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Friday, September 19, 1997

Hexen II Server Cheat Fix
A patch has been released by Phayyde of The Strategon called NoCreate (382 KB), also available on CDROM.COM, that will prevent a listen server from being able to use the "create" command in a deathmatch, to serve until Raven's patch kills this bug for good (NoCreate does not affect single player or dedicated server play at all). How you can trust someone to apply the patch when you can't trust them in deathmatch is not clear. Thanks Phoebus (HexenWorld).

Glide Qoole
A version of Qoole has been released that features Glide support windowed or full-screen on any Voodoo-based video card. GL Qoole 2.03 (533 KB) has everything you need, though you'll have to download the latest WinQoole (1.3 MB) to get the documentation. Thanks The Fluffy Bunny of Chaos.

Quake II Previews
Gamecenter has posted a Quake II preview (thanks Pawel Spychala), as has Next Generation put up their Quake 2 First Impressions (thanks [r2]razo).

Hexen II Patch Info
Phoebus forwarded along a lengthy list he received from Activision of everything Raven is working on for the Hexen II patch (in case you want to see if that thing that's driving you crazy is a feature or a bug). Latest word on the patch has it arriving in a week or so.

New Requiem
Version 1.04b of the Requiem Quake server has been released on the Requiem page. The new version fixes some minor bugs in 1.x to hold down the fort until the big Requiem 2.0 release (there are also some new 2.0 screenshots up to whet your appetite).

Jedi Knight Previews
As pre-release copies of Jedi Knight trickles out to the gaming sites, we're seeing a lot of previews being updated with new screenshots and hands-on impressions. OGR's JK preview has been updated, as has PC Games JK Gallery. Thanks Prophet.

MacQuake Review
Next-Generation has posted a review of MacQuake. Thanks Hanif.

George Broussard Chat
As he reminds us in his .plan, George Broussard will participate in an IRC interview on Undernet #idsoftware tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern. More details can be found on

Jedi Knight Chat
There will be an IRC chat Friday, September 26 at 4:00 PM Pacific time in EFNet #jediknight with some of the developers of LucasArt's upcoming Jedi Knight . Participants are scheduled to be Justin Chin (project leader), Ray Gresko (lead programmer), and Brett Tosti (production manager). More details are up on the The Jedi Knight Outpost. Thanks Bryant Luk of Star Wars Gamers.

WorldCraft University
IRC mania continues as the next Worldcraft University class is Sunday, September 21st, at 9:00 PM
Pacific time on the 3DNet in #worldcraft. The topic will be "creating atmosphere when designing a level", and will be taught by members of the Impel TC team.

Swedish Championships
The Swedish Quake championships will take place today. You can follow the proceedings in English here, and in (mostly) Swedish here. Thanks Cammo/IoP.

Wired RealAudio
Hotseat is a RealAudio broadcast produced by HotWired, and this week the topic covered is computer games and touches on Doom and Quake. Thanks Anthony Bailey.

Whaleboy reminds me that yesterday was the one year anniversary of the opening of QuakeX (actually from the looks of the archived news here it was September 16, 1996). Also, today is the first anniversary of the QuakeWorld release party that marked the first QuakeCast.

LAN Parties
On the LAN Parties scene, the Frag homepage has been updated with news on hotels and accommodations. A pair of events with semi-complete info have been added for October 11, one somewhere in Kentucky, and the other just somewhere (I don't ask for that much information--oh well).

Outlaws Questions? LucasArts has posted an Outlaws Technical Reference Guide. Thanks Prophet ...

Thursday, September 18, 1997

You may have noticed a little downtime earlier today and yesterday, but the payoff is, hopefully you'll also notice snappier (and I mean snappy) performance on page loads and file transfers to this site. Thanks to Peter Gransee at GlobalCenter (and GlobalCenter in general) for spending a lot of time and effort over the past few weeks to fine-tune the server to the point where it's really rocking.

Paul Steed's Contest
Paul Steed made a .plan update, and another clarifying some rules and thoughts behind the CrackWhore contest.

Hexen C Compiler
Eman has uploaded the first Hexen II C compiler (310 KB) to Thanks Phoebus (HexenWorld).

Brian Hook on Quake II Rendering (Updated)
id Software's Brian Hook updated his .plan, and then later twice more (this last update will cover the works ) to present the large document he wrote up to accompany a code dump that explains the Quake II rendering architecture. He also made a later update talking about the PowerVR PCX2 in glowing terms after playing with the new drivers:

So we got these new drivers for the PowerVR PCX2 and, uh, like, they rock.

