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October 4th


Client side demos were broken? DOH!!! Believe it or not, nobody had told me about that one ;-(

I'm going to Disney World! A week without the net or a decent game of Quake.... aaargh!!! Guess I'll survive ;-)

"...QuakeWorld will be our testbed for these types of things for a while. It should be coming available to the general public in the near future, so you'll be able to see what we're up to..."

Wow... Cash finally accepted. Took him long enough. Well, whenever he gets back I will pound his skull in. And of course we will record the whole thing :)

This demo is going to be a real treat for Quake fans, since most have never gotten to seen Tokay play (I guess you just figured out who my money is on).

October 3rd

blue's "No Veggies" Tour Continues

*I hereby formally accept American's challange to a one on one DeathMatch.
The game rules:
we play at work, both on our blazingly fast P90s
version 1.06 and a dedicatd server
I get to pick the level; I'll give him advance notice once I decide on the level
we both record demos of the match
we ought to get an audio recording of the match too ;-)
fraglimit 20
all other cvars standard for that level
date and time:
I'm going to Disney World next week, so after that
I'll try for that next week; no later than the second week
Neither of us are morning people, so I'd suggest a time either late afternoon or later
Maybe really early the morning after ddt's bachelor party?!? ;-)
*Timmy is back from vacation
He had a religious experience while in Europe; see if you figure out which of these was it:
1) Visiting the Vatican
2) Seeing the Ferrari factory
3) Going to the nude beach in France

Just so the whole world knows... Cash has still NOT accepted my challenge. What a wimp.

haikus of the day

: Quake, I grin evil
: When I see your body parts
: Sprout a red fountain.

Not sure where that came from... but I did not write it... just thought it was pretty funny.

finished the two warehouse levels and the bunker level that connects them. starting work on the metal refinery levels. that red glowing stuff isn't lava... its just molten steel. its good for you. instant health up! jump in!

we were checking out the U64 yesterday and playing Mario... jeezus christ that thing is *awesome*. if you don't have one, go buy one. if you have one, then you're probably not even reading this :)

October 2nd

Quake 1.06 Released!
blue's Road Show Day 2

Shawn is on a roll, pointing out a that All Games Network has a RealAudio interviews with the guys at id and some more about the 3D Blaster here. And that Creative Labs has posted the press release here. Thanks Shawn!!

So, I was up this morning at six AM (don't ask) and I ran QSpy. I took a look at about 300 servers. To my surprise, almost all of them were empty, *except* mine and a friend of mine who runs my patches. They were both half full.

What is this I thought?

Capture the Flag.

If you've never played this, you don't know what you're missing. My players whine and moan that they can't play regular deathmatch anymore, because it seems pointless. They say there's nothing greater than the adrenalin you get when you grab the enemy flag by penetrating their base and you're high-tailing it out of there as fast as you can with two or three guys chasing you as you try to get back to your base in order to successfully capture. If you're lucky (and hopefully have some teammates to cover you), you'll get back to base and score! But wait, you got back, and your flag isn't there, the other team has it! One of your teammates is going to have the frag the enemy player with the flag and return it so you can score.

Regular team play is crap. It essentially comes down to "don't shoot the guys the same color as you." It also has no real location based fighting--its just random roaming.

My server (and my friends) are packed pratically 24hrs a day. I can't even get on my own server most of the time! :)

Check out my server home page at I'm hoping you can mention it in your news updates. I'll be releasing the source to the Capture the Flag patch in the next few days.

My server is at ( and my friend Bjorn's server is at (

I just wanted to let you know that I've officially opened up The Bodycount. The Bodycount is a project I've been working on for the past 2 months that allows Quake Players to view their quake statistics on the web. I am using a completely different approach than the Legions guys, I am using a patched quakec server and several stand alone C programs to manipulate the database. My way allows you to actually get some _useful_ data from the game, not just Total Kills....

I invite you to check it out at: Just register your name, and play quake on one of our two servers:, or You statistics will be saved, and you will be ranked accordingly. Oh yeah, Bodycount is a _totally_ free service. I figure they're YOUR stats, why should i make YOU pay. ;-)

I would like to open up bodycount servers on the east and west coasts to provide a closer area for the players there. Perhaps someone in your viewing public would like to help out?

