Quake 3 Bus Tour Day One Photos

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AMD(m).jpg (89916 bytes) anna_and_bus_line.jpg (175481 bytes) chronicle_carnage.jpg (99017 bytes)
Who took the shirts? Anna and the Line. Chronicle Carnage!
the_bus_at_amd.jpg (106460 bytes) intel_eat_your_heart_out (david, loony, didi and disco).jpg (146309 bytes) intel_eat_your_heart_out_2.jpg (143948 bytes)
Made it to AMD. The AMD bunnymen? Can they do that?
creepy_orbb.jpg (147574 bytes) new_map_and_orbb.jpg (164604 bytes) athena_and_map.jpg (144908 bytes)
Ack! I'm Dizzy... That's Better. Who's She?
the_crazy_line_at_AMD.jpg (153158 bytes) And for the AntiElvis: the_fabulous_ms_anna_kang.jpg (77546 bytes)
The renaissance fair? Anna Kang
<--Turn head this way.