The PCX2 is easily the no-brainer purchase for GLQuake for the price. The triple buffering really makes a difference, and their performance is really really good, we're getting 29.1 fps WITH 24-BIT COLOR. No weird dithering artifacts. No tearing.

There are some glitches with its filtering, but hopefully that will be resolved soon enough.

Oh, and the new driver seems to sorta-kinda work with Quake2. There are some visual glitches, but other than that it's pretty damn fast, possibly faster than Voodoo in many areas.

Boss Boss (Updated)
Christian (Disruptor) Antkow updated his .plan (which he apparently later regretted) talking about the new boss monster, and why we're going to hate him after wee see the level in which the boss resides.

|2|'s Entry
American McGee updated his .plan to spooge over Walter |2| Costinak's contest entry.

Demo Parser
A neat variation on all the parsers out there that can generate game statistic from Log files, comes QParse (201 KB) a utility by Phillip Martin that will parse the messages from a standard demo (*.dem) files, and a future version may support QuakeWorld (*.qwd) demos. Thanks Jimbo.

FvF Strategy Page
FvF Purge Mode Strategy Guide is designed to help you get the most out of Future versus Fantasy.


There is an interview with Goosman of the Navy Seals patch up on Inside 3D.

LAN Parties
On the LAN Parties page, a bi-weekly get-together in Brisbane, Australia; a TeamFortress gathering in Harstad, Norway that begins tomorrow (better late than never); A LAN party just around the corner in Warsaw, VA; There is now a website for Atlanta's Ribs 'N Gibs; Someone looking to organize something in North Carolina.

CNET appearance
- Brad 'technomage' Herman, head pimp of the Quake Modeling Association and artist for Katana Software, Kyle "Rumble" Bousquet of X-Men Quake, and the Modeler from Preditor Quake, will all appear on c|net Central TV for CNET's Quake Conversion segment to air on Saturday on the SciFi Channel, and Sunday on the USA Network (check your local listings for times in your area). The segment features never before seen footage of many conversions. Thanks Guardian and Rumble ... Quake name maker - Version 1.32 of QuakeArt, an editing utility for Quake names and macros is available on Files at the GODS Outpost ... Don't cry for me Argentina, you now have your first local Quake server, according to Quake Argentina ...

Wednesday, September 17, 1997

Rick Johnson's updated his .plan noting that the Hexen2C(?) source should be available soon after the patch, and dropping the announcement to expect Hexen2World as well:

Patch will be out very soon... HC code and tools will be released soon afterwards.

Once that has gone by, I'm going to begin the fun process of creating hexen2world. Probably will take a few weeks, but don't hold me to it.

John Cash
John Cash updated his .plan saying that the Quake II feature set was about as locked as can be, also noting that ladders will be among those features (he's also looking for info on "Siemens
DME MS 41.2 with knock control" read the .plan if you can help):

Work, work, work. We're in the home stretch. New features are now officially a no-no (translation: it had better be a great idea at this point). The programming "to do" list fits on one ream of paper now ;-) Really only a couple of things left to implement and then we get to spend the rest of the time until release in bug fix land. Happy, happy, joy, joy. I got loopy the other night and added in ladders; kinda fun.

D3D Quake Viewer
There is word on this page of a Direct3D Quake map viewer from Microsoft. One of the last notes reveals that this is a port of an OpenGL map viewer. Thanks BlitzMeister, who mailed this morning, but I couldn't find the link (lesson of the day: colorblind people should use underlined links).

Dynamic Lighting in Quiver
There is a screenshot up on the Quiver news page at Scott's MacQuake Utilities of a new feature in an upcoming version of this Macintosh Quake level editor: light-sourced previews.

Paul Steed's Contest
Paul Steed updated his .plan to announce he is holding a CrackWhore contest:

I've decided if Tokay can have a contest then so can I. I want to launch a Q2/Steed Crackwhore contest. The rules are simple:

1. Send me a picture of someone dressed up like the Q2 Crackwhore model based on the spec sheet I sent to Redwood which is posted on his site.
2. The winner would be the picture which I feel is the closest representation of the model and her animations.
3. The prizes include a signed copy of Quake2, a cool Q2 shirt, and some Victoria Secret lingerie picked out by yours truly.
4. Pics can be e-mailed or sent to me via regular mail at:

id Software
18601 LBJ Fwy, Ste. 666
Mesquite, Tx 75150

5. No pics of anyone under 18, please.
6. Contest ends the day the game ships.
7. The Crackwhore clan isn't involved or responsible for this (unless they want to be).

