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Day 4: The University of Texas in Austin

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Jason "loonyboi" Bergman
August 26, 1999

August 25 - Day Four: The University of Texas in Austin

10:15 AM

Well, we're here at the UT stop. There's already a handful of people lined up, and the radio station outside is blaring music. This is so cool. Everyone's totally psyched to be here…this should definitely be a blast. I'll write more once the whole shebang starts up.

10:55 AM

We're about to start the show, but I just wanted to quickly jot down some stuff about the line out there. It's big (some people got here an hour and a half early) but fun. It's stupid hot out there, but nobody is complaining. It's a real nice vibe outside.

12:30 PM

Our generator finally arrived, and we're taking a brief break to switch over. No technical difficulties have arisen as of yet…things seem to be running smoothly. The overheating problems we encountered yesterday (at least, that's what we assume they were) were likely due to the larger than normal volume of people we had on the bus at any given time.

The radio station has copies of Quake and Quake II: Quad Damage to give away and I'm told that they'll have people doing stupid human tricks for them. That should be interesting, to say the least. For those not willing to completely humiliate themselves, they'll also be doing trivia. I think I'll have to drop over there and help out with the questions to make sure they're not too easy. ;)

Our first batch of fresh meat since we switched over to the generator just showed up. Damn, everyone's so nice! It's such the total love fest here. Man…there are Hooter's girls outside. Have I mentioned that Austin's a great town?

10:20 PM

Well, here I am in the air somewhere between Texas and New York. I left the bus around 4:00, and caught a connecting flight to Dallas before jumping on my current flight back home.

It was a shame that my flight was so early…Austin's a great town. I could have stayed there a few more days. I'm definitely looking forward to going home though, don't get me wrong. There's only so much travel I can stomach at one time, and I've been doing waaaay too much of it lately.

But I did indeed leave, and I'm waaaay up in the air now. One cool thing happened at the airport - I ran into one of the guys who designed the bus. How cool is that? I spoke to him a little, and was sure to tell him that I thought he did a hell of a job. The bus rocks. I wish I had one. :)

But alas, my trip had to come to and end eventually. I've got to get home and get back to doing the news…not to mention that I've got a Dreamcast coming to me in a few weeks. ;)

I'd love to go to one of the other stops…they've said they won't mind if I tag along, and I'd love to go to the LA stop (all the id guys will be at that one). We'll see what happens. Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed my pointless ramblings. The tour is a ton of fun…if you're anywhere near one of the stops, be sure to check it out.

Now I've got to go back to Q3test maps…I tell ya, I grew to love those bus levels, and now I've going to have to forget all about them. Well, at least until "when it's done" rolls around, anyway. ;)


Tomorrow's stop

New York City. Home.

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