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine the Soundtrack
September 15, 2011 Announcing Multiplayer Space Sim Star Conflict
September 15, 2011 Bohemia Announces The Take On Helicopters Release Date: October 27
September 15, 2011 The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura Announced
September 14, 2011 Wadjet Eye Games' Haunting Mystery Series Continues October 12 with Blackwell Deception
September 12, 2011 Zombie Epidemic Spreads: Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection Debuts on PlayStation 3 and Windows PC September 22nd
September 10, 2011 Bunch of Heroes to launch on September

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