MARTIN FUCHS from germany translated fette faust WRONG. the real meaning is "The Cool Fist".

so you can say in german that "quake ist ein fettes spiel" what means that "quake rulz!" ;)

Maybe Martin meant "phat." (There's a German word for rulz?)

October 1st

blue's on the Road


Good news! Thanks to all the messages we received from the internet community, we've decided to release a whole wad of new screenshots for Hexen 2 -- including some exclusive Internet shots, not available on CompuServe.

Go to the site and click on the Hexen 2 preview to view any of 13 screenshots, plus two 640x480 SVGA shots of the Cathedral, which are only available on the Internet, and look absolutely amazing.

Furthermore, we've released four Quicktime movies in total, all available on the site.

So, for the thousands of you who e-mailed us about the Hexen 2 preview, thanks for the great feedback. We do listen to what you have to say, and hence, we're very happy to provide additional Internet content.

Check out the new screenshots and movie files, and let us know what you think!


Geoff Keighley
Publisher/GameSlice Weekly

And I received a first-hand explanation from clan member Dominik Volmer

well DIE FETTE FAUST is the best clan from europe existing of 8 quakejunkies. we played with average ping of 350-500 and got to semifinals. then the RevCocks pinged us to death [they played on t1's] so we lost the semifinal. but we are looking forward to the euro tournament where i will be organizator [clanring-orga].

September 30th

  QSpy 3.2 Released


Just to let you know, we are planning on releasing more Hexen 2 shots to the net on Monday, along with a new Quicktime file.

Some previews on game sites only have three screenshots total. We have 23, and three are currently on the net, and about 7 will be available later this week. We aren't in the business of trying to suppress information in any form. The reason why we set up an internet site was so that folks could view our images. If we didn't go to this expense -- we make zero money off the internet area -- then no images would be available on the net.

We're trying to work with everyone on all online services to give you the best coverage of our features. We've obviously had a very heated reaction to our policies, and we can understand why. At the same time, we are trying to give everyone exactly what they want.

Thanks for understanding,

--Geoff Keighley/Publisher

In addition, Tom "Woofer" Grandgent wrote to tell me he has a page with his correspondence with GameSlice up on Shake N' Quake.

The other bit of news is that I have just released a new enhanced QBSP (called QBSP256b) with some handy modifications. It's at: Anyone using QBSP for Win32 really should get this- one good feature is the capability to use multiple graphics WAD files and override the WAD filename specified in the MAP file. There are many more changes.. And there is also a version of LIGHT in that same directory called It has a nice progress indicator showing the # of faces and percent completed, giving a good idea of when it's going to finish.

Thanks for helping me help level designers!

Same here Tom. Thanks!

September 29, 1996
ClanRing Tourney Results

And so the question I have, and you probably have, as GrAiLeR so elegantly put it:

"Who the hell is DIE FETTE FAUST??"

The only drawback I can see is that the local network bandwidth of 500k is shared among several cable modem users. Kinda like a LAN would share the bandwidth of a network ISDN or T1 connection. This means that when the other users on my local cable network are using alot of bandwidth my performance is variable. All in all, though, I am blown away. Everyone will have one of these in their home real soon. There are 1.2Meg and 4Meg units already on the market, and even faster cable modems are in the works.

On Quake performance:

When the local cable network traffic is slow to moderate, my performance seems on par with the ISDN guys. My pings from the Quake console come in around 100. I get no noticeable lag at all, and almost no lost packets (so the screen doesn't all of a sudden freeze, and a few seconds later just change to some thing else). This is still slower than a direct T1, but only by around half. I can now time jumps seamlessly, and don't get stuck on corners anymore. Frag counts have naturally improved: I knew I was better than my old scores said I was ;> QuakeWorld should make this even smoother.

My best pings in Quake Spy were around 190 before, over the 28.8 PPP dial-up. Now the best are around 45-50. More than half the list is less than 100. This is good :-)

When local traffic is high, though, (like mid-day) performance degrades somewhat. I suspect that they are still working on upgrading and finishing the local cable lines. I suspect one of the reasons we are beta-testing is so that (among other things) they can fine tune their network, and gauge network traffic before they come out with the public offering in three months. So I hope this situation will improve.