Really. I'll post something of substance soon. I swear!

TEN Update
There's word on TEN's Quake DataSphere News that TEN has implemented a few features that users have come to expect of netplay: the ability use VQuake, and GLQuake, and an easier method of recording demos. They are now also using maps re-vised for transparent water.

Jedi Knight Screenshots
OGR has added 14 Jedi Knight screenshots (that I believe are new) to their Jedi Knight preview .

Mac IRCQuake Client
There's word on a neat upcoming utility for the Macintosh on Scott's MacQuake Utilities that will log into a Quake Server, and "broadcast" the messages from the game into an IRC channel, allowing a new form of spectating.

New AirQuake
A new progs.dat for AirQuake test 18 has been released on the AirQuake page, fixing a few bugs. Thanks Magma.

Quake in the Economist
Thanks to Joe Mansfield for passing along word that Quake gets a mention in a review of global telecommunications titled A Connected World in the current issue of the Economist:

Barbara Dooley, executive director of CIX, the Internet body that organised the meeting, recalls the frisson greeting one delegate’s remark that the growth of interactive games, played over the Internet, is bound to generate a huge new demand for capacity. Already players of Quake, the Internet’s most popular game, stay on the line for hours at a time.

Sin Screenshots
There are a half-dozen new Sin screenshots over on sCary's Shuga' Shack. Thanks Hanif.

Daikatana Screenshots
Voodoo Extreme has posted what are apparently the entire batch of recently released GL Daikatana screenshots (34 of 'em).

Jedi Knight Date
According to the LucasArt's website, Jedi Knight has been approved for manufacture, and should be in stores by October 9, 1997. Thanks Prophet.

Second Hexen Walkthrough
There is now a demo of a walkthrough of the second hub in Hexen II posted up on HexenWorld. This seems like a practical alternative to those lists of secrets (a picture is worth a thousand words).

Siren's Spotlight
Siren, of Siren's pic page, has started posting player profiles that allow a closer look at the players behind the names (and faces) listed. Every couple of days a pair of new profiles will be posted.

The latest round of Q&A has been posted in Wampey's Censuses.

New QuArK
Version 3.91 of QuArK, the Quake Army Knife, has been released on the QuArK Page. Thanks Prophet.

QuakeRally Status
There's an update on the QuakeRally page detailing the state of the project, saying things are looking promising for a version 1.3 release soon. Thanks UFoGoDz1.

GL Recalls
There is  a message on the Hexen II Messageboard at HexenWorld from he author of GL+ explaining that previous version of this GL optimizer was whacking out some settings (transparencies, shadows, etc.), but it is fixed now. The few that already own Pure 3D cards have received word from Canopus that a fix is available that will allow further overclocking (mine still manages to get to 55 fine, just short of the 57 typically considered maximum safe clock speed), that involves returning the card to Canopus, or installing a new chip yourself via an upgrade kit.

Aussie League
The Queensland Quake League (QQL) gets underway this weekend with the ambitious goal of becoming the biggest LAN Quake League in  Australia. This project will be running over the course of the next three months.

Broussard on IRC
The next in LoboSoft's series of IRC interviews will be with George Broussard of Apogee/3D Realms on Undernet #idsoftware on Friday, September 19, at 9:00 PM Eastern time. You are invited to
submit questions for the interview in advance. Check the website for details.


What They Said

Site Seeing

LAN Parties
On the LAN Parties page, a date change for RogaLAN in Norway.

The PC Gamer October issue, with the big Quake II preview, is supposed to hit the streets today ... The Spanish of Armagon - There's a patch to translate the messages in Mission Pack #1 into Spanish on La página de Quake en español ... Prey for Caffeine - there's a brief mention on Preystation about Prey coffee cups. Thanks Prophet ... Happy first anniversary to Steve Funkadooda and the QuakeLab. From blue's Quake Rag, September 14, 1996: "A new page, The QuakeLab, is emerging from construction The plan is to make a non-editor specific storehouse of downloadable architectural components, ideas on setting up levels, lighting strategies, and test them for playability ...". Clearly the site has succeeded at those goals and more. BTW, Steve has posted some screenshots of his new Rocket Arena level, Funkadooda's revenge. They are also looking to ad a conceptual sketch artist to the Apocolypse team ...

Tuesday, September 16, 1997

More Daikatana GL Screenshots
Due to popular demand, OGR has posted 16 more GL Daikatana screenshots.

