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Day 2: Houston to Austin

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Jason "loonyboi" Bergman
August 23, 1999

August 23 - Day Two: From, Houston to Austin

2:00 PM

So, this morning I woke up and did some message board reading. You guys are wacky, that's for sure. In case you were wondering, yes, I and Anna from id do read the 'board. She's kinda busy (and doesn't have a lap top on her) so she doesn't have much time to respond, but she does read 'em.

Anyway, after a quick lunch, we headed over to the Houston Chronicle. There was some concern that Rain was going to prevent us from having a good time, but it miraculously stopped just as we got there.

We met up with Dwight (who I had met previously at QuakeCon '99) and his clan, who are all really nice. We gave them the dime tour, and hopped right into a good ol' deathmatch.

I've gotten pretty good with the new maps, and I must say, they totally rock. They probably won't be released as part of a Q3Test, I'm sorry to say, but Anna tells me that they may make it into the inevitable demo version that will eventually be released. Orbb seems to be a big hit with everyone that sees him. I've discovered some other skins for him that cover up the retina of his big ol' eyeball with a spinning vortex. Cooooool.

Anyway, so the Houston Chronicle guys all jumped into a giant DM game with us. I came out on top. Weird. We also played one really fun teamplay match, with David and I as team captains. The teams were just a little unbalanced, but my team lost admirably.

We said our good byes, and hopped back into our vehicles (Anna, David, and I are actually following behind the bus in her jeep). The Chronicle folks were nice enough to give us H.C. umbrellas (swag that's useful…gotta love that) and boy, am I ever glad they did. We're driving to Austin now, and it seems like the skies have just opened up and are dropping the oceans on us.

Well, I'll write more when we get to Austin. I'm told that I'll be getting drunk tonight, and far be it from me to argue with that. Oh, and before I forget: the answer to yesterday's trivia question - A Christmas Story was directed by the same guy as Porky's. Go fig. :)

9:30 AM (8/24)

Busy night last night kids, busy night. We got to Austin and walked around a little…boy is the UT campus ever BIG. I went to a college that had no campus (it was literally one building) so this is all very strange to me.

Judging by the number of people who have already asked about the swanky Q3 shirts that David and I were wearing, I think Wednesday's stop will be HUGE. People keep telling me that, but it's just setting in now. We're talking BIG here kids…if you're planning on attending, I'd suggest getting there big time early. We're going to have to turn people away, and that would just totally suck.

Anyway, we went to a couple of places last night, and I had some Guiness, which was certainly a good thing. I didn't get completely sloshed or anything, but I definitely was happy, that's for sure. :)

Austin seems to be a fun town…I could see myself having a good time here if I had to be stuck here for a few weeks. We went to this one place called, "Touche!" that had a really cool bartender, and we had a whole conversation with him and the owner. They seem to think that a 3D bartender simulator would be a big hit. Think "SimBar". I said that "SimDrunk" would make for a more exciting game (picture the cool 3D accelerated beer goggles…you just know that would rule) but they didn't seem to be into that. As much.

Anyway, not much more happened yesterday, since it was a travelling day…today should be pretty cool - a surprise stop at AMD's headquarters. Woo…I get to drool all over those Athlons. I'll be reporting in again tomorrow…so stay tuned.

Oh, and regarding pictures…I left the camera in the bus, so you'll have to wait 'till tomorrow for those. I'll take lots more today as well, so don't worry about that.


Tomorrow's stop

AMD Headquarters.

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