P.S. I should add that the rental of the modem AND the plug-n-play Ethernet card is included in the flat $39.95/month! Wow, gotta like it. :-0 Also, my phone actually rings again. <g>

I've always thought that the cable companies wouldn't be able to get out of their own way on this, so I'm impressed (and waiting for this to come to my area).

"Just wanted to say I was a little surprised at your statement about the hexen 2 screenshots, acting pissed that they were "pirated". My reaction, and what i would have expected yours to be as well, would be to be pissed not that they were taken off of gameslice, but that gameslice would try to keep the pics proprietary to its users in the first place. Just *my* 2 cents."

I thought I clearly expressed how unimpressed I was by the Compu$erve only nature of this site. For the record, I think GameSlice is showing poor judgment, because I don't think they're gonna be able to pull enough readers from the CS's limited audience (pun only slightly intended) versus the net as a whole (and no matter how cool their site is, I don't see everyone running for a CS membership to get it). I am also surprised that the Raven folks decided this was the best venue for their unveiling.

However, that doesn't give anyone the right to rip them off. If the pics are GameSlice's then that's the end of the argument. I don't think that's so hard to understand.

September 29th


"Some people have been experiencing a problem on the find player dialog. QSpy tells them that it's found players, but the list doesn't appear to be populated. It turns out that if you don't have an updated COMCTL32.DLL file, then the player search won't work."

This is only required if you have the problem Joe describes. If you are, then download the file, and unzip it into your \windows\system\ directory.

September 28th


I live about 2 blocks away from Raven, and I have to tell you, man, they're working on some mighty cool stuff over there. The best thing about their levels that I've seen is the overall size. They've been working on Hexen 2 for about 2-3 months now straight, and they have one advantage that a lot of people level editing don't: They have a quad processor DEC Alpha, set up by Carmack himself.

I talked to their marketing VP about a week and a half ago, and he told me that they had all the levels finished (30-45 he quoted me, but I don't think he knew the exact number), all of the traps and tricks, and all of the weapons, but no monsters as of yet.

We're trying to put together a "fragfest" for Madison the first weekend in November, and when asked wether or not Hexen II would be available for demo/debut status at the event, he quoted it as a "distinct possibility."

I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this, and the reference to the modem/internet stuff seems odd, because I was never under the impression that those kind of fixes would be in 1.06. OTOH, I do have reason to trust the source (though it's certainly not someone at id). Additionally, Carmack is out of town from last Monday for a week which means he hasn't touched it, though at the QuakeWorld launch Michael Abrash also said it (1.05 at the time) was "ready to go." We'll see...

BTW, they look just like Quake screenshots. The guy is holding a shotgun or an SSG, and there are no monsters, so I have no idea why this is different than a Quake screenshot of a map you've never seen (though they are nice looking maps).

"With the Gamesmania DM level contest on, QuakeLab will continue to throw all kinds of ideas out there for people to use. I'm not concerned about ideas being stolen; good details/components don't make for a good 'big picture'. There's a lot of stuff that hasn't been done yet. This kind of information shouldn't be so damned proprietary in nature. :)"

That's the kind of attitude I like to see. Thanks Steve!

From the text file:

"Built into the quake levels are intermission camera points. These are used for the backdrop when the end-of-level-scores are displayed. When a client called "CamClient" connects, it is turned into a camera that checks which intermission viewpoint has the most players in view. Because it cannot detect whether a player is hidden by a wall, it looks at the average distance to all the players that are in view. The view with the most players and the shortest average distance is then selected. When no players are in any of the views, the view is changed every 3 seconds. So by keeping out of view you can check out all the camera positions in a level."

Heavily-commented source code is included. According to the author, an internet cafe in Milwaukee already uses it in combination with a big-screen TV.

Available at C DROM.COM or the author, Doc Wilco's page.

(The date in the text is 9/11, but I haven't seen this before--sorry if it's old news).

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