Hexen II Multiplayer Cheat
Phoebus from HexenWorld sends along word that in addition to the cheat that was available in multiplayer games on the Hexen II demo, a multiplayer cheat also crept into the registered version. The game allows a listen server to use the "create" command to make any item. Yet another reason to not play against someone running a listen server (you have been warned).

Hexen Walkthrough / Vérité Support
There's a demo showing the way around (using notarget and god mode) the medieval hub of Hexen II up on HexenWorld. there is also an update on the status of the Hexen II Vérité support in the form of a message board post from Activision's Hexen II Producer Steve Stringer (heh-and he said not to quote him):

Yes, there is a Rendition patch in the works. However, Rendition is writing it and I am vaguely aware of it's progress. Don't quote me on this, but I heard third-hand that it is nearing Alpha. Check out Rendition's website for updates and news.

New Future versus Fantasy
Version 3.8 of Future versus Fantasy has been released on the FreeForm Interactive page. The new version is to test the QuakeWorld version of FvF and to provide greater class balance. There are also two monsters included in the new release.

Jedi Knight Screenshots
There are some new Jedi Knight screenshots up on PCME. Thanks Prophet.

ELM has released their second level pack, a follow-up to Cenotaph of the Magi called Despairity, available here. The new pack contains seven new deathmatch levels designed for internet play.

New QMaster
Version 2.0 of QMaster, a shareware server browser (with a lot of clan-oriented features) has been released.

What They Said

Da Pak has relocated to

LAN Parties
On the LAN Parties page, a new shebang in Sandnes, Norway.

Looking for a fight, the Quake Literary Guild is open to suggestions for their next point-counterpoint debate ... QSPawn Redux - Version 1.11 of QSpawn is up on the QSpawn page, as 1.1 got messed up (calling something the "final version" will do that every time). Thanks Prophet ... Happy (belated) Birthday Zanshin (Sensei of the GLQuake Dojo) who turned 30 yesterday (Levelord and  I will have to initiate you as an official old fart). I would have baked a cake, but at his age you can't waste breath on candles. Thanks Prophet ...

Monday, September 15, 1997

Zeus Source
Jonathan "Nelno the Amoeba" Wright dropped a line to mention he has released the source code of his Zeus bot on his Homepage, as he promised he would earlier in his .plan.

Friday's Quake II Screenshot of the Day
PC Gamer posted their Quake II  screenshot of the day (Exit Wound), and the thumbnail from Friday, along with an explanation that they were throttling back a bit on the daily thing:

We've already given you three weeks of daily screenshots and now we're going to tone things back a little. We will still be releasing new screenshots until the game is released but on a less frequent basis. Be sure to check back here every Friday for new stuff.

Toyman's Unreal Experience
My pal Toyman (we frayed at the Fray) got to play a pre-release version of Unreal and wrote it all up in Toyman's Unreal Experience, which he was nice enough to send along. I would've had this posted this earlier, but we experienced F.A.S. (Forgotten Attachment Syndrome).

Sin Preview
Voodoo Extreme has posted their Sin preview, based on impressions from the ECTS.

Daikatana GL Screenshots
OGR has posted four new GL Daikatana screenshots.

Forsaken Preview
My busy buddies at OGR also have posted a preview of Forsaken, an upcoming 3D game (à la Descent).

CyberAthlete FAQ
The first version of the Cyberathlete FAQ has been posted at Thanks Prophet.

John Carmack Interview
There is an interview with John Carmack (from the print UK PC Zone) on the The Quake 2 Technical Page. Thanks Rotwang.

New Paintball
Beta 3 of of the popular PaintBall patch has been released by Quake Innovations. The new release contains everything needed to  connect to a Paintball server or to run your own server, including support for both regular Quake and QuakeWorld. There will be no more support for old betas so everyone must upgrade.

New qED
Version 1.1 of qED for registered users has been released on the 3D-Matrix Home Page, with promise of version 1.1 of qED lite shortly. Thanks Kaman.

Tokay's Comntest Extended
There's word on Redwood's that Tokay's Quake II symbol contest has been extended, so there's still time to make your mark.

What They Said



LAN Parties
On the LAN Parties page, a events in Newcastle, Australia, and Stuttgart, Germany; also, MassQuake has been postponed, and no longer has a firm date.

Site Seeing

A fix for DirectX 5.0 conflicts with Gravis Ultrasound cards
is available in  the form of updated drivers on the Gravis page (quietly posted here). Thanks Soulslayer ... A new version of TFiguration has been released to allow you to easily set up TeamFortress config files ... The Quake Marines are hosting a demo contest called Kuhas' Sewage System Challenge, with the winner to receive a copy of Quake II (once it is released) ... Version 0.1 of the Blade FAQ has been released on The Cutting Edge ... A New QSpawn (version 1.1) has been released on the QSpawn Home. This will probably be the last version of QSpawn 1.x focus shifts towards a complete re-write for QSpawn 2.0. Thanks Prophet ...

Sunday, September 14, 1997

There is a final beta of GameSpy, the QuakeSpy with Hexen II support, up on the QSpy Homepage, for registered users only. Thanks Mage.

Quake Done Quicker
A new version of Quake Done Quick has been released, completing the game more than three minutes faster than the original (and also featuring some new tricks and camerawork). QDQ is a demo of a straight run through Quake on nightmare skill, taking every possible shortcut.

BSP For Hexen
Version 0.85 of BSP is now HexBSP: The same BSP Quake editor you love, but now with added Hexen II support. Available on BSP Headquarters. Thanks Helen.

TC Listing
TC Magazine now has an automated listing where any TC author can list an update info on their project via a CGI form. The listing includes a handy help needed section for the many projects out there looking for help.

What they Said

Matt Sefton
(of SPQ Level Heaven, and level author in his own right) is interviewed on Tour's Syn of Critique.

A follow-up to yesterday's Rocket Arena Tournament story, the tourney is actually the weekend after next (Sept. 27-28), not next weekend as I originally stated. The high ping spots are all filled so there's only need for LPB's at this time.

Site Seeing

The Quake Modeling Association has moved to

The new Qonfig (Quake front-end) is out on the Qonfig page ...

Saturday, September 13, 1997

New 3Dfx Drivers
New 3Dfx Direct3D drivers, Version 2.13 (DirectX 5.0) for Voodoo Graphics and Glide 2.42 runtime drivers (which support Glide 2.3 and higher titles) and a new GL Miniport have been released on the 3Dfx site. Thanks GGarf.

GL Underground
Working on their own optimized GL miniport, the GL Underground describes themselves as "a diverse collective of technical professionals (programmers -developers - engineers), numbering roughly 100, in pursuit of the elusive “true open standard” and the preservation of choice with respect to development options." Their site is chock full of GL stuff (though some of it is written in insider references which go over my tiny head).  Billy Wilson at Voodoo Extreme told Prophet, who passed it along. Thanks to both of them. Here is the lowdown on these guys taken directly from their site:

The GL Underground Team (GLU TEAM) is a diverse collective of technical professionals (programmers -developers - engineers), numbering roughly 100, in pursuit of the elusive “true open standard” and the preservation of choice with respect to development options. This is roughly akin to a dog chasing his tail but who ever said chasing tail was a bad thing? We have embraced OpenGL as an independent alternative to the Direct X, Direct 3D API and we are currently working on a highly optimized full OpenGL port for the 3dFx chipset. Originally we had intended it to be earmarked for use only amongst our members but in deference to Zanshin’s spirit and current difficulties we will be making it available to everyone and anyone. The man is a true pioneer - a generous patriot. Currently in early BETA the port’s high degree of optimization has yielded increases of 5 to 10 FPS over the current 3DFx mini port of OpenGL for GLQuake/ GLHexen2....

Happy Puppy Radio
Raven Software's Mike 'Chaos' Werckle, graphics animator, will discuss Hexen II on this week's edition of the Happy Puppy Radio Show today at 1:00 PM Central time. Listeners can participate in the show by calling in live at 1-888-ONRADIO (RealPlayer required). Thanks Prophet.

Quake II FAQ Update
Slipgate from has updated the Quake II FAQ to version 0.3 (there is also an HTML version there).

Getting Into Level Design
There is an article on Adrenaline Vault on what it take to get into the gaming industry as a level designer, featuring commentary from several members of Apogee/3D Realms.

Apogee/3D Realms Sued
Scott Miller updated his .plan mentioning that the threatened lawsuit against Apogee/3D Realms has been filed.



Help Wanted
A paying job: The Wheel of Time development team seeks a3D low-poly animator/modeler and special effects expert with lots of experience doing organic character animation for freelance (out of your home). Contact Glen Dahlgren (or by phone at (703) 222-8500) for more info. Thanks Nicholas Crow (the Nexus).


There's info up on on using the BSP Quake editor with Hexen II ... New Golgotha screenshots have been posted here ... A preview of Turok Dinosaur Hunter for the PC, is up at PC Games.Thanks Prophet ...

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